WWE: Johnny Gargano makes a shocking return on WWE Raw

The 22nd August 2022 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw in Canada was full of surprises. Fans saw the legendary Trish Stratus, got to see Kevin Owens put on a clinic with Gable of Alpha Academy, and the highly anticipated long-awaited return of Mr Wrestling himself, Johnny Gargano. The last time Gargano was seen under the WWE banner was on Dec. 5, 2021, for NXT Wargames.

First of all, Gargano is back with the classic ‘Rebel Heart’ themed entrance. Gargano talked about how he questioned whether or not he wanted to wrestle again. He went on to say that he wanted to show his child that you can accomplish all your dreams and how he wants to one day be a WWE champion and compete at WrestleMania. His return would soon be interrupted as Theory came out to tell Gargano how he’s missed so much since he has been gone.

These two have plenty of history going back to their NXT days and Theory quickly went on to ask for Gargano to stand in his corner as he makes his way towards the top. Before the two could high-five, Johnny Gargano planted a beautiful super kick on Theory, dropping the current Money in the Bank holder. Those rumours of whether Gargano would end up in Impact or AEW can now be put to rest, as he’s assured the entire WWE locker room that he is back.

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