WWE: Is Seth Rollins The Only Choice For Edge at SummerSlam?

As much as Edge may love the game, that love does not supersede the longstanding machinations of WWE. One is subject to tired storylines and repetitive feuds, week in and week out. Edge has earned the right to bypass much of that mainly due to his television career. He is one of the few wrestlers who can act.

His industry wisdom and depth of persona allows for him to explore in ways others on the roster can’t. Presently, he’s catching up on what he missed by advancing his feud with the former Shield members in Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, Rollins being the endgame for SummerSlam. Is this the only path for Edge? Let’s see.

What we must first consider are the recent releases. It’s no secret WWE is looking to streamline and perhaps correct their tendency to hoard talent. After this round of releases, we’re left with respectable options on SmackDown. One person who could probably benefit from a feud with Edge is Cesaro.

Cesaro getting more action has been a long time coming and it’s hard to argue he doesn’t have the talent. What he may be lacking is stage presence. For Edge, with TV shows such as Haven and Vikings on his resume, finding someone who can match his intensity is difficult. They may be able to counter this by focusing on wrestling. Cesaro can certainly tell a story in the ring.

Some others who could make things interesting for Edge are Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. They’re currently caught in the WWE loop of facing each other for what seems until the end of time. To an extent that should be the case but in terms of entertainment, their feud should quiet and relight cyclically. It should not be constant. Though there are tales like the Hatfields and McCoys, all they tend to show is that those parties trigger each other.

Owens and Zayn could benefit from periodic space from each other. If anything, it could provide the groundwork for a more in-depth feud/union as they may help one another to succeed at pivotal times. Note how it really doesn’t matter who gets the nod. The other could easily get their shot later in the year or the following one. This is more about breaking up the monotony.

Baron Corbin and Shinsuke Nakamura currently suffer from the same issue. Though a King of the Ring Tournament would probably be more fitting, in the event WWE goes in another direction, Edge finding an issue with either one could give them both a chance to add substance to their characters.

To be honest, Nakamura would probably be the more interesting feud. Yet, Corbin bravely showing vulnerability on June 25th’s SmackDown after losing his crown puts him in a better position to explore character development. They’d have to flesh it out but there’s something to be had here either way.

There is also the maybe not so long-shot option of Finn Balor. With his return on the July 16th edition of SmackDown he becomes a valid option. Edge, having worked on shows with a supernatural backdrop, could prove a key character in Balor’s story. Should they give Balor a proper shot this time around, Edge may just be the perfect person to help sell it, especially since WWE had no clue what to do the first time.

This could do Balor a distinct favour if administered effectively. We’ll see if WWE gives it some thought. All in all, we should be hopeful that WWE is going in the current direction it is. For once in a good while, it’s sticking to what’s in play and not arbitrarily going in a different direction.

Edge vs. Roman Reigns is clearly the fallout from WrestleMania.

Edge cutting in front of Rollins sets the stage for him and Rollins at SummerSlam. Just be glad they have some talented options to choose from for afterward. At present, it’s best not to get too far ahead. A lot could happen between then and now…

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