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WWE: Five Memorable Elimination Chamber Moments (2019)

Elimination Chamber. The satanic structure, the callous coliseum, a match that Triple H himself once called “the most dangerous match in the history of the industry”.

Take one half Hell in a Cell, one half War Games, mix with just a dash of Royal Rumble, and the finished product is one of the most infamous matches still being used by WWE today. Since its debut at Survivor Series 2002, there have been twenty-two Elimination Chamber matches, fairly impressive for a match that’s only been around sixteen years. Of course, taking into effect that the Chamber is a structure designed to generate multiple high level spots while also showcasing several major talents simultaneously, it’s not hard to see why WWE is so proud of it! Speaking of high level spots, I’m here this week to give you my top five Elimination Chamber Moments of all time. So, without further stage setting, let’s jump right into it!

1. The Phenom Catches Flame – Elimination Chamber 2010

Okay, let me start off by saying that one or two of these moments don’t necessarily take place during the actual Chamber match, however they are still moments that involve the Chamber, so I’m going with it. Elimination Chamber 2010, the night the Deadman moniker almost came true! As the Undertaker made his entrance to compete in Smackdown’s Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight Championship, a mistimed blast of pyrotechnics engulfed him at the top of the entrance way.

Now, don’t run to start up your WWE Network just yet, because most of the aftermath happens off camera, but it’s definitely not difficult to tell something is wrong while viewing this match. Taker’s normally long, ominous entrance suddenly changes to the man tossing off his trademark hat and coat, sprinting to the ring, and pacing a few times before finally entering his pod, all while looking more disturbed than usual. Fans in attendance have reported officials supplying bottles of water to the Undertaker, hoping to aid him in dousing the third and second degree burns that become more visually apparent as the match continues. While not taking place during the match, this moment certainly stands out as one of the biggest ones tied to the lore of the Elimination Chamber.

2. Goldberg Spears Y2J – SummerSlam 2003

The second ever Chamber hosted what many would consider the most iconic moment in the match’s history. WCW veteran Bill Goldberg’s first stint in the WWE took place smack dab in the middle of Triple H’s now ‘infamous’ World Heavyweight Title run. Poised to be the most challenging contender The Game had faced so far, Goldberg would get his first opportunity for the gold at Summerslam in the Elimination Chamber. Goldberg entered the match last, quickly establishing dominance over Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, and Chris Jericho. Jericho seemingly fairing the worst,  as it was Y2J who would end up the victim of a spear delivered through the plexiglass wall of one of the Chamber’s internal pods. To make matters even worse, the initial impact doesn’t break the glass immediately, so you just know it hurt way more than it was meant to!

3. Back Drop Chamber Style – No Way Out 2009

Anyone who’s been a fan of pro wrestling in the last twenty years knows the incredible dynamic that Edge and Rey Mysterio have. As a team they’ve held several tag championships together, but the real magic happens when they face each other. This was undeniably the case once again at No Way Out in 2009. After losing his WWE Championship in the first Chamber match of the evening, Edge attacked Kofi Kingston on his way to the Chamber, seemingly taking the now injured Kofi’s spot.

Edge and Mysterio end up being the last two competitors still involved inside the Chamber, and what follows could be considered a great match on its own. The number three moment comes during this excellent display of ring chemistry. Both men stand outside the ring proper, on the grated steel flooring of the Elimination Chamber. Mysterio charges at Edge, and instinctively, Edge ducks setting up a leap frog like maneuver. Now, Mysterio is one of those smaller guys that always seems to get amazing air off of any spot that involves a lift from his opponent, but this time that air costs him as he flys right into the top portion of a plexiglass pod wall. This spot, along with the inevitable fall to the steel floor immediately after, undoubtedly earns a spot on any Chamber list.

4. The Game’s Throat Crushed – Survivor Series 2002

It’s truly rare when WWE gets something completely right the first time around, but the first Elimination Chamber was very much an exception. Most fans will remember Survivor Series 2002 solely for the debut of the Chamber, however it should also be remembered as the night that almost ended Triple H’s career. Early on in the inaugural match, Rob Van Dam positioned himself to hit a Five Star Frog Splash on World Heavyweight Champion Triple H.

Unfortunately, RVD misjudged the height of the Chamber’s chain Link roof and ended up slightly overshooting his landing. The result being Rob’s leg crushing Triple H’s throat upon impact. As the match continued, The Game’s throat would begin to swell, putting pressure on his esophagus and trachea. So, why does this make the number two spot? Well, after suffering a serious injury minutes into the match, the Game went the distance and ended up being the final elimination. That kind of determination has to be commended.

5. Edge Cashes In – New Yeats Revolution 2006

Forget the history of the Elimination Chamber, this is one of the best moments in pro wrestling history! Sure, the Chamber deserves respect on its own, but I personally think that Edge choosing to cash in on John Cena after he had just survived the Chamber legitimizes the match even more. This was the very first cash in of the Money in the Bank briefcase, which means Edge thought that the Elimination Chamber was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of a beaten Cena.

This moment would not only create the well remembered rivalry between Cena and Edge, but it would also earn Edge the iconic nickname “The Ultimate Opportunist”. Without question, this moment deserves the number one spot.

And there you have it, folks. Five amazing moments to wet your appetite just in time for this Sunday’s show.

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