WWE: How Triple H Played The Game for 25 Years; Best Matches

One of the most memorable names in WWE history, 14-time world champion Triple H made his television debut for the company on April 30, 1995, still bearing the name and cordial gimmick of Hunter Hearst Helmsley at the time. By October 1996, The Game began to tread the path that would take him to multiple titles, winning the Intercontinental Championship from Marc Mero. However, he would have to wait until 1999 to win “the big one”.

Known for his long promos and behind-the-scenes influence, Triple H starred in fantastic matches, especially just after the turn of the millennium, when he established himself as one of the main figures of the promoter.

At a time when The King Of Kings has been dedicated for almost a decade to the position of vice president of the WWE, despite appearing sporadically on the schedule to fight, it is worth remembering the ten best matches of his career, in chronological order.

SummerSlam 1998
Ladder match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship :
The Rock (c) vs. Triple H

After winning the 1998 King of the Ring tournament, Ken Shamrock praised the losing finalist, The Rock. That said, 1994 King of the Ring winner, The Rock’s Nation of Domination teammate and Shamrock’s former friend Owen Hart challenged Shamrock to a match between the two. However, 1994 King of the Ring winner Triple H appeared on the scene and challenged Hart and Shamrock to a match between the three King of the Ring winners. The proposal was accepted and Shamrock emerged victorious as he settled on Triple H after interference from The Rock. As a result, a brawl ensued between Triple H’s D-Generation X and The Rock’s Nation of Domination.

On the July 13, 1998 episode of Raw is War , a week after making fun of elements of the Nation, Triple H teamed up with X-Pac to defeat The Rock and Owen Hart in a tag team match . And during the match, it was announced that The Rock would defend his intercontinental title against Triple H in a best-of-three match at Fully Loaded.

At the pay-per-view , The Rock won the first fall after executing a The Rock Bottom , after several interference from DX and the Nation of Domination. However, Triple H came to a tie after Chyna DDT hit the champion on top of a chair. And just as the third fall began, Triple H applied a Pedigree to the opponent, but was not in time to advance to the settlement because the 30-minute time limit came to an end, which allowed the champion to retain the belt.

However, the rivalry between the two continued. On the August 17 episode of Raw is War , the DX and the Nation fought in a Street Fight which The Rock’s faction won when the Rock used a chair to hit Triple H in the face, causing him to bleed from the mouth. After the match, Triple H challenged The Rock to a ladder match for the intercontinental title at SummerSlam.

Royal Rumble 2000
Street Fight for the WWF Championship :
Triple H(c) vs. Cactus Jack

In late 1999, the McMahon-Helmsley faction began, with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon taking control of the WWF and doing with power as they pleased, making several controversial decisions. Mick Foley opposed this and ended up being targeted by the faction, who attacked him multiple times before firing him.

On the January 3 edition of Raw is War , Triple H captured the WWF Championship by defeating Big Show and made fun of Foley. A week later, The Rock took all the company’s superstars into the ring and demanded Foley’s reinstatement, raking in the block dismissal of the entire roster if he didn’t. Foley was eventually reinstated and demanded a Street Fight for the WWF Championship at the Royal Rumble.

However, the night he returned to the company, Foley was defeated in a four- man tag team match after taking the bell and suffering two Pedigrees from Triple H, but after the feud he took off his mask and attacked The Game . 72 hours later, on the January 13 edition of SmackDown! , Foley returned to his crazier and more violent Cactus Jack character, stripping the Mankind persona ‘s clothes to reveal Cactus Jack’s.

No Way Out 2000
Hell in a Cell | Title vs. Career – WWF Championship
Triple H (c) vs. Cactus Jack

At the Royal Rumble , Triple H and Cactus Jack clashed in a Street Fight and the champion came out on top. However, on the following night’s episode of Raw , The Game gave Cactus Jack a new title shot at No Way Out and even gave him the choice of stipulation. Cactus Jack chose a Hell in a Cell match and agreed to withdraw in case of defeat.

Fully Loaded 2000
Last Man Standing match:
Triple H vs. Chris Jericho

In the previous PPV , King of the Ring, Jericho kissed Triple H’s wife Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, although Stephanie’s interference cost Y2J the loss at the hands of Kurt Angle in the quarter-finals of the King of the Ring tournament.

The following night, on the June 26 episode of Raw is War , Jericho was defeated by X-Pac after interference from Stephanie and Road Dogg. After the match, Stephanie got revenge and humiliated Jericho, slapping him in the face and kicking him in the groin area. Also on the same show, Y2J retaliated by costing Triple H the loss in a triple threat match against The Rock and Kurt Angle.

Three days later, on SmackDown! , Triple H demanded that commissioner Mick Foley schedule a match between him and Jericho that night, but Foley preferred to score a six-man tag team match between the DX (Triple H, Road Dogg and X-Pac) and a team consisting of Jericho. and the Dudley Boyz, with DX having the upper hand.
On the July 3 episode of Raw , Foley announced that Jericho and Triple H would face off at the Fully Loaded pay-per-view. And two weeks later, Foley accepted a proposal from Y2J and turned the match into a Last Man Standing match.

No Way Out 2001
Three Stages of Hell match:
Triple H vs. Steve Austin

The rivalry between the two began at SummerSlam 1999, when Triple H, after failing to win the WWF Championship in a triple threat match that also involved Steve Austin and Mankind, decided to hit Austin with several chairs. The Game and Stone Cold would face off at this year’s No Mercy pay-per-view , with Triple H emerging victorious after The Rock accidentally hit Austin with a sledgehammer that was aimed at Triple H.

At Survivor Series , Austin was supposed to compete in a triple threat match for the WWF Championship against champions Triple H and The Rock, but was run over in the parking lot and was eventually replaced by Big Show, who would go on to win the title.

After that accident, Austin underwent surgery on his neck and only returned to action nine months later. Upon his return, Rikishi admitted that he had run over Stone Cold , but Triple H eventually revealed that he was the one who paid Rikishi after he hit Austin over the head with a sledgehammer. At Survivor Series 2000, Triple H tried to repeat the previous year’s recipe, but Steve Austin took The Game ‘s car with a forklift and dropped it to a height of more than six meters, which led to a match between the two ending in a no contest.

On the January 8 episode of Raw Is War , Austin challenged champion Kurt Angle to a WWF Championship match , but the match ended in a no contest after Triple H interfered and hit Austin with a metal pipe. At the 2001 Royal Rumble it was Triple H’s turn to face Angle in a title match, but when The Game appeared to be one step away from winning Austin interfered and cost him the defeat. Shortly thereafter, on the same night, Austin won the Royal Rumble match.

In order for Triple H and Austin to end their feud once and for all, Vince McMahon announced a best-of-three match between the two at the No Way Out pay-per-view , with the first fall being a regular match, the second a street fight and the third, if necessary, a steel cage match .

McMahon further decreed “zero tolerance” and said that if one attacked the other before No Way Out, Austin would lose his shot at the WWF Championship at WrestleMania X-Seven and the game would be suspended for six months. After Austin signed the contract for the match, Triple H hit him with a clipboard in the back of the head and attacked him, later stating that he still had to sign the contract, which he did.

In the week leading up to the big match, Austin performed a Stone Cold Stunner on Triple H’s wife, Stephanie McMahon, during Raw Is War . In turn, Triple H performed a Pedigree on Austin’s friend and commentator Jim Ross during the episode of SmackDown!.

WrestleMania XX
World Heavyweight Championship:
Triple H(c) vs. Chris Benoit vs. Shawn Michaels

On the December 29, 2003 edition of Monday Night Raw , Triple H defended the title against Shawn Michaels , in a match that ended in a double pin fall tie , after hinting that the Heartbreak Kid had won.

The two faced each other again at the Royal Rumble in a Last Man Standing , but the duel again ended in a draw, with The Game once again retaining the belt. In the same event, Chris Benoit, who was a SmackDown star at the time, won the Royal Rumble match by eliminating The Big Show in last place.

The following night on Raw , Michaels and Triple H clashed in the ring, but General Manager Steve Austin announced that Chris Benoit would challenge the world champion at WrestleMania XX.

However, during the signing of the match’s contract, already after Triple H had signed, Michaels sought to convince Benoit to stay on SmackDown so that he and The Game could end a conflict that had been going on for a decade. Benoit did not agree and Michaels gave him a Sweet Chin Music before signing the contract himself. The following week, Benoit and Michaels faced each other in a match that ended with interference from Triple H, prompting Steve Austin to make the decision to turn the match at WrestleMania XX into a triple threat match.

Backlash 2004
World Heavyweight Championship:
Chris Benoit (c) vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H

At WrestleMania XX, Chris Benoit became world champion by defeating then-champion Triple H and Shawn Michaels in a triple threat match by making The Game fold via a Crippler Crossface .

On the March 15 episode of Raw , Benoit and Shawn Michaels defeated Evolution ( Randy Orton , Ric Flair, and Batista) in a handicap match , with the new world champion forced Batista to fold via a Sharpshooter. The following week, Triple H drafted to SmackDown , prompting Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff to announce that Chris Benoit would defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Shawn Michaels at Backlash.

However, three days later, SmackDown General Manager Kurt Angle announced that Triple H had been returned to Raw in exchange for The Dudley Boyz and Booker T.
Accordingly, on the March 29 episode of Raw , Eric Bischoff added Triple H to the title match at Backlash, making it a triple threat match , that is, a rerun of the WrestleMania XX main event

Vengeance 2005
Hell in a Cell match | World Heavyweight Championship:
Batista (c) vs. Triple H

The latest chapter in an intense rivalry between two former allies. In January Batista won the Royal Rumble and chose to face his former friend Triple H at WrestleMania 21 and go after the World Heavyweight Championship over JBL’s WWE Championship.

At WrestleMania , Batista won, as well as he won at the next pay-per-view , Backlash.
Meanwhile, the Gold Rush Tournament took place to determine the main contender for the Animal belt . In that tournament, Triple H was eliminated in the first round, having been forced out by Chris Benoit. However, who won the tournament was Edge, who had eliminated Shawn Michaels and Kane.

Batista retained the title from the Rated-R Superstar after a Batista Bomb on the May 23 episode of Monday Night Raw , but at the end of the match he was brutally attacked by Triple H, who used the sledgehammer and challenged the champion to a Hell in a Cell match on Vengeance. After launching the challenge, The Game applied a Pedigree to Batista, who ended up accepting the proposal.

WrestleMania XXVII
No Holds Barred match:
The Undertaker vs. Triple H

After several weeks of a teaser released by WWE aimed at the date February 21, 2011, that day’s episode of Monday Night Raw was marked by the return of Undertaker , who had not appeared for four months.

However, the Deadman was interrupted by Triple H, also returning. The two legendary fighters looked into each other’s eyes and then turned their faces towards the WrestleMania XXVII logo , suggesting a possible match between them in the biggest event of the year, something that came to be confirmed a few days later.

Before the second match between Undertaker and Triple H at a WrestleMania – the first was at the 17th edition – the two veterans were once again face to face on the last Raw before the PPV, on March 28th. Shawn Michaels interrupted them and criticized The Game for believing he would be able to defeat Undertaker in the big event, something HBK couldn’t. After the Deadman said that Michaels was history, Michaels tried to Superkick him , but the Phenom retaliated with a Chokeslam that was stopped by Triple H. Still, Michaels again showed disbelief about a possible victory for his fellow faction in the DX.

WrestleMania XXVIII
Hell in a Cell match – Shawn Michaels as guest referee:
The Undertaker vs. Triple H

A year earlier, The Undertaker defeated Triple H via submission in a No Holds Barred match at WrestleMania XXVII , but for the first time in his career, he had to be taken out of the ring on a stretcher and with the help of medical staff .

After ten months without making any appearances, the Deadman made his return on the January 30, 2012 edition of Monday Night Raw , confronting and challenging Triple H to a rematch at WrestleMania XXVIII , because he didn’t want his stretcher exit to stay. like your last image.

After Triple H declined the challenge on the following week’s Raw , Shawn Michaels appeared on the February 13 episode to urge him to accept. The Undertaker returned to the charge a week later, referring to The Game as a coward, comparing his acting and career to that of Michaels . Enraged by these comments, Triple H eventually accepted the challenge and proposed that the match be a Hell in a Cell match . However, HBK announced that he would be the referee.

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