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WWE Monday Night RAW Results – 2nd December 2019

Paige Brearley runs down the results from tonight’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw.

With Seth Rollins rethinking his actions from last week, will he actually follow through on an apology?

Charly Caruso is shown waiting for the AOP backstage, she asks them why they attacked Kevin Owens last week. They respond in Albanian, when asked to translate they simply tell Charly she looks lovely.

After the opening pyro, Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring. He starts by saying that wrestling is his life and he loves all the guys and girls in the back; he considers them family. While he considers himself the head of said family, he took time to think about his actions last week and begins to apologize to everyone, starting with the WWE Universe. When he gets to Kevin Owens, he asks Owens to come out to the ring so he can apologize to his face.

Once Kevin Owens hits the ring, he calls Seth out on his words. He says that Rollins is talking, but all he hears is bullshit. Owens brings up the situation with the AOP from last week, says Rollins has to be friends with them. Rollins denies any involvement, which Owens isn’t buying for a minute.

AOP interrupts and challenges them to a tag team match. Rollins says he is in if Owens is. Owens says he sees this all ending three ways and all of it ends with them beating him down. Owens declines the match, tells them if that’s where its heading then lets start. Rollins leaves the ring, AOP letting him pass them on the ramp. AOP act like they are going to go into the ring and beat up Owens, but they also leave.

Since Kevin Owens is dressed and ready to fight, he lays out the challenge to anyone in the back. Lana’s music hits. She reminds the WWE Universe that Rusev will not be there because she filed another restraining order. Owens, speaking for the entire WWE Universe, just wants her to shut up. Finally after a bit of back and forth, Lana says Bobby Lashley will end Kevin Owens.

Kevin Owens defeated Bobby Lashley via DQ

Unfortunately for Owens, the victory came at a cost. In what was a rather decent match, AOP decided to reappear, Kevin made the first move and tried his best, but AOP eventually dragged him to the back.

As Charly Caruso is interviewing Lashley and Lana in the ring afterwards, Rusev comes through the crowd. Rusev delivers a kick to Lashley, gives Lana a quick wave, and quickly leaves before the detectives that had been ringside can get to him. The detectives not doing anything leads to a very unhappy Lashley and Lana. Lashley actually winds up bumping into one of the detectives, which gets him arrested. Lana gets so mad she slaps a detective. Both Lashley and Lana leave RAW in the back of a squad car.

Drew Mc Intyre defeated Akira Tozawa

A pretty mismatched contest, Tozawa did his best but McIntyre was just too powerful.

After the match, Drew gets a mic and talks about how every time someone has a problem they go straight to social media. McIntyre says that isn’t him and calls out Randy Orton.

Once Orton gets to the ring, McIntyre asks how his chest is and Randy is visibly annoyed. Orton asked if that is why he was brought out here and goes to leave. Drew makes him stay, going on to say Orton is not the ferocious man he once was, Orton is the past, McIntyre is the future.

Randy says he does what he wants, when he wants because he has earned it. Goes on to say that McIntyre hasn’t earned anything. While Orton may consider them good, he says if McIntyre still has an issue they can settle it right now.

Unfortunately the men are interrupted by The OC. They are very upset about Orton’s interference last week which costed AJ Styles the US Championship. Styles says he wants to get his hands on Orton, which prompts McIntyre to make his exit. While outnumbered, Orton doesn’t back down. The numbers do eventually catch up to him, leading to Ricochet and Humberto Carrillo to try and make the save. Eventually Rey Mysterio also comes out and clears the ring of the OC.

Returning from commercial, Mysterio, Ricochet, and Carrillo are seen checking on Randy Orton backstage. Orton says he appreciated the assistance, but reminded the men he didn’t need them.

Aleister Black defeated Tony Nese via Pinfall (Black Mass)

This was actually a great match. Nese wasn’t just someone for Black to have a quick match up with, he actually gave Black a good fight.

Buddy Murphy says he is still feeling the affects of knocking on Black’s door, but doesn’t show regret. While Murphy is a calm, cool, collected type of person, Aleister Black is a hot head. If Black doesn’t want to calm down, Murphy has no problem being the person who makes him.

Andrade defeated Eric Young via Pinfall (Hammerlock DDT)

R-Truth lost the 24-7 Title to Kyle Busch (NASCAR driver).

Seth Rollins is caught by Charly Caruso before leaving the building. Rollins said he tried to help Kevin Owens, but he didn’t want it. When his sincerity is questioned, Rollins says he can’t win. “Everyone’s a critic, but not everyone’s got the guts to be a leader.”

Erick Rowan defeated No Way Jose via Pinfall (Iron Claw Slam)

Before the match began, members of Jose’s conga line tried to see what was in the cage Rowan brought to ringside. Rowan didn’t appreciate it and he took out everyone.

When asked what was in the cage, Rowan gave a death glare and just walked off.

Kairi Sane and Asuka defeated Charlotte Flair via Pinfall (Top Rope Elbow)

Unfortunately it just wasn’t Charlotte’s night to defeat the tag champions on her own. She hung in there though and almost had them. When she got to the back she was asked if she regretted asking for the match, a simple no was her response.

Viking Raiders defeated Mark Sterling and Mitchell Lyons via Pinfall (Viking Experience)

Before their match, the OC cuts a promo on Randy Orton. Says he committed the crime of the century when he helped Rey Mysterio win the US Championship. Styles says when someone gets in the OC’s business they get hurt and tonight they are going to enjoy hurting people.

The OC defeated Rey Mysterio, Humberto Carrillo, and Rey Mysterio via Pinfall (Second rope Styles Clash)

While Mysterio, Carrillo, and Ricochet maybe high flying superheroes, it just wasn’t enough. A fantastic match though!

RAW closes with AJ Styles in the ring celebrating, but unfortunately for him he doesn’t seen Randy Orton enter the ring. Styles walks right into a RKO outta nowhere!


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