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    WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results – 6th December 2019

    Baron Corbin wants to humiliate Roman, The Miz wants to find out what happened to Daniel Bryan and The Fiend finds a new play toy…

    After a recap of how Smackdown ended last week is shown, The Miz opens the show. The Miz said his guest tonight was supposed to be Daniel Bryan, but after last week no one has heard from Bryan. He says while he doesn’t like Bryan, he cares and will get to the bottom of what happened last week.

    Bray Wyatt and the Firefly Funhouse interrupts. Wyatt tells Miz that he shouldn’t try to solve the mystery. He says the Fiend may not be done with Daniel Bryan yet. Wyatt then invites the Miz to “come play” at TLC, since he doesn’t think Bryan can anymore. The Miz then says this isn’t about him, but about Bryan who is family to the WWE Universe.

    The Ramblin’ Rabbit appears saying that the word of the day is family and also tells Miz to run. Wyatt, after getting rid of the rabbit, says he used to have a family. A quick photo of the Wyatt Family, featuring Daniel Bryan is shown. Says he has a chance to have a family again, while holding a family photo of Miz’s family. This of course sets of Miz, who rushes to the back.

    When we come back from commercial we see Miz backstage on the phone with Maryse. Miz tells her to lock all the doors and set the alarm. He knows he has to do something about Wyatt, but is currently going to get his belongings and get the first flight home.

    Alexa Bliss defeated Mandy Rose via Pinfall (Twisted Bliss)

    I don’t think Nikki Cross is the only person excited about Bliss’s return, the WWE Universe seemed pretty happy as well. Mandy Rose was not, as she again yelled at Bliss that she’ll “never look like me.” It’s a choice, but even after taking Bliss’s eyelashes off and help from Sonya Deville, Rose couldn’t get the victory.

    Backstage Drake Maverick finds Dana Brooke to discuss her upcoming date with Batista. Maverick just doesn’t get what Batista has that he doesn’t. Upon asking Dana this question, Elias appears to help explain with a song. After bringing up Maverick’s wife, Maverick gets angry and slaps Elias.

    Drake Maverick is in the ring and he is angry. He says that no one makes a mockery of himself, his marriage, or his beautiful wife. Then he challenges Elias to a fight.

    Elias comes to the ring, accompanied by Dana Brooke. The fight really doesn’t go Drake Maverick’s way, as Elias just embarrasses him. The fight ends with a Drift Away and Dana Brooke pinning Maverick.

    As Miz is leaving the building, he sees a room with a red light and decides to check it out. He enters looking for Wyatt, but finds his family photo. This photo is different though, as Wyatt has replaced him. While distracted with the photo, Wyatt comes up from behind him and delivers a Sister Abigail, which leaves Miz on the floor. Wyatt leaves singing “There’s no place like home for the holidays.”

    Coming back from commercial, Miz is being helped by a referee and the photo has disappeared.

    The New Day are ringside to watch a fatal four way elimination match to determine their opponents at TLC.

    The Revival defeated Shorty G/Mustafa Ali, Heavy Machinery, and Lucha House Party via Pinfall (Shatter Machine)

    Order of Elimination; Lucha House Party, Heavy Machinery, Ali and Shorty G.

    After their victory, the Revival said that they are going to make sure the New Day can’t disgrace the tag team titles anymore. The Revival will defeat them with good old fashioned tag team wrestling, sending the New Day back to their podcast.

    Recap of what went down last week with Roman Reigns is shown. Reigns is interviewed, says he doesn’t understand why Corbin needs Ziggler or Roode. They haven’t gotten the job done and at TLC, Corbin will be the one leaving embarrassed.

    Another Sheamus promo is shown. He says he is home and ready to take on all comers.

    Lacey Evans defeated Hayley Jones via Pinfall (Women’s Right)

    Was a quick match, but Jones did get to show off a few moves.

    Sasha Banks came out after the match, told Lacey to stay in the ring as they have unfinished business to deal with. We then go to commercial.

    Back from commercial, Sasha cuts a promo on Lacey, but makes the mistake of mentioning Lacey’s daughter. Lacey interrupts and tells Sasha never to bring up her daughter. She goes on to say that she is a former Marine, which instilled leadership in her something Bayley and Sasha lack. Instead of talking, Lacey suggests they should fight. Sasha enters the ring, but quickly falls down to avoid Lacey’s punch.

    As Lacey is leaving she is attacked from behind by Bayley.

    Roman Reigns defeated Dolph Ziggler via Pinfall (Spear)

    Ziggler was in control for a lot of the match, but it just wasn’t enough. King Corbin on the apron couldn’t even help him.

    Unfortunately for Roman, victory came at a cost. As Corbin was brought out on his throne, those men attacked Roman. At first Roman did fight them all off, but the numbers game became too much. When Reigns did have the advantage, their was someone under the ring that would hold his leg back, giving Corbin and Ziggler the advantage back.

    Smackdown ended with Roman being handcuffed around the ring post and having dog food dumped on him.

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