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    WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results – June 12, 2020

    The time has come to find out who will hold the Intercontinental Championship. Will it be Daniel Bryan or AJ Styles?

    We began the show with a recap of what happened between Jeff Hardy and Sheamus last week.

    Commentary then gave us a quick rundown of what’s to come tonight and then they tell us a contract signing between Hardy and Sheamus is next.

    Sheamus made his way to ringside with a doctor and security guards. Then we got the entrance of Jeff Hardy. Renee Young, who was overseeing the contract signing, was the first to question why Sheamus brought a doctor to ringside.

    Sheamus said he wanted some assurance before signing the contract. His lawyers convinced WWE officials to make Hardy give a urine sample. He said there was no way he would step into the ring with a junkie.

    Hardy agreed to it, if it was how he was going to get his hands on Sheamus. He was sick of it and wanted to be an example for others who may be struggling with their demons.

    After Hardy gave his sample, Sheamus continued to taunt him. Again Sheamus mentioned Hardy’s family and asked if he wanted to apologize in advance to them. Not the smartest move. Hardy told him its better to be pissed off than pissed on….yeah you know what’s coming. Sheamus ended up with pee all over him. Then we went to break.

    Coming back from break the doctor somehow has test results and told Sheamus that Hardy tested negative. Sheamus did not take the news well.

    Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura defeated the New Day via Pinfall

    The match was pretty entertaining, Nakamura caught Kofi Kingston with a knee as he went for a splash. This allowed Nakamura to roll him up for the win. Big E had clotheslined Cesaro out of the ring, so he wasn’t able to get back and stop the pin in time.

    After the match, Tucker and Otis are strategizing, but Otis is blindfolded. Apparently Tucker is trying to sharpen Otis’ senses. Mandy Rose then came up and interrupted. Tucker eventually got Otis to refocus and even mentioned that Otis could cash in tonight.

    A loud noise is then heard and cameras panned over to see Sheamus and Jeff Hardy brawling. They had to be broken up by road agents and referees. Another commercial break it is!

    Upon returning from commercial, we get a video on the history of the Intercontinental Championship narrated by Corey Graves. Looks like the Championship match is in the middle of the show.

    AJ Styles defeated Daniel Bryan via Pinfall to become the Intercontinental Champion

    I mean what else is there to say about this? When AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan are put in a match, chances are its going to be really great; this was. While Bryan was very close to winning, Styles was able to stop Bryan’s running knee and turn it into a Styles Clash! Just excellent stuff.

    After the match, Styles had a quick interview with Renee Young. He said he proved why he is the best WWE Champion the WWE Universe has ever seen. Simply put, he is phenomenal.

    Afterwards we got a recap of Miz and Morrison’s attempts to mess with Braun Strowman last week. Of course we all now how that turned out.

    Then Braun Strowman is shown backstage. He said that a lot had already happened tonight and then warned Miz and Morrison what would happen to them at Backlash. He also said that while he likes Otis, he is not in the mood to play games tonight. He’ll have no problem obliterating some Heavy Machinery.

    Before going to commercial we saw the ring being decorated for what we were told is a celebration for Bayley and Sasha Banks.

    Upon returning from commercial, we saw how Bayley and Sasha Banks won the Women’s Tag Team Championships. Then the champs made their entrance.

    They messed with Micheal Cole before entering the ring. Poor Cole couldn’t even get in a selfie with the champs. The crowd of NXT Superstars aren’t thrilled to see the champs.

    Bayley told them to shut up, they were just lucky to get invited to their party. There was talk about how it could be lonely at the top, but of course Bayley isn’t because Sasha is there with her. Sasha then made sure everyone knew they weren’t liars, they won the championships back just like they thought.

    Then the champs were interrupted by former champions Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. Bliss had no problem with the celebration of their win, but the poetry she wasn’t for. The IIconics appeared on the tron shortly after. This was a good distraction as Bliss and Cross attacked the champs from behind.

    After the chaos, we went backstage where Kayla Braxton interviewed Miz and Morrison. They are tired of listening to Bran’s threats. They even had a new music video! And no, Kayla really didn’t get an apology from the tag team for being slimed last week.

    We saw the entrances of Braun Strowman and Heavy Machinery before taking another commercial break.

    When we came back from commercial, there was another promo video hyping up Matt Riddle coming to Smackdown. He’ll make his Smackdown debut next week.

    Heavy Machinery and Braun Strowman defeated Dolph Ziggler, Miz and Morrison via Pinfall (Catepillar)

    The match wasn’t all smooth sailing for Heavy Machinery and Strowman. At one point King Corbin was shown on the tron talking to Mandy Rose, Otis freaked out and left to attend to his peach. After dealing with Corbin, Otis returned (yes with Mandy) and got the pin after some help from the champ.

    Smackdown ended with Heavy Machinery and Strowman celebrating the win. No cash in to be had.

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