WWE: Five Matches Everyone Wants To See At This Years WrestleMania

The Road to Wrestlemania has officially begun and with Bianca Belair and Edge standing as our 2021 Royal Rumble victors an exciting time in the world of pro wrestling is alive and well!

Predictions for mania matches have begun and storylines in the build to the biggest wrestling event of the year have kick-started and in today’s blog post we are going to keep the Mania feel alive and well.

We are yet to see matches booked for this year Wrestlemania event and so today, I am going to be taking a look at some of the bouts I’m hoping to see take place in a couple of months’ time at the grandest stage of them all!

Sheamus vs Drew McIntyre

Sheamus and Drew McIntyre really do represent brit wrest perfectly. Two men who have been in the game for a long time their chemistry and real-life friendship is evident whenever they share the spotlight and it is about time, we see the pair work a strong storyline that showcases a new layer not only to their wrestling abilities but character work.

The build to their title collision has been in the works for months now and while as I write this a championship match has been revealed to be on the cards it is the Mania stage, I am hoping to see their biggest collision take place.

While a year ago this may not have been the Wrestlemania WWE championship bout we all wanted to see, Sheamus has been a consistent talent over on Monday night RAW building his character and momentum easing his way into the championship scene to a point where he makes for the best Wrestlemania opponent for long time friend and dominant champion, Drew McIntyre.

For months, WWE has focused on the friendship between these two men and after Sheamus’ recent attack on McIntyre the fire has officially begun and things are about to get interesting! This Irish star is a man who really has done it all in the WWE and done it a lot quicker than his long-time friend and so touching on that as well as the history between them and the breakdown of their friendship makes for the perfect personal rivalry we love to see heading into Mania. Their chemistry, the story and the sheer powerhouses’ qualities these two possesses promise a must-see collision that could surprise us all.

Sasha Banks vs Bianca Belair

Let’s be honest, this is the match we have all been waiting to see. Bianca Belair vs Sasha Banks has been a dream encounter for so many wrestling fans for a long time now and with Belair scoring the win at the Royal Rumble it appears as though it is now only a matter of time until we see these two women collide for the Smackdown women’s championship.

Their sass and characters have been compared for years now and while they do share their similarities these are two different kinds of wrestlers/in-ring competitors and it’s clear that they could very easily steal the show at Wrestlemania in a couple of months’ time.

When we blend the experience and wrestling excellence of Banks to the athleticism and power of Belair makes for an exciting result that promises one heck of an encounter with the potential to stand out as one of the best matches of the year but also a highlight for the young career of Belair.

Banks has everything it takes to bring out the best in Belair, but could we even go as far as to predict a major title change?

The Miz and John Morrison vs Damian Priest and Bad Bunny

Usually, I wouldn’t be a fan of a superstar (especially a new superstar) teaming up with a pop culture act in a wrestling match but lets be honest, Bad Bunny and Damian Priest vs Miz and Morrison does have some potential and appears to not only fit the Mania show perfectly but could very well be a simple yet effective way to introduce Priest to the main roster.

Priest and Bad Bunny

With a basic story already being told between these four men, it’s clear that with the right focus the WWE could stretch this angle out far enough to Mania especially if we have Priest work a couple of singles matches against both Miz and Morrison and possibly a handicap match down the line.

WWE are no stranger to booking a pop culture talent in a match of sorts for a major PPV and it appears as though this is the angle they are going down for Bad Bunny and Priest. This is an easy way to give the former North American Champion a slot on the Mania card that will allow him to build momentum and have a solid spotlight on the biggest stage of his career so far.

The Fiend vs Randy Orton

Okay, now I do worry that I along with most of the WWE universe will be over the Fiend/Orton angle by Wrestlemania.

If the plan is to in fact book another collision between them for the biggest stage of them all WWE has the tough task of creating a new and unique element to this storyline in order to keep fans entertained and interested.

Fiend and Randy

In recent weeks, the story has continued to be told with Bliss and Orton taking shots at each other back and forth weekly which appears to be leading up to the Return of the Fiend and one more collision.

Now, at the moment I do still have an interest in this angle and I would most certainly love to see one more match for the simple fact I want to see The Fiend score a win over Orton on a major PPV; I am, however, concerned about how effectively the WWE will continue to book this angle.

Asuka Vs Alexa Bliss

Talking of Alexa Bliss, I have to admit that I’m still getting over how she was booked at the Royal Rumble. Of course, I am very happy for Belair and had the Smackdown star as one of my favourites for the win however, I did expect much more from Alexa in the Rumble and was very surprised at how she was booked.

Now, I do believe that little Miss Bliss is far from finished with Asuka and her pursuit to capture the RAW Women’s championship and a Wrestlemania collision between the pair has been something fans have been calling for a couple of months now!

Alexa Asuka

Alexa has been one of the most entertaining and consistent characters of the women’s division for some time now and at this stage, she sits as the best fit to challenge Asuka at Mania.

Whilst we all know how much the WWE loves multi-person matches at Mania I really do hope they keep this one on one and really focus on the characters of these two women, pushing the boundaries to create something very special indeed.

Edge vs Roman Reigns

I have to admit that I did not see Edge winning this year’s Royal Rumble but I also have to admit that I’m not mad about it. While Edge vs Roman Reigns is not something I would have originally booked in my mind for Mania this year we have to admit that the story is there and could be something very interesting and entertaining.

There is no doubt that Roman Reigns is the best heel in the WWE today and has been on a roll for months now delivering in all aspects from in-ring performances to character development and I have been enjoying everything he does! Keeping his character in mind he really is the perfect fit to face Edge at Mania this year.

Roman Edge Wrestlemania bound

We can already see the promos both Reigns and Heyman cut on the Rated R superstar touching on his injuries and reaching a level of personality that is different to what we saw between Edge and Randy Orton at last years Wrestlemania.

This time around we have a young talent mocking and degrading the Hall of Famer, reminding edge that times have changed and leaving fans questioning if the legend can knock off a man who is at his very best right now.

Here we have a match that could steal the show and a storyline that could do wonders for Smackdown, the superstars involved and go down as one of the best-told angles of the year.

WrestleMania 37

Those are just some of the matches I’m hoping to see at this years WrestleMania PPV but what are you hoping to see booked? Do you think they will fill the two nights currently scheduled?

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