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WWE Monday Night RAW Results – March 16, 2020

Paige Brearley runs down the results from tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

Stone Cold Steve Austin returns to WWE on #316Day to raise a little hell!

Byron Sexton, Tom Phillips, and Jerry Lawler welcome us to an empty WWE Performance Center. They show a video of what has been going on between AJ Styles and the Undertaker. Then they say that Edge will be here later tonight, only to be interrupted by his music.

Edge says that the past few months have been very weird for his family. A video recapping the last few weeks is then shown.

After the video, Edge brings up the first time he met Orton 21 years ago. He said he knew then that their paths would be intertwined. Years later he was proven right through matches for the Intercontinental Championship and Rated RKO.

Edge then brought up how Mick Foley was the man that pushed, both Orton and Edge to reach their potential. Unlike Orton, Edge took a lesson in grit from Foley. He calls Orton an entitled brat and says his whole career was handed to him. Edge on the other hand, had to work for everything he got.

He challenges Randy Orton to a LAST MAN STANDING MATCH at Wrestlemania. Just go watch this promo, go. Edge captivates you without the need of an audience reaction, brilliant.

We then saw Becky Lynch pull up to the PC in a badass truck.

If you missed out on this years Royal Rumble match, you’re in luck! They replayed the Men’s Rumble in its entirety.

After a waste of a good hour, we were treated to the contract signing between AJ Styles and the Undertaker. Taker makes his entrance first and he is less than thrilled. Once he gets to the ring, he flips over the table set up, which causes Lawler to leave.

There was a quick commercial break, once back we saw Taker pacing the ring. AJ’s music hit, but instead of heading to the ring Styles and the OC stayed in the back. Styles was shown with the contract, ready to sign.

Styles called Taker a shadow of his former self and can’t find sympathy for him. Taker has put his nose in OC business one too many times. AJ signs the contract and has to convince Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows to take the contract to the ring.

Of course Gallows and Anderson try to not make Undertaker any more mad, but as soon as they drop the contract on the ring apron….the gong hits. The lights went out, when they came on Taker was behind the OC. Taker takes out both men and left having a stare down with AJ’s face on the tron.

Rey Mysterio defeated Andrade via Pinfall (Diving Splash)

I am still not positive the reasoning, but Asuka was on commentary for this match. The match overall was good, just very different from their previous matches for obvious reasons.

We got a recap video of how Shayna Baszler won the Elimination Chamber.

Back from a quick break, we got the entrance of The Man, Becky Lynch. Becky addressed Baszler directly, as she knew Baszler was watching. Lynch knows that as long as she holds the title, nothing in Baszler’s world will make sense.

Everything Becky does, is designed to make Shayna think and believe whatever Becky wants. At Wrestlemania, Becky is out to prove Shayna’s whole life is a lie.

Charly Caruso interviewed Kevin Owens about Seth Rollins’ challenge for a match. KO takes the mic and said after the announcement today, he knows where the match will be: The PC.

KO said it is home field advantage or him because Seth never spent time at the PC. He said he will add to his list of memories at the PC by beating Seth where KO earned his keep.

Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his entrance and its with just as much enthusiasm as he would have with a live crowd. He declares that from here on out 3/16 is a National Holiday.

Stone Cold goes through reasons of what 3/16 day, with a little help from Bryon Saxton. After Stone Cold goes through his reasons for celebrating, he invites Saxton to the ring to celebrate.

Poor, poor Byron. Although he thought he was just going to have a Stevewiser, he got a Stunner for his troubles. While Stone Cold continued being thrown beers, he’s magic guys, The Man made her way to the ring with a cooler.

We end the show with Becky and Stone Cold enjoying some beer. Oh! And Byron ate another Stunner! That’s what happens when Stone Cold and The Man come around.


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