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WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results – 24th January 2020

Richard Hughes runs down the results from tonight’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

On our final stop before Royal Rumble, we’re in Dallas for hopefully a better Go-Home show than we had on Monday…

The Bloodline (Reigns & The Usos) Vs. Corbins Court (Baron, Ziggler & Roode). Went a little too long and involved an injury angle to an Uso. He would come back later for the finish of the match. Bloodline take the W, as Reigns & Corbin brawl to the back to further hype their Falls Count Anywhere match.

A handful of promos now. Lacey Evans is interviewed by Michael Cole (This was pretty good to be honest) but Bayley attacked her from behind. We cut to Carmella & Dana Brooke having an interview with (HEY!) Kayla, but THEY’RE interupted by the brawling Lacey & Bayley. Dana & Carmella try and break up the fight.

We cut once again to more Women Superstars (Sorry Becky, but it’s confusing otherwise) as Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross come out for their Tag Team match Vs. Fire & Desire, whom get a backstage interview with about Otis. Before their match can begin, Lacey & Bayley appear AGAIN as the match goes to a Double DQ (I guess?). After plenty of shenanigans and zero Teddy Long appearance, Elias is playing guitar backstage as Braun walks past. They’ve got a tag team match next!

Elias & Braun Strowman Vs. Shinsuke & Cesaro (Aka Team Wrestle). After some pre-match comedy with Braun about to sing, Team Wrestle thankfully come out and save his career. Elias picks up the win after Braun powerslams Cesaro and Elias drops a Macho Man Elbow Drop. Totally acceptable Tag Team match with nothing really to moan about.

Couple of small hype videos, namely the Asuka / Becky one which is another WWE masterpiece. Small backstage segment with Baron which cuts to the greatest video of every year and the one you’ve been waiting for. ROYAL RUMBLE BY THE NUMBERS!!!!!

Welcome to the official start of Wrestlemania Season baby. Lets finish off this show…

John Morrison Vs. Kofi Kingston. Corey Graves gets to explain to the viewers at home what Parkour is and he’s very happy about it. They’ve shifted focus to the “All these men are in the Royal Rumble” instead of the impending tag team feud they’re about to have after the Rumble. John Morrison pins Former WWE Champion (If I didn’t mention it, you wouldn’t have remembed) Kofi Kingston. Miz & Big E distracted Kofi which lead to the pin. Exact finish from last weeks show.

To the main event! The contract signing between Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt and The Fiend. Bryan & Bray talk for a little bit before The Fiend appears in the ring and assaults Bryan leaving him laying. The Fiend stabs his own hand with the pen, and signs the contract in his own blood. The lights come back up and the camera zooms in on the contract just to prove what The Fiend did… and that’s your go home show! No million men (or women) fight at the end, just the Crowd chanting YES!


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