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WWE Monday Night RAW Results – 6th January 2020

After being asked to leave the building last week, how will Seth Rollins, the AOP, Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe respond?

Brock Lesnar opens the show and of course, Paul Heyman is with him. Heyman says they are looking to start the year off by making history. He then announces that Lesnar will be entering the Royal Rumble. Not only that, but he will be the first one in the ring.

Apparently there is no one good enough that Lesnar will defend the title against, so he is just going to face everyone from RAW, Smackdown, and NXT at once. Does not seem like the title will be on the line, at least nothing is said about the state of the WWE Title.

Before his match with Andrade, Rey Mysterio is interviewed backstage. He says he doesn’t have the luxury of years left on his career, he’s living like he has days left. Says that Andrade doesn’t deserve to represent Latinos and he will regain the US title tonight.

Andrade defeated Rey Mysterio via Pinfall (Hammerlock DDT) to retain the US Title

So at first we thought we got a new champion, as Mysterio did pin Andrade. Alas, Zelina Vega being the conniving (smart?) businesswoman, put her client’s foot on the bottom rope. The ref saw Andrade’s foot and called for the restart of the match.

Once the match restarted it seemed as though Mysterio was going to pull off the victory. Unfortunately for him, he accidentally took out Zelina and was more worried about her safety than Andrade was. This costed Mysterio the match….and his mask. Andrade unmasked Mysterio and gave the mask to Zelina.

We go backstage again, this time to see Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe being interviewed. KO says that circumstances have brought the two of them together, basically this is an enemy of my enemy is my friend situation. Joe then tells Charly Caruso to give a proposition to Seth and the AOP, the three of them versus KO, Joe, and a partner that Joe has found.

After a commercial we come back to Charly delivering Joe’s proposition to Seth and AOP. Rollins doesn’t even let Charly finish before saying that they love a challenge. Rollins goes on to say that he is concerned with bringing RAW to a new level, being the Messiah and chosen one. As for KO and Joe, Rollins says that they are not a true united front, but the AOP (who are united) will take care of that.

Viking Raiders defeated The OC and The Street Profits to retain the RAW Tag Team Championships

Lots of chaos, lots of blind tags, this was a bit all over. Not the outcome I assumed we were getting, so the raid continues.

After the tag match we head backstage to Charly as she is trying to discover who KO and Joe’s third partner is. Joe is really giving her nothing, until KO shows up. As someone who has wronged a lot of people, KO wants to know who Joe has found, So Joe says he’ll show him. We then head to a commercial.

Once back from commercial, Owens gets a peek at their partner. Charly try as she might, doesn’t get a glimpse. Joe tells her that good things come to those who wait.

Becky Lynch then makes her way to the ring. She tells the WWE Universe in attendance that she has missed hearing their voice. Then Becky talks about how she got the match she kept asking for, but now seems to doubt her choices. A video is then shown of all the times Asuka has beat Becky in the past year.

Before Becky can explain her thoughts she is interrupted by Asuka. While Asuka is on her way to the ring, she is saying some things, but her music is still playing so it was tough to hear her. Once she gets to the ring, Becky doesn’t give her a chance to speak and punches her in the face.

Erick Rowan runs into Mojo Rawley backstage and Mojo happens to ask about the cage. ROWAN LETS HIM SEE WHATS INSIDE! Mojo is terrified.

While Andrade is being interviewed, Rey Mysterio (still unmasked) attacks him. Rey does get his mask back, but does not stop beating Andrade up until pulled away from him.

Erick Rowan defeated a Local Competitor via Pinfall (Iron Claw Slam)

Are we shocked that this was a squash match? No? Good.

After the match, Rowan took his opponent over to the cage. He lets his opponent see what is inside the cage, his opponent runs off screaming. It also seemed like Rowan’s opponent may have gotten spit on by whatever is in the cage.

AJ Styles defeated Akira Tozawa via Pinfall (RKO)

Yes, you did read that right. AJ Styles won with a RKO. Styles is out to send a message to Randy Orton and unfortunately Tozawa was in his way. Next week should be interesting.

After the match and a commercial we are treated to Bobby Lashley and Lana. When they get to the ring the preacher from the week before is there. Lana and Lashley make the marriage “official.”

After making it official Lana goes on to say how she should be so so happy, but she’s just sad. She blames the WWE Universe for why she is sad. She says that no one wants to see her with Lashley’s ring on her finger. While she continues to go on and on, Lashley interrupts and places the blame on Rusev.

Rusev shows up on the tron, where it seems he is at the “beach.” Rusev took Lana and Lashley’s honeymoon that they didn’t get to take. He then said he got them a wedding present, a photo album which is shown on the tron. The photos are all from the end of last week’s wedding.

Once the album is finished, Lana screams about how much she hates him and that he ruins everything. Before she can continue, Lashley tells her to shut up. Lashley winds up challenging Rusev to a match next week.

R-Truth is then interviewed backstage. Before the interview can really go anywhere, Liv Morgan shows up. Liv alludes that she will be in Rusev’s corner next week for his match with Lashley.

Sarah Logan versus Charlotte Flair never happens

Logan winds up attacking Charlotte for the bell. Logan really took it to Charlotte and it took sometime for the ref to get control. Once he got the women separated, Logan stepped on Flair’s robe, which is just not a good thing to do. Flair didn’t take well to this, needless to say she was the last woman standing.

Drew McIntyre defeated No Way Jose via Pinfall (Claymore Kick)

Seemed like Drew was having fun with this one, unfortunately for Jose and his conga line. Drew destroyed everyone.

After the match he asked the crowd to double dog dare him to deliver one more Claymore Kick, and he obliges. Drew then announces he will be entering the Royal Rumble.

Aleister Black defeated Shelton Benjamin via Pinfall (Black Mass)

After the match, Black did not get the chance to celebrate as he was attacked by Buddy Murphy. Seems Murphy isn’t quite done with Black and is really searching for a victory against him.

Seth Rollins and the AOP make their way down to the ring for their match. Rollins cuts a promo, by the way he is announced as the “Monday Night Messiah” which I can’t even deal with, where he says he knows what’s best for all of us.

Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens make their entrance and wait for their tag team partner. Their partner is revealed to be THE BIG SHOW.

Big Show, Kevin Owens, and Samoa Joe defeated Seth Rollins and AOP via DQ

It has been a long time since we have seen Big Show, believe commentary said two years, and the reception he got from the crowd was pretty great. Unfortunately this match ended in DQ when Rollins hit Show with a steel chair.

After the match more chaos ensues, but Big Shows a huge punch (the WMD) knocking Rollins out. We close RAW with Show standing tall and AOP dragging Rollins to the back.

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