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WWE: Hell in a Cell 2020 – Predictions [Sponsored by 13/10 Apparel]

*Please note that the following predictions are based on fantasy projections for this weekends PPV*

It’s Hell In A Cell weekend. So Josh, from 13/10 Apparel has made his predictions for the big event.

Elias vs Jeff Hardy

We are all now fully aware that Elias has a new album releasing on Monday and I’m sure it will be a blast. Let’s have some more self-promotion before his clash with Jeff Hardy on Sunday night. Jeff has most recently reigned with the Intercontinental title on the blue brand but Elias still feels that Jeff had something to do with being run down a few months back.

Is it me or have WWE really enjoyed playing out with long term storylines/feuds this year?! Is it finally time for an Elias singles push or will it lead to another bit part concert at Wrestlemania, it is after all almost Mania planning season. Elias wins with drift away in a decent match.

A video plays thereafter showing that it wasn’t Jeff driving the car, it was in fact, Mustafa Ali. RETRIBUTION surround the ring before a brawl breaks out, The Hurt Business run down to make the save. Next stop Survivor Series!

Smackdown Womans Championship Hell in a Cell – Bayley (c) vs Sasha Banks

Will, it finally happened, It has been 5 years in the making to see these 2 best friends square off on the WWE main roster inside Hell in a Cell. Can we except some pre-match shenanigans from Bayley to potentially avoid this showdown. Well, either way, it’s happening on Sunday and I for one am buzzing. This should perhaps be the main event of the show but arguably Reigns/Uso feud has viewers hooked! Bayley is walking out with the gold somehow, someway in this one.

It’s perhaps slightly premature but let’s say Bayley has plucked Raquel Gonzalez from NXT to be her saving grace, paying her whatever it takes to enter the Cell and destroy Banks, re-injuring the next and leaving Sasha out until she can return before the Rumble. Surely, this feud needs to culminate at WrestleMania?

Let’s give it some more legs for now. After all, Bayley won’t defend at the next PPV and then its almost a home run to the Rumble.

Universal Championship – Roman Reigns (c) vs Jey Uso ‘I quit’ Hell in a Cell

After Clash of Champions most assumed that this was a one and done feud but it has been that damn good (I quote Triple H), we get Round 2. But it’s harder to believe that Jey will find a way to get Roman to utter the words ‘I Quit’ inside Hell in a cell.

The Tribal Chief is thriving In every which way but ultimately so is Jey with the underdog story playing on all of our minds….can he? Will he?

Probably not, but this match will have some damn fine twists and turns before we enter its climax. Will Rikishi be sent to ringside to stop Roman from destroying his cousin, this is an angle that I would love to see especially if rumours of Roman vs Rock at Mania is truly possible.

Roman doesn’t lose here but its simply a case of how will he win. Let’s bring the Use family out to utter the words I quit for Jey. I guess that’s the only logical thing here right? I guess we have to tune in on Sunday and I for one have no such issue with that.

WWE Championship Hell in a Cell – Drew McIntyre (c) vs Randy Orton

I mentioned earlier that WWE has clearly enjoyed long term feuds and storytelling throughout 2020 and this one is no different. I have also really enjoyed it, however, RAW segments are becoming tougher to watch as we go over old ground.

I also said earlier that Survivor Series is on the horizon and it has been well documented that Orton has become a ‘Legend Killer’ once again during 2020, but it also been documented that this year marks the 30th Anniversary of The Undertaker.

Could it be that Randy Orton has been built through 2020 to be the one to finally bury the Deadman? I predict a big fat YES! During this match (which will Main event) The lights will dim just as Orton is looking to finish Drew with an RKO…


Undertaker tombstones Orton, Mcintyre pins Orton as taker stands over his prone body. This news brings viewers back who then have no choice but to tune in to Monday night RAW as Orton addresses defeat and Undertaker, setting up that final Undertaker match.

Smart move WWE. Smart Move, indeed.

Also taking place will be: (Card Subject to change)

  • The Street Profits will defend Smackdown Tag Titles vs Roode & Ziggler
  • Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax to defend Womans tag gold vs Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke
  • Aleister Black vs Kevin Owens – Final Chapter
  • Seth Rollins vs Buddy Murphy
  • No doubt we will get a throw away match on the Kick off so lets say Lacey Evans (because you cant leave her off television too often right) vs Peyton Royce

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