WWE Friday Night Smackdown, 15th November 2019 Review – Something Old, Something Blue

This weeks SmackDown promised a lot of important notes as we head towards Survivor Series.

Potential championship matches and contests that will shape the Blue brand’s teams before we get into the ‘Battle for Brand Supremacy’ – but was it must-see TV? Let’s find out.

Bray Wyatt’s latest edition of the Firefly Funhouse saw him debut a brand new blue Universal Championship to match the Smackdown brand’s colour. He also was challenged by Daniel Bryan to a match at Survivor Series following their altercation last week. Bryan was a guest on MizTV when the challenge came in, and he was only too glad to accept in the show-closing promo

The Miz and Bryan’s interactions, as their on-screen hatred for one another, shined through again, even though they are faces so well done for WWE for keeping continuity. The new Universal Championship looks nice. Wyatt vs. Bryan at Survivor Series should be awesome. However, the bulk of the promo felt kind of flat. The miscues at the end which resulted in Bryan and Miz trying to improvise in the ring just looked really awkward. This is why Vince McMahon won’t allow them to do unscripted promos.

I would of had MizTV be more personal. Bring up Wyatt and Bryan’s past together more and reveal Bray’s motives for attacking Bryan, which should be to put him out of his misery.

The match between Bayley and Nikki Cross broke down when NXT invaded before the Smackdown women made the save, creating an impromptu 8 woman tag team match that Cross won for her side to presumably advance to the Survivor Series squad. The invasion looked cool. There looks to be real animosity on show, and we can thank NXT for breathing new life into a dying concept. Credit to all involved. 

Maybe, this is nitpicking and personal choice, but I’d have had Sasha Banks show her mean streak a little more by targeting one of the NXT women and absolutely decimating her while the Smackdown crew fended off the invaders.

The Revival failed in their quest to reclaim the Smackdown Tag Team Championship from The New Day following interference from The Undisputed Era, who were quickly ran off by the Smackdown locker room. The match itself was too lengthy, especially for a non-finish. Undisputed Era were also run off to easily. However, both teams have great chemistry. On the other side, Undisputed Era are already making an impact on the main roster again – they look like real stars.

Baron Corbin cut another ridiculous promo (including dog mascot for reasons) on Roman Reigns before watching Ali & Shorty G defeat Dolph Ziggler & Bobby Roode to keep their Survivor Series places after The Big Dog foiled The Lone Wolf’s plan. The tag affair was fun, and the right outcome took place. Roman came across as the true leader of the brand, as he truly is in real life. Regarding the promo, if this rubbish is the best this team of writers can come up with, then WWE needs to get new ones.

Elsewhere, Heavy Machinery won a nothing contest against local competition, and Braun Strowman squashed Drew Gulak & The B Team in a throwaway promo.

All in all, not a great episode of Smackdown again. I’m not sure Fox will be too happy with the creative output thus far. WWE can and should be doing so much better with the talent at their disposal. They are paying dearly for refusing to elevate anyone to superstardom, ala The Rock, John Cena or Stone Cold, for fear of them leaving. What they’re left with is a group of extremely talented guys and girls who aren’t super over and never will be.

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