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    WWE Monday Night RAW Results – 9th December 2019

    With so many questions going into this week’s RAW, what kind of chaos will ensue?

    The show begins with the divorce of Lana and Rusev. Lana has allowed Rusev to be near her, but everything else in the restraining order is still in effect.

    Once the two are in the ring, Lana begins by saying that she did love Rusev once and that she loved him through all of the bad times more than anyone else. She then says that fame and the “Rusev Day” chants got to his head. She doesn’t just blame Rusev for this divorce, she blames the entire WWE Universe.

    Rusev tells Lana to calm down and says he is the one who truly needs protection. Rusev then shows what happened last week on the tron, but this causes Lana to have a meltdown. She calls Rusev selfish and a monster. She also yells that he will never find someone to love him like she did.

    Finally Rusev, speaking for the entire WWE Universe I’m sure, says that this is ridiculous and wants to get the signing underway. There is some argument over who is keeping the dog and who is signing the papers first (of course Lana is). Before Rusev will sign the papers, he says he wants one thing that being a match with Bobby Lashley.

    This causes Lashley to come out. Lashley says he is tired of Rusev making a joke of this whole thing. As soon as they put this all behind them, Lashley is going to ask Lana to marry him. Rusev says he can have her and signs the papers. The divorce proceedings end with Rusev putting Lashley through a table.

    Kevin Owens says the AoP attacked him because Seth Rollins ordered them too. Says Seth probably orchestrated the attack because Kevin called him out at the town hall meeting. Owens goes on to say he was lucky he got away last week and excuses himself from his interview to go find the AoP.

    Owens runs into Rey Mysterio on his search. Rey says if Owens needs anything he has his back. While Owens appreciates it, this is his problem to deal with. Mysterio than gives KO the steel pipe he used on Brock Lesnar.

    Drew McIntyre defeated Matt Hardy via Pinfall (Claymore Kick)

    Drew cut a promo before the match that involved Hardy’s family. While Hardy gave his best effort, it wasn’t enough to take the big Scottish man down.

    Charlotte Flair is seen asking Becky Lynch for help. “I don’t like you, but I don’t like the Kabuki Warriors more.” Lynch turns down the chance to become “Becky 2 Belts” again to face the Warriors two on one.

    Searching for AoP, KO runs into Mojo Rawley. Rawley, on purpose, tells KO multiple directions the AoP could be. Owens slaps Rawley for messing with him.

    The Viking Raiders are in the ring, they say for weeks they have been looking for worthy opponents and all they have found are victims. They then issue an open challenge, which the Street Profits accept.

    Viking Raiders defeated The Street Profits via Pinfall (Viking Experience)

    This match was rather quick, which is disappointing. If this match was given time it could have been something.

    As the two teams show a sign of respect towards each other, Seth Rollins interrupts. He tells them he has unfinished business to attend to, but they are welcome to stay. Both teams just give him a look and exit the ring.

    Rollins says he is looking for the AoP. This causes Kevin Owens music to play. Owens enters the ring and asks Seth when the AoP are going to show up. Rollins continues to deny that he is associated with them. While they argue, AoP pulls up to the arena.

    Coming back from commercial break, Seth is still trying to plead his case to Owens. Rollins tells KO that AoP is going to come out here and kick his ass, but Rollins has nothing to do with it.

    KO says they can try, but Rollins won’t be in their corner (pointing the steel pipe at him). Rollins chose to leave the ring. No matter what happens with AoP, KO says he is coming for Rollins next.

    The AoP suddenly appear on the tron. They cut another promo in their native language, but do not head down to the ring. Instead of AoP, Sami Zayn and Mojo Rawley come out.

    Sami, who now has a managerial status allowing him to go from show to show, says he wants to help Owens. But he can’t help until Owens admits he was wrong and apologizes to Rawley. When Owens won’t, Rawley gets angry. Zayn tries to calm him down, but it doesn’t work. Owens gives him a stunner and proceeds to hit Rawley with the steel pipe.

    Aleister Black defeated Akira Tozawa via Pinfall (Black Mass)

    Humberto Carrillo is about to give an interview, but is interrupted by Zelina Vega and Andrade. The two men get into a heated argument, that ends in Andrade challenging Carrillo to a match.

    Humberto Carrillo defeated Andrade via Pinfall

    Try as she might, Zelina’s attempt at distractions ended with Andrade hitting her off the ring apron. Other then that, this is the kind of match RAW should be putting on every week.

    Buddy Murphy defeated Zack Ryder via Pinfall (Murphy’s Law)

    The only thing this match really did was attempt to make Murphy look strong going into TLC.

    After the match, we see Kevin Owens has found the van the AoP showed up in. KO yells out for them, but gets no response so he begins to destroy the van with the steel pipe. It is not until KO drops the pipe that the AoP show up.

    The AoP beat KO up when Seth Rollins exits the back of the van. He delivers the Curb Stomp to Owens on the concrete floor.

    Rollins decides to come out and explain his actions to the WWE Universe. He asks them what they want because it seems like nothing is good enough for them. Says night in and night out, he is in that ring and does his best, but he is tired of being disrespected. Rollins is pushing back.

    Becky Lynch defeated the Kabuki Warriors via DQ

    It is unfortunate that this handicap match ended in DQ, it was actually very entertaining. Unfortunately for Lynch she not only got hit with a steel chair, but put through a table.

    The OC are backstage, AJ puts over Gallows and Anderson. Says its only a matter of time before they take the tag team titles from Viking Raiders. As for tonight, he’ll be walking out with the gold after beating Rey Mysterio. They also give Randy Orton a warning to stay out of their business.

    Charlotte went to see Becky in the trainers office, but doesn’t really go well. As Charlotte is walking away, the Kabuki Warriors attack her.

    Erick Rowan defeated Tracer X via Pinfall (Iron Claw Slam)

    Tracer tried to win by count out when he ran with Rowan’s cage and left it at the top of the ramp, but it really didn’t work out for him.

    The Kabuki Warriors challenge Charlotte and Becky Lynch to a match at TLC for the women’s tag titles. Back in the trainer’s office both women reluctantly agree to team up. They decide to up the ante though, making the match a tables, ladders, and chairs match.

    The Street Profits give us a run down on the updated card for TLC in Monday After the Weekend Update.

    Rey Mysterio defeated AJ Styles to retain the US Championship

    These two put on a clinic and it was just really fun to watch. Gallows and Anderson couldn’t help AJ get the victory, but a slight distraction by Randy Orton helped Mysterio.

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