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WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results – 17th January 2020

Paige Brearley runs down the results from tonight’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

Will this be the week that Lacey Evans finally gets her hands on Sasha Banks?

SmackDown opens with the return of the Big Red Machine Kane! Kane talks about the importance of the Royal Rumble. He says that those in the Rumble match go through hell, but the reward is worth it.

Kane then talks about his experiences in the Rumble. Says he liked to look into his opponents eyes as he threw them over the top rope. Before Kane can continue, Firefly Funhouse appears on the tron. Bray Wyatt excitedly greets Kane, but admonishes him for taking pleasure in others misery. Wyatt gives him a chance to apologize, which of course Kane doesn’t.

He goes on to say that winning the Royal Rumble isn’t a good idea, especially if they decide to face him at Wrestlemania. Wyatt then notices Kane’s picture on his wall, which of course means that Kane and the Fiend got it on.

Eventually, the lights in the arena go dark and when they come back on they are… RED. The Fiend comes up from the ring and looks to be going to attack Kane. Kane turns around to see him and asks what took him so long. Then Daniel Bryan enters the ring and knees the Fiend in the face. Bryan attacks the Fiend and even continues attacking him when the Fiend tries to retreat back into the hole.

Bryan comes back up from the hole with a handful of dreadlocks and then celebrates with Kane before we go to a commercial.

Once back from the commercial, we see Kane and Bryan playfully arguing over who the tag team champions were back in the day when Kayla comes to interview Bryan.

Bryan says that Wyatt always runs away, it is what he is the best at doing. Bryan questions how one can defeat someone who always runs away and says he has an idea, but it isn’t the smartest plan. He then challenges the Fiend to a strap match at the Royal Rumble.

John Morrison defeated Big E via Pinfall (Starship Pain)

Although the Miz played a small role in how Morrison got the victory, Morrison looked really great. He pulled out of all of the moves the WWE Universe has been accustomed too.

A video package displaying the last seven weeks of Roman Reigns’s fight with King Corbin and crew.

After the video we then see The Usos with Roman Reigns. The Usos ask Reigns what the stipulation will be for his match with Corbin at the Rumble, if he beats Robert Roode tonight. Reigns says they will find out tonight with everyone else.

The Usos defeated The Revival via Pinfall

Tag team wrestling is fun and these are definitely two of the best teams. The Usos were really fired up in this one.

The Revival are interviewed and are extremely frustrated. They talk about how the tag division is being treated and are extremely unhappy.

Before the interview can continue, there is a commotion happening nearby. The cameras turn to show Lacey Evans in a brawl with Bayley, while Sasha Banks is clutching her ankle.

Video package of the budding romance between Mandy Rose and Otis is played.

Then we see Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville backstage. Rose says that she really believes that 2020 is going to be their year. Deville asks Mandy if Otis would want to be ringside for her match tonight. Mandy seems very confused about the question, as she is already going to be ringside. Deville just says that she should ask Otis.

Then in the trainers room, Bayley and Sasha are screaming about Lacey Evans. Banks says she’s been working so hard on her album and all of this stuff, that she could use a rest. Seemed pretty okay getting “injured.” We hear Bayley say that the next time she sees Lacey she’d break every bone in her body.

Adam Pearce arrives in the trainers room. He tells the women that there will still be a match tonight, as Bayley will now be taking Sasha’s spot. Bayley is livid and tries to complain, but Pearce isn’t hearing any of it.

Lacey Evans defeated Bayley via Pinfall (Woman’s Right)

Bayley tried to worm her way out of this match right at the bell, but Evans wouldn’t let that happen. Bayley had control for most of the match, but seemingly out of nowhere Evans hit her with a right to win the match.

Shorty G is interviewed backstage. He says Sheamus is projecting his insecurities on him. He says he won’t let Sheamus get into his mind, he knows who he is and is proud of that.

Sheamus interrupts. He is looking around for Shorty G like he can’t see him. After letting Sheamus speak for a moment, Shorty G gets mad and hits him. Upon being pulled apart, Sheamus is furious and throws a table.

In yet another interview, Braun Strowman announces he will be entering the Royal Rumble. While he will be in the Rumble, he still has his mind on the Intercontinental Championship. He believes pinning the champ twice should grant him a title opportunity.

After the interview, we head to the ring where Elias is. Elias actually asks the crowd to participate in his song tonight. Before Elias can truly begin, Shinsuke Nakamura’s music hits.

Nakamura comes out with Cesaro and Sami Zayn. Zayn apologizes for interrupting, but he has serious business to deal with. Sami says that there is no way Strowman is getting an opportunity at Nakamura’s title. He is livid that Strowman even had the audacity to demand a match.

After Sami says his peace, Elias tells him to stick around. While Sami was talking, Elias wrote a new song called Sami Zayn needs to shut his damn mouth. This doesn’t go over well with Zayn. He sends Cesaro in to fight Elias, but of course, Nakamura and Zayn get into the ring as well.

While Elias is getting beat down, Braun Strowman’s music hits. Zayn practically jumps out of the ring to avoid the big man. Strowman takes out Cesaro and Nakamura just as one would in the Rumble.

Alexa Bliss defeated Sonya Deville via Rollup

Maybe having Otis at ringside wasn’t the best idea. When Mandy tried to cause a distraction on the apron, she got knocked down, leading to Otis catching her. Deville was concerned for her tag team partner and lost her focus.

While Robert Roode is getting ready for his match, King Corbin and Dolph Ziggler enter the locker room. Corbin congratulated Roode on how he executed their plan last week. Says to continue that work tonight.

Roman Reigns defeated Robert Roode

As to be expected in a tables match, this one was chaotic. Corbin and Ziggler came out to run interference for Roode, but the Usos took care of them. This gave Roman time to spear Roode through a table.

To close out the show, Roman picked the stipulation for his match with Corbin at the Royal Rumble. He chooses a Falls Count Anywhere match.


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