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WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results – 29th November 2019

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Paige Brearley runs down the results from tonight’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

Coming off of Survivor Series weekend, how will the Smackdown superstars respond?

Roman Reigns comes out and wishes the WWE Universe a Happy Thanksgiving. Says he is very blessed this year in the means of family, health, and happiness. He then goes on to talk about his match at Survivor Series and how Smackdown got the job done even with a traitor on their team. Reigns then calls out King Corbin, or dummy as he called him, to apologize to the WWE Universe.

King Corbin comes out to say Roman betrayed him, as Corbin wanted to be the sole survivor of Team Smackdown. Corbin eventually says that he won’t fight Reigns tonight, but Robert Roode will send Reigns out of Alabama on a stretcher.

Roman Reigns defeated Robert Roode via Pinfall (Spear)

Roman had to deal with being outnumbered and a lot of shenanigans, but he prevailed much to the disappointment of King Corbin.

After the match Dolph Ziggler attacked Reigns, but Roman was able to fend off the attack. After dealing with Ziggler, Corbin tried to attack, but Roman sidestepped him and Corbin ran shoulder first into the ring post. Roode eventually joined back in and hit Roman with the scepter. With Roman down, Roode set up a chair and put Roman’s head on it. As Roode was getting ready to hit Roman again with the scepter, he said something about Roman’s kids. This set Roman off and he destroyed Roode by spearing him through the barricade and throwing the announce table on top of him.

Bray Wyatt showed off the WWE Title, or his favorite toy, in the Firefly Funhouse. Wyatt then said the Fiend deserves a toy too. The Fiend is then shown with a custom belt of his face, its creepy. When Wyatt is shown again, he says he would love to “play” with Daniel Bryan again.

Sheamus returns! He cuts a promo about how Smackdown has gone soft. He even calls out Shorty G. Sheamus ends by saying it was the perfect time for the Celtic Warrior to return and Smackdown will be his,

Mustafa Ali defeated Drew Gulak via Pinfall (450 Splash)

Was a relatively quick match which is disappointing. But seeing Ali get the win is great.

Bayley and Sasha address how the Smackdown Women’s division performed at Survivor Series. They blame every woman, but themselves for their defeats. Sasha said that Nikki made the team as a fluke, Carmella isn’t money, and if she were to have picked the team herself Smackdown would have won. Bayley then says some things about Lacey Evans, who makes her way to the ring. Evans says Bayley and. Sasha are classless and the segment ends with Evans hitting Banks with the Women’s Right as Bayley looks on doing nothing.

Another Firefly Funhouse segment is shown, interrupting a Daniel Bryan interview. Wyatt rapped, badly mind you, in a way to try and goad Bryan into letting the Fiend in.

Nikki Cross defeated Sonya Deville (w/Mandy Rose) via Rollup

The match up was quick, Sonya and Mandy attacked Nikki afterwards. It’s a good thing Nikki has a best friend in Alexa Bliss. Bliss, making her return to Smackdown, made the save for Cross and they double teamed Mandy.

The Miz went to talk to Daniel Bryan. Miz said he knows they aren’t friends and he isn’t Bryan’s mentor, but he should listen to him. He knows the Universal title is appealing, but who is to say he’ll survive the Fiend twice? Miz asks Bryan to remember how important he is to Smackdown and his family. Bryan gives him a death stare, so the Miz backs off.

Elias made his return in a backstage segment with Dana Brooke and Drake Maverick. Elias sang a song making fun of Maverick.

Before their open challenge, Big E and Kofi cut a promo about their Thanksgiving and how Black Friday is special to the New Day as they made their debut on Black Friday. They then call for an opponent, which Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura answer.

The New Day defeated Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura to retain the Smackdown Tag Team Titles

Sami Zayn of course did try to help his boys win, but he got sent to the back for his troubles. It was a decent match, Cesaro and Kofi in the same match? Fantastic things will and did happen.

The Show ends with Daniel Bryan. He tells the WWE Universe that everyone who has faced the Fiend has been changed. While it is true for Bryan, the Fiend was not the one who changed him, but the WWE Universe reminded him who he was. The WWE Universe resurrected the Yes Movement. Daniel then asked the WWE Universe if he should face the Fiend again and joined them in a Yes chant.

Wyatt appears on the screen. He says the WWE Universe was promised a new face to the Firefly Funhouse. The Fiend the appears in the ring and pulls Bryan under the ring. The Fiend then keeps yanking hair from under the ring, but there is no new face to the Funhouse shown.


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