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WWE: How Levesque Can Change The Rules of the Game

It was announced on the 25th of July that Triple H (Real Name Paul Levesque) has become the man in charge of the overall creative of WWE. While this latest Raw was the last known episode to have been written by Vince and Summerslam 2022 had just ended. Anything post-Summerslam is free game, a blank slate. Lets see what Levesque can change for an immediate turn around in fortunes for the WWE brand…

Removing the Vince language:

To say that Vince had a weird quirk when it came to words. WWE Universe, Local Medical Facility etc. This is the tip of the iceberg of Vincisms, so if Paul could eliminate most of the strange Vince verbiage it would automatically greatly improve the quality of the wrestling product.

Pushing “Smaller” Wrestlers:

Vince was only interested in a few things for talent, TALL and BIG. Levesque is not that picky based off of his NXT run, he’s seemingly more about your ability to work than how much you weigh or if you’re over 6 foot. This is a change I imagine seeing in the next few weeks as Triple H gets into the roll and assesses the roster, of course, while being a certain size can be beneficial, it’s not the be-all/end-all of wrestling…

Awarding people for “Grabbing the Brass Ring” (Aka; Getting over):

Here’s a little story for you, Zack Ryder (Matt Cardona) Created a Youtube channel and in a short amount of time got super over to the WWE Fans. How did Vince McMahon and his inner circle award him for going out there and getting himself over? They buried him six feet under of course, having him get destroyed by Kane for weeks, before having John Cena kiss his on-screen girlfriend (Richard, find out her name please), before throwing him a bone in the form of the United states championship. Fans quickly realised Zack wouldn’t be pushed, so they quickly lost interest.

That story above is one of many where wrestlers get over, Vince doesn’t get it and refuses to push them, an exception to this being Becky Lynch and Daniel Bryan. But generally, If you aren’t someone Vince wanted to push, you don’t get rewarded.

Hopefully, Paul can change this, when he sees someone get over who he wasn’t planning to do anything with, he can reward them, feature them add them into plans to make them a bigger star. This would benefit the lacklustre World title scene.

Black and Gold

NXT 2.0 which was Vince and Bruce’s Idea of revitalising NXT to show that they can do it better has been nothing short of a disaster, ratings-wise; all demographics went down to their lowest point at one point before stabilising. Unfortunately, it turns out wrestling fans really like wrestling. Not green athletes trying to wrestle, though that isn’t their fault at all, as they are being forced on TV WELL before they are ready. There are a few bright spots, Bron Breaker for one.

But Triple H should change the recruiting policy to focus mainly on experienced wrestlers while training the athletes on the house shows to prepare them for TV, have a balance, and bring back Black and Gold.

Long Term Storylines:

This may come as a surprise, but Vince liked to change his mind, like ALOT. He would put plans in place for a push, then shortly after would scrap it (A three-week push), this frequent mind-changing would mean show formats being thrown out and changed HOURS before the show went live.

This is something that Paul can hopefully change, where he can look at the long-term of who he wants to be champion and give them time to get over organically with the crowd, no more getting bored after three weeks and throwing that wrestler to the way-side.

Well… five things that Paul Levesque could do immediately after Summerslam, even one of these changes could improve the WWE product greatly, for the first time, and many fans could look optimistically in the future for the first time in years…

Honourable mentions:

  • Remove reliance on Part-time stars, The reliance on part-timers makes less time for the full-time wrestlers to try and get over in front of the audience.
  • Give the secondary titles meaning, For the longest time, Wrestlers seemingly win the titles, only to then, continuously lose on TV making them seem like total chumps on television. Hopefully, that changes.
  • De-unify the titles, The Tag titles at least, since having one brand of world champion does at least grant one with more prestige, over two world champions.
  • Allowing unscripted dialogue, This is the least likely to happen, as this wasn’t a Vince Idea, this was Stephanie’s idea…
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