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WWE: “I’d work a program with him now” Undertaker on Roman Reigns

During an interview with SI.com, The Undertaker talked about Roman Reigns’ heel character in WWE so far and how he’d love to work a program with the ‘Head of the Table’…

“I’m so proud of where he is,” says Mark Calaway, who had an iconic 30-year run in WWE as The Undertaker. “The night of Survivor Series [in November], I went up to Roman and Jey and said, ‘This is the most compelling story that we’ve done in a while.’ And where he’s been able to take it, it’s so good. It’s not forced. Roman is hitting on all cylinders.”

“I think he’s a great heel—coldhearted, calculated. There is a compelling backstory and you still feel the tension when Reigns appears. As I said, I’m really proud of him. I wish I had the gas in the tank to work a program with him now. It would definitely be something special.”

CM Punk expressed his belief that Reigns is the cream of the crop in WWE currently:

“Maybe he needed that adversity and that backlash to finally be this guy but this is the one thing they’re doing right. What can you say bad about what Roman Reigns is doing right now? He’s far and away from the best guy they have. When you talk about storylines, in-ring work and all that stuff, right now he’s the total package. For the first time in his career, and I’m not being mean to Roman Reigns, I just feel like he’s finally where they pushed him to be, it just took a minute.”


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