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WWE Monday Night Raw, November 11th 2019 Review – Apathy In The UK

James Klonowski reviews last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

Would it hurt WWE to broadcast the UK editions of Raw and Smackdown live?

It’s not as if they have ratings to protect in the States. Because everything is recorded, all on the same night too, everything feels like a house show, and that the superstars can’t wait to get back on that plane to America. Although, who can blame them after their last excursion overseas? 

This week’s episode saw Randy Orton turn babyface for no apparent reason, Lana reveals she is pregnant, Rusev confess to being a sex addict, Seth Rollins getting the Roman Reigns treatment from the UK crowd, and Becky Lynch losing.

Bet you’re glad you didn’t stay up to watch it now. Or even worse, pay to go see it. WWE needs a royal kick up the backside to reclaim its throne as the most entertaining wrestling promotion on the planet because right now it sucks harder than Lana……’s current storyline.

The most newsworthy thing that happened all night was Seth Rollins being named Raw Team Captain for Survivor Series before revealing his partners. Kevin Owens, Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton & Ricochet. Not a bad group. Rollins also defeated NXT UK Champion Walter via disqualification after the rest of Imperium invaded. Thankfully for Seth not everyone totally hates him as evidenced by Kevin Owens (remember him?) and The Street Profits rushing to his aid to make it an impromptu Eight-Man Tag bout which the good guys won, or foreign heels, whichever way you look at it. Rollins won anyway. They should just turn Seth heel already. Maybe they’re waiting for Survivor Series and have him walk out his team. Knowing WWE he will be the sole survivor.

Poor Sin Cara (who is not long for this universe) got decimated by Drew McIntyre, who continues to just exist on the Raw roster. This guy should already be a multiple-time World Champion. I like a slow burn as much as the next guy, but they’ve totally dropped the ball with him.

I’d have had him be heel Seth’s bodyguard for a year, keeping the title around Rollins’ waist before McIntyre wins the Royal Rumble match. This could set up the turn and clash at WrestleMania like the Batista and Triple H story all those years ago. We’ll see what happens. As for Sin Cara, he didn’t take his loss very well. He has since asked for his release from WWE. I’m sure Vince McMahon had to double-check Sin Cara actually still worked for him. 

If you thought Smackdown’s opening promo from Baron Corbin was the absolute worst thing WWE has done all year, wait until you see what Raw pulled out of the bag with the latest installment of the sex saga between Lana, Bobby Lashley, and Rusev. Turns out she’s 9 weeks pregnant but only started sleeping with Lashley 7 weeks ago. So, yep, Rusev the sex addict is the daddy. Is anyone else thinking this whole thing ends with all three in bed together in one of those weird relationships?

I’m serious, Paul Heyman needs help. This is some terrible writing. There are ways around all this nonsense that would’ve garnered genuine heat and sympathy for the right characters. First of all, don’t split up Lana and Rusev, they’re a great combination on-screen and are a real-life couple. Secondly, forget all this sex addict crap. What they should’ve done is have Lashley be a total asshole who, when rejected by Lana, turns violent, leaves her laying. Could push the envelope further by stalking the couple and threatening more violence. Thus, you have a genuine heel who, if you cheer for you are a dick and a baby face that resonates with everyone in the world. Shame they didn’t go that way.

In the weirdest development of the evening, Randy Orton turned face. Yeah, the same guy who, over the last twelve months, has stuck screwdrivers in Jeff Hardy’s earlobes, victimized Kofi Kingston and trolled just about every fan on the internet. When I put it like that, he makes the perfect babyface in WWE. Here’s how it all came about. The OC got in Ricochet and Carrillo’s grills backstage and challenged them to find a partner to meet them in the night’s main event.

Surprisingly, they chose The Viper. The live crowd wasn’t privy to any backstage angle, so they were left wondering whether they were watching a dark match. Orton and his new buddies knocked off AJ Styles and his cronies before Randy realized he was a heel last week and started creating tension with Ricochet, the guy he’s been feuding with the last several weeks. Gotta love WWE’s writers, they have a shorter-term memory than Dory.

The show kicked off with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair taking on The Kabuki Warriors for the Women’s Tag Team Championship. I’m guessing Natayla was too busy. Thanks to several distractions from Bayley and Shayna Baszler, The Man found herself rolled up for the three count. God forbid they give an L to The Queen. The brawl afterward was fun, and the Triple Threat Match at Survivor Series should be a classic. I’d be surprised if it’s not the main event. Look out for Bayley to get the win there. You heard it here first.

Elsewhere, R-Truth and The Singh Brothers had more “fun” over the 24/7 Championship, Erick Rowan beat a local competitor, the Viking Raiders won a drab tag affair, and Andrade beat Cedric Alexander in a disappointing encounter.

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