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WWE Monday Night Raw Results – 17th June, 2019

Daniel McIver runs down the results from tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

After a, to be polite, shaky couple of week’s for the WWE RAW’s brand, the 17th of June edition had to do something special. But with a fatal-five-way and Seth Rollins vs Daniel Bryan, there’s a high chance they could.

  • Elias opens the show and states he is going to be the special guest referee for Seth Rollins vs Baron Corbin for the Universal Title at Stomping Grounds on Sunday. Seth Rollins then attacks Elias from behind and puts the whole locker-room on notice- if anyone stands with Baron Corbin, they face Rollins’ wrath.
  • FATAL FIVE WAY ELIMINATION MATCH FOR UNITED STATES NUMBER ONE CONTENDER-SHIP: The Miz vs Bobby Lashley vs Cesaro vs Ricochet vs Braun Strowman. MATCH RESULT– Ricochet wins via pinfall- NEW NUMBER ONE CONTENDER
  • Post match- Joe beats down Ricochet but Ricochet stands tall.
  • Becky Lynch comes to the ring and calls out Lacey Evans. Evans appears and states she is better than Becky due to being a former Marine. Becky then attacks Lacey as she gets in the ring to close the segment.
  • Backstage- it is made apparent Elias will not be the special guest referee on Sunday due to the attack sustained at the top of the show. Corbin states that he has another replacement and will reveal it on the ‘Kevin and Sami Show’ later tonight. Seth then attacks Corbin from behind with a chair.
  • Daniel Bryan and Rowan come to the ramp and talk about how awful LA is. Bryan states he will defeat Rollins later tonight.
  • MEN’S TAG TEAM MATCH: The Viking Raiders vs Enhancement Talent. MATCH RESULT- The Viking Raiders win via pinfall.
  • At ringside- Carmella and R-Truth are in disguise attempting to avoid the locker-room. The superstars run Truth and Mella out of the ringside area.
  • Backstage- we see Shane McMahon, Derw McIntyre and The Revival celebrating. Heath Slater enters and asks Shane for a raise. As a result- Shane sends Drew to attack Slater.
  • The newest episode of the ‘Kevin and Sami Show’ takes place in the ring with Baron Corbin as their guest. Owens and Zayn state they won’t be the special guest referee for Corbin’s match at Stomping Grounds. Baron reveals that EC3 is the special guest referee but Rollins attacks him from behind with a chair. The New Day then come out and state Kingston is going to beat Ziggler on Sunday.
  • Backstage- AJ Styles and The Club are shown in a medical’s office. Styles states The Club have been lazy and that they need to get serious. The Good Brothers vs The Usos is announced for later tonight.
  • TWO OUT OF THREE FALLS SIX MAN TAG TEAM MATCH- The New Day vs Baron Corbin, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. MATCH RESULT- The New Day pick up both falls and win via pinfall.
  • Backstage- Nikki Cross is given a ‘present’ by Alexa Bliss. The present is a tag team title match against The Iiconics alongside Alexa Bliss.
  • Paul Heyman comes to the ring. He mentions how fearful he is standing in the ring alone as Seth Rollins has been on a warpath tonight. Heyman then insults the LA crowd and states Rollins is scared of Brock Lesnar if he doesn’t have a chair. Heyman then hints at the fact Brock may cash in later on tonight after Seth’s match with Daniel Bryan.
  • Backstage, Erik Young is jumped by Seth Rollins. The Usos then cut a promo on the Good Brothers.
  • MEN’S TAG TEAM MATCH- Gallows and Anderson vs The Usos. MATCH RESULT- The Usos win via pinfall.
  • Hulk Hogan appears on the screen and receives boos from the arena.
  • Roman Reigns makes his way down to the ring and demands Shane come out and face him one-on-one tonight. Shane, from backstage, refuses and Drew tells Roman he is going to dismember him and make his kids scared of him. Roman then heads backstage after Drew mentioned his children. Backstage- Roman takes out The Revival and enters Shane’s office. Drew is put through a table by Roman and Shane is thrown back to ringside. The segment ends with Roman superman punching and spearing Shane.
  • Backstage- Dasha asks Bayley about allegations made on Twitter. Bayley ignores her.
  • WOMAN’S TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: The Iiconics (c) vs Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. MATCH RESULT- The Iiconics retain via pinfall.
  • Backstage- Alexa apologises to Nikki but Cross cuts her off. Nikki announces she will be in Alexa’s corner for her match on Sunday against Bayley.
  • The latest edition of the FireFly FunHouse airs. Bray asks us all to ‘Join Him’ and to ‘Follow the Leader’.
  • MEN’S SINGLES MATCH– Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins. MATCH RESULT- Match ends in minutes after Rowan attacks Rollins.
  • The New Day, Usos, Revival and Owens and Zayn all brawl in the ring alongside Bryan, Rowan and Rollins.
  • The match is then announced to re-start with everyone banned from ringside.
  • MEN’S SINGLES MATCH- Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins. MATCH RESULT- Rollins wins via pinfall.
  • After the match- Corbin assaults Seth from behind with a chair and hits him with the End of Days.

This was, in my opinion, the best RAW of the year. Everything flowed together, all the in-ring action was at least good and almost every story-line was furthered effectively. A much needed return to form for the Red Brand.


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