WWE Monday Night RAW Results – 9th September 2019

We’ll discover the RAW finalist for King of the Ring. While also seeing if former best friends, Becky and Charlotte can coexist against the loyal friendship of Sasha and Bayley.

  • We open the show with none other then Stone Cold Steve Austin. After having a few cold ones and telling a few stories of moments he has had at Madison Square Garden, he starts the contract signing.
  • Austin brings out Braun Strowman. Once Braun makes it to the ring, he goes to give Stone Cold a handshake, which he ignores. After the tense moment, Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring.
  • Once both men are in the ring, Stone Cold does shake both of their hands, says its about time to get this contract signed. Seth mentions to Austin, that Braun thought that Austin had it in for him tonight. Seth makes it clear no one has it out for Braun, but he is the best wrestler on the planet and will be walking out of Clash of Champions with the Universal title.
  • Braun gets a chance to talk. Says he has the utmost respect for Austin, but a rattlesnake still a rattlesnake. Tells Seth he likes being tag champs and he has nothing to worry there, but he’s going to love being the Universal Champion.
  • While the contract did get signed, AJ Styles and the OC interrupt. AJ says he doesn’t want to get Stone Cold all riled up, then does his best Stone Cold impersonation. AJ can’t believe people still like that as the crowd just shouts what at him. Of course AJ mentions that the RAW tag team champions didn’t even give the OC a rematch.
  • AJ then calls Stone Cold some names, while trying to get his point of being mad about Braun’s title shot across. Austin says he doesn’t know where he is coming from, but knows where he is going. Braun and Seth then jump the OC and AJ. AJ out smarts Seth, but forgets about one important person. Stone Cold gives him the middle fingers, and for the first time in 20 years, drops a Stunner in MSG.
  • Coming back from commercial break, AJ is still in the ring as it is time for his match with Cedric Alexander.
  • Cedric Alexander defeated AJ Styles via disqualification.
  • After the match, the Viking Raiders make the save for Cedric and take out the OC.
  • Bayley and Sasha Banks cut a promo backstage. They say how happy they are to be back together and that there is no stronger connection than the one they have.
  • A tense and angry duo of Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair are shown preparing for the upcoming tag match.
  • Roman Reigns comes out to have a segment about Connor’s Cure. He brings out a few tremendous, brave kids from the New York area. They are in their superstar getups. A very cool, touching moment.
  • Becky Lynch and Charlotte defeat Bayley and Sasha Banks
  • While Sara tries to interview AJ Styles and the OC, but the interview is interrupted by Roode and Ziggler. The duo says they have enemies in common and are facing them later tonight, basically checking what side the OC will be on.
  • Rey Mysterio defeats Gran Metalik via pinfall.
  • Seth Rollins, Cedric Alexander, and Braun Strowman are shown discussing something.
  • A ten man tag team match is announced for later tonight. Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, Cedric Alexander, and the Viking Raiders versus Roode, Ziggler, AJ, and the OC.
  • The Street Profits hype up the ten man tag match and the triple threat to determine the finalist for King of the Ring. The hype the Clash of Champions card as well, which then leads to a video package of Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, and Rowan.
  • King Of The Ring Semi-Final: Baron Corbin defeats Ricochet and Samoa Joe via pinfall.
  • Natalya defeats Lacey Evans via submission.
  • A video is shown of a moment between Enes Kanter and R-Truth before the show where Truth loses the 24/7 title to Kanter, but almost immediately gains it back. This marks the fifteenth title reign for Truth.
  • Firefly Funhouse begins with the puppets yelling about stranger danger, they are talking about Stone Cold. Bray fixes Abby’s clock, changing it from 3:16 to 11:19. He says again that Braun and Seth are fighting over something taken from him and he will see them in hell.
  • Cedric Alexander, the Viking Raiders, Seth and Braun defeated The O.C, AJ Styles, Robert Roode, and Dolph Ziggler via pinfall.
  • The show ends with Stone Cold having beers with the winning team.

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