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    WWE Monday Night RAW Results – June 15, 2020

    Tonight we see the fallout from Backlash and Dominick Mysterio shows up to RAW to face the Monday Night Messiah.

    After a rundown from commentary, Randy Orton opens RAW. As Orton made his way to the ring, Tom Phillips informs us of the injury Edge suffered last night.

    Orton said last night went exactly like he said it would. He wrote the last chapter of Edge’s redemption story and gave him closure. Orton wound up thanking Edge for reminding him how good it feels to be the Legend Killer. He only wished that he could thank Edge in person, but he knew he tore Edge’s tricep clean off the bone.

    While Orton knew exactly the moment he injured Edge in the match, he wanted to continue the torture. He then joked about when Edge would be medically cleared again, July 2029 and he hoped their paths would cross again..

    Then, Christian’s music hit. A bit hesitant to get into the ring with Orton, Christian took his time. Once he got into the ring, he told Randy that he is a cold, calculating, son of a bitch and doesn’t get a say of when Edge’s career is over. Christian made it clear that Orton has no say when Edge’s story ends. Once Randy could finally get a word in, he told Christian this was never about him; it was always about Randy and Edge. According to Orton, Christian is just jealous.

    Looking in Christian’s eyes, he sees that look…the look of wanting one more match. Christian shut that down real quick, he said he was here to defend his friend and that’s it. Orton isn’t buying it, as close as Edge and Christian are, they are very similar. While Christian isn’t medically cleared, there are ways around that. Orton challenged him to an unsanctioned match tonight, but this challenge has a time limit. Randy told him that if he doesn’t accept tonight, well he is a coward.

    Backstage, Angel Garza and Zelina Vega are interviewed. According to Vega, there are no cracks in her group and no one cost Andrade his match last night. Garza took over the interview and said that when you care passionately for something, you have to learn to let it go. He knows Andrade will get over the heartbreak.

    Andrade then interrupted the interview to wish him luck in his match with Kevin Owens. He said he hoped he could beat KO, but if he didn’t he hopes Garza will get over the disappointment. Then we went to commercial.

    Kevin Owens defeated Angel Garza via Pinfall (Stunner)

    Owens came down to the ring looking over his shoulder, but this time their was no sneak attack by Angel Garza. Andrade did make his way to the ring, which threw KO off for a bit, but he bounced back. Andrade tried to help Garza win by distracting the ref, but that jus led to KO winning the match.

    After the match, Zelina Vega made her way back to ringside (she had left when Andrade came out). She yelled at them to pay attention, they want the same thing and fighting against each other isn’t going to work. She told them they have to fight together and she gathers them to leave, but tensions were still high.

    After a recap of Bobby Lashley versus Drew McIntyre from Backlash is shown, we saw MVP and Lashley backstage. MVP guarenteed that Lashley would get everything he promised him when Sara Shriber came up. They weren’t thrilled to see her as they were having a private conversation.

    Lashley told her they were in the middle of strategizing for their tag team match later tonight. When asked about Lana, MVP told her what she should be focusing on and they will be addressing the situation with Lana shortly.

    Back from commercial, Lashley and MVP made their way to the ring. MVP said Lashley had his night ruined at Backlash and Drew McIntyre capitalized on that. He then said it was exclusively Lana’s fault that Lashley lost his opportunity at the WWE Championship. MVP said if Drew had integrity he would have given Lashley a rematch right away, but of course that isn’t what happened. According to Lashley and MVP, McIntyre is hiding behind someone else’s wife.

    Lana then decided to make her way to the ring. As she was walking down the ramp, she said she wanted to make it very clear that Lashley was the one who came up with the stupid idea to ban her from ringside. She said “my Bobby knows I would never do anything to hurt him.” Lana has put his career before her own and even got divorced for him!

    MVP gets back on the mic and called Lana a thot. This didn’t go over well with Lana, she told him to watch his tone and talk to her with respect. She then called him a manipulative snake.

    Once MVP could talk again he said he was the reason Lashley had a WWE Championship opportunity, she couldn’t do that. Lana then talked about how her and Bobby were on a roll before MVP inserted himself to their relationship. Lashley finally spoke and asked her the last time she laced up her boots. According to Lashley, all Lana does is use their personal life to get famous on social media.

    Of course you knew where this was heading right? Lashley told Lana he wanted a divorce.

    Last night we were supposed to have a RAW Tag Team Championship match, but of course that didn’t happen. We got a recap of what went down between the Viking Raiders and the Street Profits.

    Then the two teams are interviewed backstage. They made it clear that if the WWE Universe is ever attacked by ninjas again, they will team up as the Viking Profits yet again. They even discussed how they could turn it all into movies or even an animated show.

    Akira Tozawa and his ninjas then interrupted. They wanted a sequel. The Viking Profits said there is no room for them in the sequel, but if they want a fight? That they can have. As soon as that is said, the very large ninja from last night strolled up. Erik had to be held back because for what ever reason he truly believes he can take on the much larger ninja.

    Viking Profits defeated Akira Tozawa and his ninjas via Pinfall (Splash)

    This match really didn’t last long at all. Erik took out a ninja pretty quick and that left it open for Montez Ford to hit his top rope splash.

    After the match, Tozawa and his large ninja entered the ring. After a huddle the Viking Profits decide, well they want the smoke.

    All of a sudden, Big Show’s music hits! Big Show took out a bunch of ninjas (choke slams, headbutts, and KO punches glore) and Tozawa and his large ninja run off.

    Seth Rollins is then seen walking around backstage when Charly Caruso stopped him. When asked about Dominick Mysterio possibily being at RAW, he said it makes him happy. Not only does Seth want Dominik here, but he needs him to be.

    We go to commercial knowing that Rollins will be delivering a message to Rey Mysterio when we come back.

    Before we got to the Monday Night Messiah, we saw Christian backstage on the phone. He had said that he knows the risks involved, but he still doesn’t know what he is going to do.

    We got a recap of the history between Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins. Then Rollins made his entrance to the ring.

    Rollins said he sat where Byron Saxton was sitting last week and invited Rey Mysterio and his son to RAW. Is Mysterio cleared to be there? No, but Rollins wanted to be able to have a peaceful conversation and clear everything up. He once again called Mysterio a hero and that he made a sacrifice for the greater good.

    Of course Rey declined the invitation, which Rollins took as a sign of cowardness. Before Rollins could continue, Rey Mysterio interrupted him via satellite.

    Mysterio didn’t know that his son was going to RAW, until it was too late. He wanted to give Rollins a warning because he knew what Rollins is capable of. Rollins just wanted to help Dominick, not hurt him. He asked Rey to encourage Dominick to join Rollins, Murphy, and Austin Theory.

    Mysterio said he was loco and that his son will never join him. This apparently leaves Rollins with few options. He told Mysterio that Murphy and Theory are out looking for Dominick and when they find him, they’ll bring him here.

    If Dominick doesn’t side with them, well he is part of the problem and must be sacrificed. Mysterio warned Rollins that if him or any of his goons touch his son, he will end them.

    Rollins knew that Dominick said an eye for an eye, a couple weeks ago. He said Dominick can make his own decisions and there is only two choices. Dominick can choose to stand with Rollins or make the choices Rey did and become a sacrifice.

    Rollins was on his knees in the ring, when from behind Dominick attacked! Dominick then put Rollins, face first, into the steel steps before Murphy and Theory arrived.

    Much to the chagrin of Rollins, Dominick got away through the crowd.

    R-Truth was seen backstage walking up to MVP and Bobby Lashley. He couldn’t get his words quite together, but he wanted Lashley to know he felt bad that he went to Claymore Country. Truth got it all confused and thought Lashley must have been pretty jet lagged.

    Truth then brought up the fact that Lashley was getting a divorce, but Lashley was not a fan of the jokes. Lashley asked if he could back all the talk up. Of course Truth said yes, he is tagging with the WWE Champion later. Then, he walked off.

    When we returned from break, Lashley and MVP were backstage trying to find Truth. They found him, fighting off ninjas under the ring, or supposedly that is what he was doing. Drew McInytre then came up behind Truth.

    MVP said while McIntyre may hold the WWE Championship, he isn’t a champion. While he is trying to protect his tag team partner, he should be worried about Lashley. MVP tried to goad the champs into putting their titles on the line in their tag team match. R-Truth took the bait, which McIntyre was not thrilled about.

    The IIconics defeated Liv Morgan and Natalya via Pinfall

    Morgan tried to begin the match, but Nattie tagged herself in pretty quickly. Although Morgan did get the hot tag, she was left almost on her own. She had Billie Kay pinned at one point, but Peyton Royce distracted the ref.

    After the match, The IIconics got the mic. They called out the Women’s Tag Team Champions, Sasha Banks and Bayley. They said that they hoped they were watching because this is what happens when they face one team. The IIconics then laid down the challenge for Sasha and Bayley to defend the titles next week on RAW.

    When the champs don’t come out to respond, Peyton and Billie say they know people who can make the match official.

    Backstage Big Show entered Christian’s dressing room. He wanted to give Christian some advice on the situation with Randy Orton. As Show saw it, there are two ways to go about this; understand he should step back or go in the ring and shut Orton up.

    This gave Christian enough to figure out what he would do and then we go to break.

    Back from commercial, Natalya is yelling at Liv Morgan. She really wasn’t happy about their loss to the IIconics. Nattie then said she understood why Ruby Riott moved on from her.

    Liv walked away at one point as Nattie continued complaining about how she is tired of being humilated. While Liv walked away, Lana strolled up. It seemed as though Lana and Nattie have some common ground.

    Back at ringside, Christian was pacing on the entrance ramp when Charly Caruso came up. He said he was proud of his WWE career and all he was able to accomplish and while he has nothing to prove, he won’t be disrespected. He said if Randy Orton wanted to give him one more match, HE ACCEPTS!

    Backstage, MVP talked with Apollo Crews. He told him there is a difference between being a fighting champion and a smart champion. While MVP commended Crews for being a fighting champion, he said it should be about fighting the right person, at the right time.

    MVP doesn’t want Crews to burn out and said he needed him to help. Crews turned down the offer, but MVP let him know the only way he’ll keep the United States Championship, is with him in his corner. Then we went to commercial.

    Back from commercial, Ric Flair with Charlotte. He wanted to know what is next for her. After a little back and forth banter, Charlotte said she does what she wants….WOO!

    Before his United States Championship match, we got a video promo from Shelton Benjamin. He said Crews should have taken MVP up on the help. Benjamin has been in his shoes and while being a fighting champion is great, Crews is going to need the help.

    Apollo Crews defeated Shelton Benjamin via Pinfall (Rollup)

    This match started off very entertaining. We saw MVP watching it from backstage, but at some point the competive match took a turn. Benjamin went to use the ropes during a pin attempt, but the ref caught him. Then, CREWS USED THE ROPES TO GET THE VICTORY!

    Backstage, Truth was preparing for his tag match, when Tozawa and his ninjas came up. One of the ninjas happened to be wearing a ref shirt. A 24/7 title match didn’t occur, as Drew McIntyre came up from behind Truth.

    McIntyre wanted to have a serious chat with Truth about what he got them into. Truth understood that their can be no joking around tonight.

    When we came back from commercial we got a recap of Asuka verus Nia Jax from Backlash. Then Asuka was interviewed by Charly Caruso. Asuka said that while Nia Jax started this fight, Asuka will be the one to finish it.

    Truth then came back up to Drew McIntyre and said he talked to a few people. Now in their tag match, the only title that will be on the line is the WWE Championship. This did not make McIntyre feel any better. Truth asked him to trust him because he knows how painful it is to lose a championship and he won’t let that happen to McIntyre.

    After another commercial, we came back to the Street Profits and Viking Raiders trying to figure out how to end their ‘anything you can do, we can do better’ feud. A chariot race and carpool karaoke was suggested before Big Show strolled up.

    Big Show asked them to hear him out, but what about a RAW Tag Team Title match next week. The two tag teams like his idea and we leave them dancing to a disco remix of We Want The Smoke.

    Drew McIntyre and R-Truth defeated Bobby Lashley and MVP via Pinfall (Claymore Kick/Assisted Splash)

    McIntyre trusted and believed in Truth and look what happened! While there were a few bumps along the way and there was a time it looked like McIntyre may lose his title, things ended up being ok. Truth took Lashley out by throwing him into the steel steps, allowing McIntyre the time to hit a Claymore on MVP. Then he tagged Truth in for the pin.

    Ric Flair was the next WWE Legend to go have a chat with Christian. Flair said Christian wasn’t ready for this match. He tried to tell him that Randy Orton is sadistic and wanting to prove a point to everyone. If Christian decided to back out, everyone would forgive him. Christian said he isn’t gonna regret what happens out there later.

    Back from commerical we got the entrance of the Women’s Tag Team Champions. Bayley said that after their title defense last night, they were ready to celebrate. Of course they had more to celebrate than just retaining their championships, it was also Bayley’s birthday!

    Bayley gave a quick run down of how they would be celebrating all week. Then Sasha Banks gave a message to the IIconics about not telling them were and when they will defend their championships. Before she could really get her point across, the IIconics interrupted. They wanted a straight up yes or no answer.

    After some back and forth, The IIconics reminded them, again, that they beat them at Wrestlemania and made them cry. Peyton Royce slapped Sasha and this led to Bayley giving into their championship demands.

    Before a commercial, commentary gave us a recap of what happened between Seth Rollins and Dominick. Then Nia Jax made her entrance.

    Asuka defeated Nia Jax via Pinfall (Rollup)

    This feud has gotten pretty vicious. Once again the action went to the outside, but thankfully the ladies finished the match in the ring. Unfortunately for Nia, she was almost disqualified because she knocked the referee over. While trying to make peace with the ref, Asuka took the opportunity to get the pin.

    Randy Orton was then interviewed backstage. He asked if Charly Caruso thought Christian was a legend, she said yes. Orton did agree with her, but tonight the legend of Christian will be destroyed.

    Randy Orton defeated Christian via Pinfall (Punt)

    Unfortunately for Christian, he really had no idea what he was getting himself into. Ric Flair came out before each man could be introduced, to once again try and talk Christian out of the match.

    Flair said he had spoke to Edge and Edge said that he shouldn’t do this. Christian stuck to his guns and said he had to do this. Of course the Dirtiest Player in the game made him pay after the bell rung with a low blow.

    The low blow was the perfect set up for Orton to kick Christian’s head in with a punt. A quick one two three and that was it.

    After the match, Orton apologized to Christian. He then said he didn’t want any of this happened and yelled at him.

    The medics then came into the ring and Orton told them to take care of Christian. Orton got back down by Christian and said the medics were going to help him. He yelled again about not wanting to do this, he didn’t want to finish the last chapter in Christian’s redemptation. He yelled that it was Christian’s fault, but that he has to forgive him.

    And well, that’s RAW folks.

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