WWE: Melina Perez in the WWE’s 2020 Women’s Division?

Recently, the rumor mill sprang into life.

It churned out that a WWE Superstar would soon return to the fold.  Naturally, speculation was tossed about until reports came in that Melina was the chosen one. Though exciting to many current fans, younger WWE fans may not understand the big news.  She’s got late Attitude Era clout, but will she work now under these “unprecedented circumstances”?

That very question may be why this may not happen just yet.

Melina Perez originally debuted in WWE in 2004.  She had a seven-year tenure and was released in 2011.  During that period, the Divas Division was more about looks than wrestling.  Surprisingly, many could do both.  Melina was among these special ladies and she held her own as only she could.

Though newer fans may not be aware or remember, Melina did make a name for herself as being a “real wrestler”. Many of her feuds were based on how she could at least do the work whilst her opponents just showed up and looked pretty. Melina had a few notable feuds during her time with WWE.

To get a better understanding, let’s take a moment to refresh our memory or become familiar.

Her first feuds with Ashely Massaro and Candice Michelle revolved around Massaro and Michelle posing for Playboy.  Melina’s claim to fame was she wasn’t about to get naked to gain notoriety. Never mind how this sometimes resulted in her participating in “Bra & Panties” matches –  It was a different time.

Melina was also often pitted against “The Glamazon”, Beth Phoenix. In these scenarios, she was forced to prove herself. In doing so, she and Phoenix would often switch between being “foes” and “friends”. Phoenix’s prowess was simply difficult to deny.  Regardless, Melina gave it her best effort.

Starting in 2009, Melina often found herself facing the now recovering Alicia Fox. Their feuds usually concerned chases for the Divas’ Title. Looking at their matches, it was a rare combination of beauty and skill.

Lastly, Melina has a longstanding feud with Mickie James. James could also say she wasn’t in it for the publicity, even before their WWE days.  Subsequently, they too often traded hands. It’s safe to say they may relight some old “unresolved” issues if Melina’s return manifests on television.   

So, here we are in 2020 and the climate is uncertain and far more politically correct. Seeing how it is clear that WWE may operate under unfocused direction, could Melina benefit from this return? In a statement she issued, she expressed her disdain for false reports that jump to conclusions. She also confessed personal troubles. It’s likely she’s not in the best mental space to be on display for probable ridicule.

Moreover, a few social media posts are inferring Melina’s alleged lack of support for the #SpeakingOut Movement. This potential bad press may also discolour her current status.

Nevertheless, skill-wise one can see Melina has got better with age. Matches from her time with NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) show a mature and adept wrestler. She has the talent but on a stacked roster, it’s hard to say what she’d do. At 41, one could say she’s past her prime. She would have to have a clear strategy to make a return worthwhile.

Hopefully, both parties will take enough time to develop one.

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