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WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results – February 21, 2020

Paige Brearley runs down the results from tonight’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

With appearances by Goldberg and the Bella Twins, the WWE Universe is in for a treat.

Commentary gives us a run down of what’s to come tonight before the Usos make their entrance. Jimmy and Jey take in some crowd appreciation before saying it was hard for them to miss Smackdown last week.

The Usos didn’t like the disrespect that Miz and Morrison threw their way. This week though? The Usos say they are throwing a super kick party and everyone is invited. Then, they bring out their tag team partners for the night…The New Day!

New Day and the Usos exchange a few jokes and almost have a compliment battle of sorts? I mean when the two tag teams are together there’s always fun and competition. Big E does remind the Usos that New Day has one more tag title reign than them. Jimmy and Jey respond by saying they can always have one more match for the titles after Super Showdown.

Then, well Miz and Morrison come out and try to get a chant going for themselves. Doesn’t quite catch on, then they bring out their tag team partners for the night…Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode.

The Usos and the New Day defeated Miz and Morrison and Dolph Ziggler/Robert Roode via Pinfall (Superkick)

Like I said earlier, when the Usos and New Day get put together its a whole lot of fun. They utilized a lot of double team moves early on and fought off shenanigans by their opponents to win.

In a moment I am sure Otis wouldn’t like to relive, we take a look back on his Valentine’s Day heartbreak. After the recap, we see Mandy Rose talking with Sonya Deville backstage. Tucker Knight walked over to the ladies and he is not happy.

He lets Mandy know that Otis won’t even come out of his hotel room because of last week. Tucker runs down a whole list of things before Mandy can attempt to defend herself. Mandy says she didn’t invite Ziggler to sit with her until Otis didn’t show up. She also says she never sent Otis a text saying she would be late. Tucker isn’t buying anything she’s saying.

When he leaves, Mandy looks sad and all sorts of confused. Deville tries to cheer her up by saying that Dolph is more her type anyway and Mandy dodged a bullet. Something sounds fishy doesn’t it?

After catching up on Valentines Day, we go to Renee Young and her interview with Lacey Evans. Evans says she didn’t take her Royal Rumble loss lightly, but because of her Marine background she will continue her pursuit for the Smackdown Women’s Championship.

Renee asked her about calling Bayley and Sasha bullies, when not long ago Evans herself was a bully. Evans tells her the term nasties has many meanings and can be a term of endearment. She does acknowledge that she was a bully and it took coming to Smackdown for her to see that. She says she is trying to start a new chapter and put her best foot forward.

We end the interview with Evans saying she knows she is at the back of the line for Bayley’s title, but she is focused on winning the Elimination Chamber and getting back on track.

Braun Strowman and Elias defeated Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura via Pinfall

Look Strowman won this match by power slamming Nakamura onto a piano and it was GREAT.

After the match we go backstage and see King Corbin. Corbin says he is going to beat Reigns in Saudi Arabia and take over as locker room leader. We then go to commercial.

After a commercial, it is time for Moment of Bliss. Alexa Bliss starts off by reading us a list of those announced for the WWE Hall of Fame. This leads to her announcing the newest inductees…Nikki and Brie Bella!

The Bellas talked about how grateful they are to be inducted and they thank the Bella Army for support. Brie also gives Bliss a big thank you, as Moment of Bliss is WWE’s first ever women’s talk show so it was fitting for the announcement to happen tonight. It’s a rather short segment, but after a few more thank yous Daniel Bryan comes out with Birdie! Let me tell you, Birdie Danielson stole the whole show.

Daniel Bryan defeated Heath Slater via Pinfall

Not even the help of Drew Gulak’s PowerPoint could help Heath secure the victory over Daniel. Although Heath definitely had a better showing than last week.

Before a commercial we see Mandy Rose backstage looking like she is getting ready to leave the building. All of a sudden Dolph Ziggler appears and tells Mandy she can just ride with him. After they leave, Otis comes out from behind some production boxes, looking terribly sad.

Naomi defeated Carmella to become the new Number One Contender to the Smackdown Women’s Championship

The two friends put on a pretty decent match. At times it looked like Carmella would win, she had the Code of Silence locked in, but Naomi broke free.

We end the show with Goldberg. Before he can really get any words out, the Firefly Funhouse interrupts him. Bray Wyatt introduces him to all the puppets, but says one more person wants to meet him…The Fiend of course.

The lights go low in the arena and Goldberg knows the Fiend is behind him. But, shocker, Goldberg gives the Fiend a SPEAR! The Fiend is actually affected by it. Although Goldberg looks to capitalize even more, the lights go completely out. When the lights come back on the Fiend is gone.


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