WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results – April 17, 2020

Tonight’s Smackdown features matches to determine the competitors for Money In The Bank.

We opened the show with A Moment of Bliss. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross welcome us to their show, as the two time WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. Their guest tonight is WWE Champion, Braun Strowman.

They all congratulated each other on their championship wins at Wrestlemania. Then they discussed Strowman’s issues with Bray Wyatt. There is a replay of what happened between Wyatt and Strowman last week.

Strowman said that no one knows Bray Wyatt like he does. While he was once apart of Wyatt’s family, he is trying to forget that. Strowman said he doesn’t owe Wyatt anything, especially an apology. He called Wyatt a manipulator and said he likes to make people doubt themselves.

Speaking right to Wyatt, Strowman told him if he comes for him and not the title, he will get these hands. Then Strowman saw a present in the corner and assumed it was from Alexa….it wasn’t. Inside the box was the old mask Strowman used to wear when he was apart of the Wyatt Family. He definitely was shook up by the “gift” and continued to be when Wyatt’s laughter filled the Performance Center.

Tamina defeated Sasha Banks via Pinfall (Superkick)

The match began with Banks attempting to give Tamina some of her mercy, that was incredibly too small for her. Tamina didn’t accept the “peace offering” and took control of the match right off the bat. Bayley attempted to get involved, but Lacey Evans came out to stop that.

After the match, Lacey and Tamina seemed to be pretty buddy/buddy. A new alliance formed? We shall see.

We saw a backstage promo from Jey Uso hyping up the tag team match later tonight. Then we went to commercial break.

Once back from commercial, Lacey Evans is interviewed by Charly Caruso. Lacey said tonight Sasha Banks got a taste of her own medicine tonight. On Lacey’s right hand is Sasha’s name crossed out. Apparently Lacey has made it her mission to eliminate Sasha Banks.

Sheamus defeated Denzel Dejournette via Pinfall (Brogue Kick)

Denzel shocked Sheamus at the beginning with a rollup pin attempt. The initial embarrassment just caused Sheamus to get angry and Denzel had no comeback.

Once again Michael Cole and Corey Graves talked about Jeff Hardy after Sheamus’s victory. This time Sheamus voiced his displeasure and got in Cole’s face saying he would not be disrespected anymore.

After the confrontation, we got another Jeff Hardy video going through his career. This time the video focused on Jeff’s troubles with drugs and alcohol.

Carmella confronted Dana Brooke backstage. It seemed Carmella wasn’t very happy about Dana having a match to qualify for Money In The Bank, a week before their tag team championship opportunity. Dana was confident that she can handle both.

Dana Brooke defeated Naomi to qualify for the Women’s Money In The Bank Match

I think this victory was a pretty big shock to most. Dana survived the Rearview and executed a Sunset Flip to gain the victory.

Before a commercial, we got a video recapping everything that has gone down between Mandy Rose and Otis.

After we came back from commercial, Sonya Deville made her way to the ring. Sonya said she has been trying to get a hold of Mandy Rose for two weeks now and doesn’t know what else to do, but make a public explanation. Sonya got very emotional trying to get Mandy to come to the ring.

When Mandy did finally come to the ring, she said she has nothing to say after what Sonya did to her and Otis. Sonya says that she had spent more time with Mandy than her own family and Mandy not taking the time to hear her out, well has made her feel like nothing.

Sonya got choked up, but it was just a front…she told Mandy that she is the most selfish person she had ever met. Mandy was terribly confused because this doesn’t explain why Sonya messed with her and Otis. The minute Mandy showed interest in Otis she was ready to kick Sonya to the curb.

Sonya has always been second best, Fire and Desire had been focused on Mandy. Sonya was always pushed to the side. Then she brought up how Dolph Ziggler actually cares about Mandy. Apparently Ziggler was going to help them win the tag titles at Wrestlemania, until Mandy ruined that.

Mandy tried to ask questions and figure things out, but Sonya just said that she knows her better than anyone, she just wants to see Mandy hurt. Sonya said she will use everything to ruin Mandy’s life and then everyone will know who the real champ of Fire and Desire was.

Before Mandy could retaliate, Dolph Ziggler came out. He wanted her to look him in the eyes and tell him she has no feelings for him. He never got her answer as Sonya hit Mandy. Ziggler was all confused and trying to figure out why Sonya would do that….then Otis’ music hit.

Otis and Ziggler brawl for a bit. At one point Mandy pulled Sonya off Otis. In the end, Otis and Mandy are the two left standing tall.

We got a nice tribute package to Howard Finkel before heading to commercial.

Daniel Bryan defeated Cesaro via Submission (Yes Lock)

I mean you put these two in a ring and you’re in for some good wrestling. Cesaro had control for a lot of the match, but Daniel made an excellent comeback to move on to the Money In The Bank match.

We see Elias backstage seemingly getting ready to go to the ring. He didn’t make it very far before being attacked by King Corbin. Corbin threw Elias all over the backstage area. We go to commercial with Corbin dragging Elias around.

Back from commercial, Elias is sitting up against one of the crates backstage, just trying to control his breathing. Corbin came back though to continue beating Elias up. Corbin said he was looking to make an example of Elias, he wants Elias to bow down. The segment ends with Corbin hitting Elias with his guitar.

Big E defeated Miz and Jey Uso to become the New Tag Team Champions

And New! The New Day are now the Eight Time Tag Team Champions! In a flip of the match at Wrestlemania, Big E pinned the Miz after a Big Ending. It was a fun match and Big E’s celebration was even better.

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