WWE Live in Liverpool Results – 8/11/15

WWE continued their UK Tour stopping off at “The Home Of The Beatles!” (as JBL usually tells us) at the Echo Arena, Liverpool.

Neville beat Stardust
Neville got a fantastic reaction and the match was a good back and forth opener, Stardust played to the crowd well cartwheeling and shouting at them. Neville won with the Red Arrow to a great reception.

Damien Sandow beat Heath Slater
Sandow is alive! We’ve missed him so much, but as the Intellectual Savior Of The Masses’ came out it seemed Liverpool had forgotten who he was. Slater got the better reception and after the bell rang, Sandow got the win with a roll up. Match over quickly and the crowd seemed a bit confused.

Luke Harper, Braun Strowman and Erick Rowan beat Ryback and The Usos
Harper worked the crowd to begin with including a lot of posing. Great back and forth with The Big Guy exploding on Harper when he got the hot tag. Ryback with his long waiting vertical suplex, and a secondary one on Rowan. The Flying Uso’s were flying all over the ring (and outside!) so much that the ref couldn’t keep up. Strowman managed to catch one Uso into his choke hold and the match was over.

The Lucha Dragons beat The Ascension and Los Matadores
Another great match, fast paced and all about Kalisto. The crowd were “LUCHA! LUCHA!” crazy and the Dragons played up to it. El Torito got involved halfway through the match but after a flying move to the outside taking down the Matadors. Kalisto cleaned up for the win as the crowd went into a frenzy.

King Barrett beat Fandango
The crowd LOVED Barrett, he was acting his usual arrogant self and of course picked up the win in his home country.

Bayley and Natalya beat Sasha Banks and Naomi
The crowd loved Bayley. Good back and forth match, a bit of crowd interaction and taunting with hair clips and Sasha’s glasses. Natalya won via submission with the Sharpshooter on Naomi.

Alberto Del Rio beat Jack Swagger to retain the United States Title
Del Rio came out to good support but shortly had the whole arena against him after telling them they sucked. Swagger had everyone cheering for him and a Swagger Bomb got him a close two count. The crowd were on their feet after another close pinfall left Del Rio frustrated from a kick out by Swagger. Del Rio countered an ankle lock to get the armbar and Swagger tapped out.

Roman Reigns beat Bray Wyatt in a No Holds Barred Match
Great entrances by both Superstars. Wyatt with the Singapore cane beatdown on Reigns early on, the match was similar to their recent Hell In A Cell matchup. Reigns stole the cane and beat Wyatt with it then snapped in half with his brute strength. Reigns through one table, Wyatt powerbombed through another – a great visual match. The crowd were loving it as Wyatt hit Sister Abigail for a close two-count, Reigns with the Spear for the 1,2,3.

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