WWE Live in Rome, Italy Results – 11/11/2015

WWE hit Rome in the continuation of their European/UK Tour, with the Kevin Owens/Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins replacements crew.

1. The New Day defeated The Dudley Boyz and The Primetime Players in a Triple Threat elimination match to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship.

Standard tag opener, with all the heel domination and hot tags that you’d expect. Both pinfalls were via roll-up, with the deciding pin by Kofi on D-Von coming with the help of rope leverage.

2. Zack Ryder defeated The Miz.
Ryder actually kicked out of the Skull Crushing Finale, after which Miz went for the second one with a bit of taunt stealing in the process, which Ryder countered into the Rough Ryder for the win.

3. Cesaro defeated Sheamus.
Bruising match as expected. Their Raw match was obviously better considering the stakes involved in that match, not to mention the Wayne Rooney involvement. Finish came via the Neutralizer.

Cesaro cut a promo in Italian after the match, basically said that Rome fans are the best in the world and that he couldn’t wait to come back. Big pop for that promo too.

4. Charlotte beat Paige and Alicia Fox in a Triple Threat to retan the Divas Championship.
Decent match, most of which was the heels working over Charlotte until the inevitable slip up which led to them beating on each other instead, allowing for Charlotte to make the comeback and hit the spear on Foxy for the win.

5. Kane defeated Big Show.
Slow, plodding match, Show definitely looked hurt as he was limping a bit. Show left the ring to respectful applause from the crowd.

6. Curtis Axel defeated Bo Dallas. Short match with Axel winning by rollup. Dallas threw a strop after the match, challenging someone to a match, which led to R-Truth accepting the challenge. Dallas quickly backtracked, and challenged him to a dance-off instead. Dallas attacked Truth mid-dance, but Truth hit his finisher in the end and got a random three count even though the bell never rang.

7. Dolph Ziggler defeated Tyler Breeze.
Definite match of the night. Big pop for Ziggler, decent reaction for Breeze too (which pleasantly surprised me), with the heel heat for the latter growing as the match went on. Breeze kicked out of all of Ziggler’s signature moves, but had no answer for the Zigzag.

8. Dean Ambrose defeated Kevin Owens by disqualification in an Intercontinental Championship match.
Good match overall. It ended when Owens, frustrated over Ambrose kicking out of the Pop-up Powerbomb, grabbed a chair and hit Ambrose with it. He continued with the attack until Ziggler came out for the save, which led to Sheamus, Cesaro, the New Day, and the Dudleyz all coming out. The show ended with Owens escaping, only for Ambrose to catch up with him and the faces hitting their finishers on Owens for the feel-good ending.

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