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WWE has today announced that they have come to terms on the release of Samoa Joe, Bo Dallas, Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Mickie James, Chelsea Green, Tucker, Kalisto and Wesley Blake.

A year on from the crop of talent released during the throw of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, WWE has released the above talent from their contracts.

The Company ended their announcement with sentiments that they wish them the best in all of their future endeavours.

Billie Kay and Peyton Royce – Forever IICONIC

TWM Writer Nicole recently wrote a piece on the efforts of Billie Kay, who always seems to adapt, an excerpt is below

”It’s an interesting time to watch WWE. To many, it looks like they are just as out of touch as ever, but that may not be exactly true. Currently, the superstars on the WWE Rosters and WWE Creative have the task of making something work, whether they like it or not. Given the nature of life in the WWE, what’s best to do is certainly subjective. With speculation on the internet and many fans/sites seeming to know what is best for business. So what is WWE to do?… Well, they do what anyone else would do and try things out until they see what does work. Someone who appears to understand this is Billie Kay.

Torn from her Tag Team partner Peyton Royce last year, Billie Kay has been set adrift, a common move for WWE. Many fans question why but it’s not hard to figure. It’s what WWE does.

They see who works with whom, who works in general, who’s good in what settings, etc. It’s all just to see. Some may not like that it’s so arbitrary but one has to admit, such is life at times.”

Peyton and Billie were a tag team that you could invest in, and make TV watchable again, at least for myself.

Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe is a longtime Wrestling Icon, who was recently replaced on commentary days prior to his release, prior to his facing Roman Reigns at Backlash in 2018, we published an article detailing why he should conquer the ‘The Big Dog’ – excerpt below.

”Joe is one of the most physical and dominant stars in pro wrestling. Everybody knows who he is and what he represents, pain. Joe’s career speaks for itself.

If you’re looking for a new WWE Champion with an enriched history and a resume that fits the bill, look no further.

As an established veteran and decorated champion he has held titles in TNA, including an eighteen-month unbeaten streak.

He has also held titles in Pro Wrestling NOAH, Ring of Honor and had one of the best runs as champion in NXT.

He has been billed as “The Destroyer” and wherever he goes, will reign down destruction on anybody and take what he wants. a talent that needs to be treated like this again.”

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