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WWE: Franky Monet / Taya Valkyrie Released from WWE NXT Contract

Franky Monet / Taya Valkyrie announced on her official Twitter account this evening that she has been released from her contract with WWE NXT.

Talking with TalkSport earlier this year, Franky Monet / Taya discussed the name change;

“Taya Valkyrie was obviously my name for all of my career, since day one that has been my name. It’s been with me, she’s given me the life I have now. She’s how I met John, she’s how I’ve travelled the world. She’s how I ended up champion in multiple companies. She is the reason I’m Franky Monet today. 

“So when it came down to it, I was like ‘Taya means so much to me’ but also, I was ready for this type of evolution and it’s almost like the idea of being reborn into this new character. Even though Franky has a lot of similarities to what Taya is and was. 

“I feel as an entertainer and an artist, evolution is so important. You don’t want to feel like you’re going in a straight line, it has to be hills and valleys, ups and downs and I feel like this was the natural step to take for me in my career and I was really excited to be creatively consulted and asked what I thought about different names and stuff. 

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