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WWE: Five Who Could Change WWE Creative For The Better

On the 22nd of July 2022, WWE’s future changed forever when Vince McMahon, at the age of 77 announced his retirement from all duties in WWE, including WWE creative. So in light of this, I’ve decided to look at the five individuals who could run creative in Vince’s absence…

#5 Paul Levesque
Multiple Time World Champion & Appointed Head of WWE Creative

Better known as Triple H. Vince’s son-in-law at one point, was the man to inherit everything from Vince. However, that changed when NXT failed to stop AEW Dynamite from succeeding and his health issues afterwards. That isn’t to say that Paul doesn’t know anything about creativity, he’s a man who followed the independents and made the original 1-hour incarnation of NXT the most exciting thing in North American wrestling and is willing to push the smaller athletic wrestlers over Vince’s outdated Giant’s philosophy… Triple H has massive shoes to fill picking up the pencil from McMahon but could lead a generational change in the biggest Wrestling company in North America and arguably the World.

#4 Paul Heyman
Former ECW Owner | Lead Writer | Exec Director | WWE Creative 2001 – 2006

Paul Heyman has plenty of experience in working creative, having had three major stints in WWE creative, as well as being the Owner of ECW. He is a man who follows wrestling trends and has tried to always push more work-rate heavy wrestlers (Which worked in 2002-03 with the Smackdown Six). He also is capable of booking entertaining storylines, it would be fascinating to see what happens without the Vince-shaped bottleneck standing in the way and nixing most of his ideas.

#3 Bruce Pritchard
Exec Director of WWE | WWE Creative Team | 1987 – 2008 VP of Talent Relations

Now, before anyone moo’s at this, this is a list of people who could run WWE creative with Vince out of the picture, and who else than Vince’s number two (I’ll let you make the joke). Now, to say he follows wrestling outside of WWE is a lie. There were people saying his booking philosophy was outdated when he worked for MLW, he does, however, know how to book a WWE show, having always known what Vince wants, it’s possible he could figure out what his new bosses want. So with that said, it’s possible he could be promoted to a more important role in WWE Creative very shortly. (Bruce took over sometimes in Vince’s absence including during this time period pre- Triple H)

#2 Jeff Jarrett
KING OF THE MOUNTAIN | President of Global Force Entertainment | TNA Founder

You might be surprised to see this name appear on the list, but Jeff has had experience in booking wrestling shows in the past, he was one of the Founders of TNA/Impact Wrestling and has been under the learning tree of his father Jerry Jarrett. So he does have experience… Of course, Jeff’s booking philosophy could be drastically different from the way that WWE fans are used to, but that is no reason why he couldn’t be given the ball and told to roll with it.

#1 Cody Rhodes
Former EVP of All Elite Wrestling

Rumours are out there that the reason he didn’t re-sign with AEW was that Tony wouldn’t budge on allowing Cody to work with him in creative. So Imagine if WWE gave him a chance to make his Father proud. He is a man who knows wrestling outside better than anyone, having worked in WWE’s largest competition for 3 years. So he could bring in some fresh ideas and potentially bring about a new wave of popularity in WWE… Maybe with triple H in tow?

That’s five people who could potentially take over WWE creative, let us know who you think could take over. Be Happy, and Watch wrestling.

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