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WWE Monday Night RAW Results – 23rd September 2019

Joseph Kingsley-Nyinah runs down the results from tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw.


  • Seth Rollins opens the show, talking about how terrifying The Fiend Bray Wyatt is. He then insists he will do the same as he did with Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman – survive and prevail.
  • Out comes Braun, and he doesn’t like Seth’s tone. So the main event is made!
  • The Viking Raiders defeat The OC via pinfall.
  • Robert Roode says that having pinned Seth already, he’ll win tonight’s Elimination Fatal Five Way, and the result next week will be absolutely…
  • Gloriously, The Man has a sit down interview with Michael Cole.
  • Becky Lynch says she wants a Sasha Banks on a hot streak, says Ronda Rousey left the Raw women’s roster in tatters and says that the cell is not to keep Bayley out but to keep Sasha in, so she’d better take her best shot.
  • Rusev defeats EC3 via pinfall.
  • Rey Mysterio dedicates his performance in the Elimination Fatal Five Way to Dominic.
  • Sasha Banks defeats Nikki Cross via submission.
  • Banks puts one on Alexa Bliss for good measure.
  • AJ Styles confides in The Good Brothers, saying no one, including the other competitors in the Elimination Fatal Five Way, are on his level, and nothing will keep him from the Universal Championship.
  • Brock Lesnar will be on RAW next week.
  • The Street Profits run through the show they’re joined by The Miz, who announces the birth of his baby girl (while verbally burying Mike Kanellis) and that Miz TV next week is gonna have Hogan and Flair as guests.
  • Lacey Evans beats Ember Moon via pinfall.
  • Natalya cuts an angry promo about Evans.
  • Firefly Fun House time! Bray’s hanging a blank pitcture on the wall next to a new one of Kane – he says there’s always room for one more. Huskus the Pig and Rambling Rabbit are fighting over a figure of Seth Rollins because they’re such big fans. Bray tells them that sharing is never easy, and that getting too attached to something makes you vunerable to feelings like disappointment, neglect and loneliness – Bray knows what it’s like to be abandoned by those he cared about most. When Ramblin Rabbit claims he doesn’t want the Fiend to hurt Seth Rollins, Bray claims that maybe the Fiend is trying to protect Seth because he doesn’t like to share. He then pulls apart the action figure so Huskus and Rambin Rabbit can each get a half.
  • Carmella has had enough of everyone chasing her and R-Truth around for the 24/7 title. She begs them stop until she rolls up Truth herself!
  • WWE 24/7 Title: Carmella defeats R-Truth via pinfall to win the title.
  • While they celebrate and the squad try and reconcile their desire for their title with the impossibility of pinning a woman, their distaff counterparts come out and chase the new champ (and Truth) away.
  • Sasha Banks rebuts almost all of Becky’s points from her earlier interview, and says that at Hell in a Cell, she’ll be the last woman standing.
  • Sami Zayn talks so much that even Nakamura tells him to give it a rest before the Elimination Fatal Five Way.
  • King Corbin has a remixed theme and new threads.
  • Chad Gable defeats Baron Corbin via DQ after attacking him with a matte black sceptre, and continues the beatdown once the bell has rung.
  • AOP beat up some stage hands backstage.
  • Ricochet is out to prove that superheroes are real, and that his time is now…
  • Rey Mysterio defeated AJ Styles, Shinksuke Nakamura, Robert Roode & Ricochet, lastly eliminating Roode.
  • Seth says he’s gonna survive, prevail and burn it down against Braun, Rey and The Fiend.
  • Seth Rollins beats Braun Strowman by DQ after The Fiend slaps a Mandible Claw on his former disciple.
  • Braun actually gets up afterwards, resulting in the move being applied again. Raw ends with the muffled screams of Braun,


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