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WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results – May 15, 2020

Paige Brearley runs down the results from tonight’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

As part of the brand to brand invitational going on, we know Charlotte Flair will be on Smackdown tonight.

We begin the show with a recap of what went down at Money In The Bank. Afterwards commentary gives us a rundown of what’s to come tonight.

The Miz and John Morrison are in the ring to start Miz TV. Before they can really begin, the Men’s Money In The Bank winner, Otis makes his entrance. He is really excited about his victory and ran around the ring, even was on top of the commentary table.

Otis attempts to take a seat in the director chairs that Miz always has, but thinks better of it. He said that winning MITB is the biggest win of his career, but in life it’s his peach, Mandy Rose. Miz and Morrison can’t believe Otis is standing there with the briefcase.

After voicing their surprise, Miz wanted to find out how Otis became who he is…a baby picture of Otis is shown on the tron. At one point, Morrison asked if Otis was pregnant because its 2020 and anything can happen. More photos of Otis’ childhood were shown until Miz couldn’t take it anymore.

Miz said Otis was a problem. “He couldn’t even climb the ladder!” Miz laid down the challenge, Otis and Tucker versus Miz and Morrison. Of course Tucker isn’t there, so Otis has to find a partner.

After Miz TV, Michael Cole showed us the bracket for the tournament to determine the new Intercontinental Champion. AJ Styles will be competing in the tournament.

We then get the entrance of Elias, who is in the first match of the Intercontinental Championship Tournament.

Before the match began, we get a recap of the history between Elias and King Corbin. Then we went to commercial.

Elias defeated King Corbin via Pinfall to move on in the Intercontinental Championship Tournament

A huge win for Elias. While it was a rather brutal back and forth match, Elias was able to outsmart the King to ensure he made it to Round Two. We also learned, not to mess with Elias’s guitar.

We find out Daniel Bryan will face Drew Gulak in the Intercontinental Championship Tournament later tonight.

Otis is seen walking backstage and ran into Sheamus. He asked Sheamus to be his tag team partner later tonight. Needless to say, Otis had searching to do…Sheamus is not interested.

Back from commercial Otis is seen talking to himself, when Mandy Rose comes up. She gives him the idea to ask Braun Strowman to be his tag team partner.

We get another video from the hacker. They tell us they are everywhere and that no one is safe. The truth will be heard.

After the video, we see Otis catching up to the Universal Champion, Braun Strowman. They congratulate each other on their victories at MITB. After Otis asked Strowman to be his partner, Strowman is unsure. As a former MITB winner, Strowman questions if Otis wants him out there as a partner or to set up a cash in. He leaves it at he’ll think about it.

Dana Brooke defeated Naomi via Pinfall (Rollup)

Uhhh, well Dana Brooke once again pulled off the upset. If anything, this made up for Brooke’s odd Money In The Bank. But for Naomi, it seems things need to change.

Back from commercial, we get a replay of Becky Lynch’s huge announcement from Monday. This video showed us some of the amazing moments from Lynch’s career.

After talking about Lynch’s pregnancy announcement, we got the entrance of Charlotte Flair. Flair talked about how she is the hardest working woman in the industry. She said people want more Charlotte Flair and that is why FOX brought her to Smackdown.

Flair is surprised there isn’t a giant picture of her hanging to inspire the other superstars on Smackdown. Before she can continue, Bayley and Sasha make their entrance to the ring.

Bayley doesn’t say it is nice to see Flair because she is a role model and role models don’t lie. Bayley and Sasha then mocked Flair with a bunch of WOOs!

Sasha said the last time they saw Charlotte, Bayley beat her to become a 2-Time Smackdown Women’s Champion. Flair gives a bit of a fact check: first time Bayley beat her she was unconscious and the second time, it took a new makeover and a bad haircut.

Bayley simply said a champion has to do what they have to do to win. Flair is only mad because the last time they saw each other, Bayley became the first Women’s Grand Slam Champion. Then she tells Flair to go back to NXT or RAW. Smackdown is Bayley and Sasha’s show.

After Bayley’s speech, Flair said some things never change. When Bayley was NXT Women’s Champion, Sasha made her relevant. Flair said Sasha is the only reason Bayley is currently champ. She then addressed Sasha directly. Flair asked Sasha if she is okay being an afterthought.

Of course Sasha doesn’t get to answer, Bayley just takes over. Bayley, tired of talking and ready to fight. Flair accepts, but has a question for Sasha and asks Bayley to get out of the way. She asked Sasha if she is her own woman or just Bayley’s lackey and happy being the afterthought. Flair leaves with a simple woo.

Before a commercial, Kayla Braxton goes up to Braun Strowman. Strowman is warming up so she assumes he said yes to Otis. Strowman said he is still chewing on it, this is just what he does when he is thinking.

After coming back from commercial, we get a promo video from the Forgotten Sons. They served their country, but when they came back they weren’t welcomed with open arms. They became the outcasts and now they will make people pay.

Renee Young interviewed Miz and Morrison. She asked their reaction to Otis asking Braun Strowman to be his tag team partner. Morrison makes a few jokes, they call him Braun not brains. Seems like Miz and Morrison aren’t concerned that Strowman could be Otis’ tag team partner.

Daniel Bryan defeated Drew Gulak via Submission (Heel Hook)

The match was fantastic, which should have been expected. These two know each other so well that their normal finishing moves weren’t going to cut it. Gulak found ways out of the Yes Lock, while Bryan was able to escape the Dragon Sleeper hold.

After the match, Renee Young interviewed Bryan. Young asked what winning the Intercontinental Championship would mean to him. Bryan said it has been almost five years since he had to relinquish the IC title and he has never had another shot at it. He has always wanted to make the IC title and make it THE championship of Smackdown.

Bryan wants to make the IC title represent the absolute best wrestler in WWE, which he believes is him. Then Gulak and Bryan share an embrace.

Before the next match we find out there will be a mixed tag team match: Sonya Deville and Dolph Ziggler versus Mandy Rose and Otis.

We hear from Sonya and Dolph, well mostly Sonya. Sonya said every promise she has made to Mandy has come true. Next week will be no different, the humiliation will just include Otis. She said the only thing Mandy is good at is being blonde and pretty. When all of that is over, she’ll be living in a double wide with a lot of kids and Otis asking her for a beer.

Next week she wants Mandy to show her why she deserves to be in the same ring as her. Sonya is a winner, which Mandy will never be.

Otis and Braun Strowman defeated Miz and Morrison via Pinfall (Running Powerslam)

Well, Otis did not use this as an opportunity to cash in. He did use it as an opportunity to show he belongs though. Miz and Morrison really didn’t think Strowman would be his partner, even when Strowman made his entrance.

After their victory, Mandy Rose came out to celebrate. Otis used Rose’s entrance as an opportunity to tease a cash in, although he promised he was kidding. And thats the show!


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