WWE Monday Night Raw Results – 29th July 2019

As we are heading towards SummerSlam, it seems chaos is reigning on Monday Nights. Will we get any peace, or will it all fall apart?

  • We open with a video package detailing the brief history of the 24/7 Championship.
  • Mixed Tag Mosh Pit Match for the WWE 24/7 Title: 24/7 Champion R-Truth & Carmella defeated Drake Maverick & Renee via pinfall.
  • Post-match, Mike Kanellis pinned R-Truth at the bottom of a dog pile to win the 24/7 Title.
  • Gauntlet Match: Ricochet defeated Cesaro, Sami Zayn, Rey Mysterio and Andrade via pinfall to earn a WWE United States Championship match at SummerSlam.
  • Post-match, Ricochet tells Kayla Braxton that he will beat AJ Styles to become US Champion once again. We see AJ Styles laughing at this statement backstage.
  • Backstage, Mike Kanellis is celebrating his 24/7 Title until Maria Kanellis demands that he lays down and lets her pin him for the belt. Maria Kanellis pins Mike Kanellis to win the WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • A Moment of Bliss airs with Alexa Bliss showing footage of Natalya training with Finlay on how to combat the Dis-Arm-Her. Becky Lynch appears, attacks Finlay and puts Natalya in the hold. Bliss says she will take Lynch down a few pegs, only for Becky to interrupt on the titantron, telling her to watch what she says.
  • WWE Raw Tag Team Titles: The O.C (Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson) defeat The Uso’s (Jimmy & Jey Uso) and Raw Tag Team Champions The Revival (Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson) via pinfall to win the titles.
  • The O.C celebrate backstage with AJ Styles.
  • The Viking Raiders defeated Johnny James and Cole Carter via pinfall.
  • The Street Profits discuss the show so far. They bump into Seth Rollins and they talk about his match tonight.
  • Becky Lynch defeated Alexa Bliss via referee stoppage when Alexa Bliss seemingly injured her ankle.
  • Post-match, Nikki Cross verbally berated Becky Lynch and challenged her to a match.
  • Becky Lynch defeated Nikki Cross via pinfall.
  • Post-match, Alexa Bliss attacks Lynch from behind, showing she was feigning her injury all along. Natalya runs down Bliss and Cross but puts Lynch in the sharpshooter herself, getting her revenge.
  • Natalya tells Kayla Braxton that this isn’t about making friends, it’s about being professional and she will not shake her hand. She says she would issue a challenge for a submission match but ‘The Man’ does not have the guts so she won’t.
  • Maria Kanellis has a photoshoot as WWE 24/7 Champion, until she walks into Braun Strowman. She verbally berates Strowman for some reason.
  • Shawn Michaels music hits, but it turns out to be Dolph Ziggler. He calls Shawn Michaels and Goldberg pathetic and continues does Michaels pose.
  • Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler goes to a no contest when Brock Lesnar appears, beating down Rollins.
  • Lesnar throws Rollins around ringside, german suplexing him on the floor.  He then F5’s Seth into the ring post and an open chair three times, giving Rollins internal injuries.
  • The O.C and Samoa Joe take out The Uso’s and Roman Reigns as Seth Rollins is being loaded into an ambulance.
  • Brock Lesnar stops the ambulance to continue the assault on Rollins, delivering an F5 onto an upturned stretcher.
  • Samoa Joe announces that ‘The Samoan Summit’ has been cancelled, and challenges Roman Reigns to a fight.  Roman and Joe brawl all around ringside, with Roman hurling steel steps at Joe. Drew McIntyre joins Samoa Joe to beat Roman down, only for Cedric to make the save. The Uso’s, The O.C all join the brawl only for Cedric Alexander to dive off the stage onto everyone. The Brawl finds it’s way back into the ring, with the faces standing tall.

This was a really fun episode of RAW. The end was the perfect amount of chaos, detailing all the big feuds and it put Cedric Alexander over huge and someone who can hang with the big boys. The Brock Lesnar beatdown on Seth Rollins was well done and makes me more interested in their SummerSlam match. The whole Maria Kanellis 24/7 Championship situation is intriguing, even though it continues to make Mike Kanellis the modern-day Mark Mero.

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