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WWE: Hall of Fame 2022 Predictions

We are now on the road to Wrestlemania. For the next few months, WWE will book its biggest pay-per-view of the year. They will also spend plenty of time hammering home the nostalgia and history of the big event. A big part of this nostalgia will be the Hall of Fame ceremony. The Hall of Fame gives WWE the chance to parade out stars of the past for the fans’ enjoyment.

While the Hall of Fame ceremony is an enjoyable experience, there is still a sense of trepidation. Every year there is a discussion amongst the wrestling world of who should be enshrined that year, and this article is no different. Below we will look at 10 wrestlers who could have their names etched in the annals of history in the WWE Hall of Fame 2022.

WWE Hall of Fame 2022 : The Undertaker

We can start with an easy one. The man from Death Valley has been a staple of WWE programming since 1991. He has won everything there is to win and has become one of the most revered wrestlers in the history of the industry.

Since his retirement, at Wrestlemania 36, the writing has been on the wall for The Undertaker. He is the biggest wrestler in the history of WWE and it is only a matter of time before he gets inducted.

WWE Hall of Fame 2022 : The Steiner Brothers

The Steiner Brothers didn’t have the longest stint in WWE but their influence in the industry cannot be understated. In WCW/NWA The Steiners were one of the best tag teams in the companies history. They consistently put on fantastic matches and their connection with the fans was perfect.

The two brothers have held tag team gold all over the world, and there is no doubt that they should be inducted into the Hall of Fame. It should also be noted that Rick Steiner’s son, Bron Breakker, is the current NXT 2.0 Champion. It would be fitting to have him induct his father and uncle come Wrestlemania weekend.

WWE Hall of Fame 2022 : Michelle McCool

McCool was one of the best female wrestlers on the roster during the Divas era. Her heelwork was impeccable and she made women’s wrestling watchable. McCool also just so happens to be the wife of The Undertaker. It would be perfect to put her in the Hall of Fame the same year as her husband.

WWE Hall of Fame 2022 : Batista

The Animal was one of the biggest stars of the Ruthless Aggression era. He won multiple world titles, two royal rumbles, and was a member of Evolution. Batista also had the amazing ability to show up for the big match. His Wrestlemania matches were always fantastic and will be fondly remembered by all.

Rumours of induction have littered the internet since his final match against Triple H. Putting him in alongside The Undertaker, one of his greatest rivals, would be a fitting end to the career of Batista.

WWE Hall of Fame 2022 : Bam Bam Bigelow

One of the biggest omissions from the hall has to be the man from Asbury Park, New Jersey. Bigelow broke in during the Golden Era of wrestling but his career didn’t take off until the mid-1990s.

During the New Generation, Bigelow was the best big man on the roster. His athleticism was fantastic. There was no big man who could move with the agility that Bigelow displayed. For years he should have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. He deserves his place in history and hopefully this year he gets that honour.

WWE Hall of Fame 2022 : Big Van Vader

Another huge omission from the Hall of Fame. He may not have had the greatest WWE career, but the career of Vader needs to be recognized. In WCW, Vader was the best monster heel in company history. His battles with Ric Flair and Sting, over the World Championship, were some of the best. He was a cornerstone of WCW for years and will be fondly remembered by many fans of the company.

There is no bigger Hall of Fame in North America than the WWE’s. It is a travesty that Vader has not been inducted yet. A travesty that will hopefully be rectified this year.

WWE Hall of Fame 2022 : The Rock

Outside of Steve Austin, there was not a bigger star during the Attitude Era. The Rock was massively over and he won multiple world titles during his tenure.

Since leaving WWE The Rock has become the biggest movie star in the world. With this fame, he has always maintained his connection to WWE and has brought a mainstream audience to the wrestling world. It is only a matter of time before The Rock gets inducted, adding a huge name to the Hall of fame ceremony would boost ratings and make for a hell of a memorable show.

WWE Hall of Fame 2022 : Christian

Alongside Edge, Christian helped to revolutionize tag team wrestling. Tag team wrestling became incredibly popular under their watch and it became a huge part of WWE. Once he moved on to his singles career Christian was fantastic. He won multiple Intercontinental Championship and he became one of the most entertaining heels in the company.

Christian has since moved onto Impact Wrestling, but with Vince opening up the forbidden door for the Royal Rumble all bets are off. It would be a cool moment to see Christian in a WWE ring while under contract to Impact Wrestling.

WWE Hall of Fame 2022 : Chris Jericho

The influence Y2J has had over WWE cannot be understated. His constantly changing persona was always over and allowed him to have incredible longevity. He captured multiple world championships and will go down as the first Undisputed Champion in WWE history.

Jericho has since left WWE and is with rival AEW. Would it be possible for AEW to allow him to go into the WWE Hall of Fame? Years ago, Impact worked a deal out with WWE to have Ric Flair appear at the Hall of Fame. Stranger things have happened and it would get an incredible pop from the WWE crowd.

WWE Hall of Fame 2022 : Motorhead/Lemmy

Working with the WWE for years, Motorhead is responsible for most of Triple H’s entrance themes. They have varied his themes slightly over the years but their impressive rock sound has remained a constant.

Motorhead has also been present at many pay-per-views, providing live music for Triple H’s walk to the ring. They have been a staple of WWE programming for years. With the passing of frontman, Lemmy, now would be the perfect time for WWE to recognize the contributions that Motorhead has made to the company.

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