WWE: Match History of Charlotte Flair Vs. Becky Lynch (So Far!)

With the sixth singles match about to happen between these two, I have decided to look at and give an overall summary of the five matches previously, then give a list of the matches from worst to the best order. It’s Charlotte Flair Vs. Becky Lynch. Five of the Best!

Charlotte Flair Vs. Becky Lynch | Hell in a Cell 2018

Charlotte Flair Vs. Becky Lynch

This match was their first singles match and a continuation of the aftermath of the Summerslam triple threat, the fans turned on flair hard for winning, feeling she was just gifted a title match while Lynch was working every week on tv and getting wins (Flair was off before then due to surgery), Lynch attacked Flair to loud cheers but Vince thought she was the heel in this scenario, so during this match, which by the way was very good, Lynch was working as a heel despite fans cheering her, she spent the entire match working flairs arm, while flair was trying to beat her by any means.

Several great moments, happened in this match, the excellent wrestling and working of body parts, Lynch rolling out of several of charlottes moves into an armbar of the Dis-arm-her. Flair doing an excellent moonsault which didn’t connect. But the cream on this cake was the finish, Flair going for a Spear on Lynch, Lynch rolled through the spear and DDT-ing flair then pinning her CLEAN in the middle of the ring. Something you almost never see these days. Flair did offer to shake Becky’s hand, but Becky just showboated and walked out.

Great first match of five. Now onto match two.

Charlotte Flair Vs. Becky Lynch | WWE Super Show-Down

Charlotte Flair Vs. Becky Lynch

Flair was largely cheered in this match, there were some smattering of boos from the louder fans, Becky was cheered louder.

This match was again very good, besides the finish, Flair dominated most of this match, they did book Becky as more heelish in this match, it was more of a house show match in the fact they didn’t give us a concrete winner, Flair worked Becky’s leg more in this match, Becky worked the shoulder and arm. Charlotte hit an impressive moonsault again. Becky did a flying leg drop that missed (Something her spine won’t forgive her for.) The finish was Charlotte having Becky dead to rights, but Becky used the belt that had been rolled into the ring as she tried to abscond, to whack charlottes side and legs to let charlotte win via DQ.

Charlotte attacked Becky post-match, but Becky fired up and walked out as the proud strong babyface… wait, what’s that Becky’s the heel? Someone should tell the crowd that.

Good match, bad finish. Onto number three.

Charlotte Flair Vs. Becky Lynch | Last Woman Standing | WWE Evolution

Charlotte Flair Vs. Becky Lynch

The only all women’s PPV in WWE, they haven’t made done another one unfortunately due to poor advances on the tickets (Though they won’t say publicly that they won’t do another). But that doesn’t stop this from being one of the best shows of 2018.

This match ruled, Becky was being cheered so passionately by the fans that Michael Cole the Babyface announcer had to call attention to the cult following she had gathered.

Both used plenty of plunder in this match, kendo’s, chairs, tables, ladders, a back suplex and Becky onto a giant pile of chairs. Charlotte hits a senton through Becky and a table. there was a spot where Charlotte had Becky in the Figure 8 whilst tied in a ladder, unfortunately, the chair that was there to enable her to attack the leg of charlotte was too far away, so the ref had to do a “subtle” slide into range.

Another great spot where Charlotte was leg dropped by Becky from the top of a ladder, through an announce table where Charlotte got up at 10.1 but the ref said it was 9, fans were furious with that call.

The finish was Becky winning with a powerbomb through a table on the outside. This ended their feud with Becky coming out as the next huge babyface for the company sail on until they turned her heel again and it was a disaster. Still, let’s not focus on the now, let’s focus on match number four.

Charlotte Flair Vs. Becky Lynch | WWE Fastlane 2019

Charlotte Flair Vs. Becky Lynch

Oh boy, after the trilogy of great matches here comes The Phantom Menace to crap on that legacy. This match was more an angle to get Becky into Mania since WWE had to mess with a perfect formula of Becky wins the Rumble, then Becky goes to mania, by peppering that Road to Mania with roadblocks.

Becky had a worked injured leg, so the match was charlotte dominating most of the match and working the bad knee. The Finish was Rousey, for reasons I can’t remember charging down the ring while Becky was in the Figure-8 and punching Becky in the stomach to enable Becky to win via DQ. Bad match – Worse finish. It would’ve been so simple to have her beat charlotte via a sneaky pin or something more creative than a bad DQ. Btw this crowd hated the way this ended.

Let’s see if Number 5 can save us…

Charlotte Flair Vs. Becky Lynch | Money in the Bank 2019

Charlotte Flair Vs. Becky Lynch

The shortest match of the bunch, Becky had just beaten Lacey Evans (who they were trying to push as the next big women’s star) so Charlotte came out with the biggest smug grin on her face.

Becky was the underdog for this match obviously as she had just had a gruelling match against Lacey. So Charlotte dominated a bunch of this match, Becky had a brief come back, both were stiffing each other with their elbows.

The finish was Becky got punched by Lacey’s woman’s right while the ref was distracted, checking on Charlotte, Becky then rolled up Charlotte for a near fall, but Charlotte hit the big boot for the win.

This match was good, too short to be considered great, the interference brought it down too. Charlotte sure did enjoy that 5-minute title reign too as Bayley cashed in on her and beat her shortly after…


That’s the five matches so far we’ve had between these two, with number six on the way at Survivor Series 2021, we’ll see what happens there with both having very public (perhaps too public) beef with each other (I smell Montreal), here’s the list of the matches from worst to best:

  • #5, Fastlane 2019
  • #4, MITB 2019
  • #3, Super Show-down
  • #2, Hell in a Cell
  • #1, Evolution

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