WWE: Greatest Superstars in SummerSlam History (2013)

So here we are WWE fans, on the road to the hottest event of the summer, it’s SummerSlam!

There’s something about the build-up to this years extravaganza that’s got me quite excited and I’m really hoping for a top class show. The WWE is in a really good place at the moment in terms of the quality of its Pay-Per-Views, the last couple have been outstanding in my opinion. There’s a certain buzz around at the moment heading into Summerslam, and so there should be. Great Summerslam events of the past have given us some of the biggest & best moments that only WrestleMania itself can top. Behind all those great & wonderful memories are the WWE superstars that go out there and pull it all off. The fact that we are fast approaching the 26th annual Summerslam means the showcase has seen many changes of era’s & superstars down the years, which brings me to what this article is all about.

It’s about looking back through the years and between myself & David “The Chief” Tarbuck, finding what we believe to be the greatest WWE superstars in Summerslam history. Now there’s been literally hundreds of guys that have performed at the summer spectacular but we’ve had to narrow it down to just ten. Let me assure you all that this was no easy decision and some names just missed out on the top ten. While choosing this list five things were taken into account, which were-
Win, Loss record at the event.
Quality of matches at event.
Longevity at the event.
Impact on the event.
Crowd reaction at the event.

After much debating a final list of ten names were chosen and I believe the following ten names truly are the greatest in the history of Summerslam.

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