WWE Monday Night RAW Results – May 11, 2020

After a wild Money In The Bank PPV, tonight The Man makes an announcement regarding her career.

We begin the show seeing highlights from MITB. Commentary hypes up the show, then we get the entrance of Becky Lynch. Lynch is carrying the MITB briefcase and not her title, which is odd.

The Man made her way to the ring and seemed very emotional. When she got the mic, she said things were about to change for her. She mentioned that she had asked the front office to raise the stakes for MITB.

Lynch then talked about when she first arrived at the WWE Performance Center and how she wasn’t sure if she was good enough. Along her journey, the fans have cared for her and helped bring her to history.

For all the things the fans have done for her, Lynch said she wanted them to hear this announcement from her. She has to go away for awhile. Which causes Asuka to come out.

Asuka didn’t seem thrilled about Lynch having hold of her MITB briefcase. Becky explained that Asuka had been the only one to beat her and has been the best in the world for a long time. Lynch said she was glad this was happening for her. Lynch said the match last night wasn’t what everyone thought it was.

She then opened the briefcase and inside was the RAW Women’s Championship. Lynch said it is now hers. At first Asuka couldn’t believe it, but once she did, she ran around celebrating her new title. Then, Lynch told Asuka to go be a warrior, while she goes on to be a mother. Becky Lynch is gonna be a mom!! Asuka’s reaction was just amazing and genuine.

Before going to commercial, Lynch walked up the ramp for the last time in a while. She looked into the camera and said she’d miss us.

Back from break, we once again see Lynch. This time Charly Caruso is attempting to interview her, but the interview is interrupted by RAW superstars coming to give Lynch their congratulations.

Bobby Lashley defeated Humberto Carrillo via Submission (Full Nelson)

This one was a no disqualification match. This one wasn’t too crazy. Lashley was pretty dominate and seeing him use the Full Nelson was a nice change.

We see a video of the Street Profits preparing for a basketball game against the Viking Raiders. The Viking Raiders (in full gear) are not happy about this, as they wanted a Viking-style challenge. They mock THAT karaoke segment from a few weeks back and are confused about basketball in general.

Charley Caruso interviewed the new RAW Women’s Champion Asuka, who is overjoyed by the news. She is joined my Kairi Sane, who also joins in on the celebrations.

We then see highlights from the Edge/Randy Orton last man standing match, ahead of the pair being on RAW tonight.

We see highlights of Apollo Crews and Andrade’s United States title match, including his injury.This is followed by a disagreement between Zelina Vega and her stable.

Angel Garza defeated Akira Tozawa via pinfall (Wing Clipper)

This match began in progress, with Garza seemingly trying to prove a point to Austin Theory at ringside. Garza stared down Theory as he finished off Tozawa, picking up the win.

Zelina’s group continue their argument, only to be interrupted by WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. McIntyre tells them to bring it, and Austin Theory eats a Claymore. Andrade and Garza laugh at his misfortune, but Drew drops Garza with another Claymore and stares down Andrade. This leads to…

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre defeated United States Champion Andrade via pinfall (Claymore)

In this champion vs champion contest, Drew’s power was countered by Andrade working the shoulder of his adversary. The pair went back and forth in a fantastic match, The United States Champion finally falling to a Claymore.

Drew McIntyre then puts over Seth Rollins, and announces the ‘brand to brand invitation’, announcing that Raw superstars and SmackDown superstars can challenge eachother, following that up by saying he will face King Corbin next week.

Backstage, Bobby Lashley is being spoke to by MVP. He says he’s been looking impressive but asks when is Lashley is going for the WWE Championship. He offers his services to ‘The All Mighty’ before saying Lana is a cage keeping Lashley locked up. Lana yelled.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross host A Moment Of Bliss but before they can begin, The Iiconics interrupt. Alexa Bliss says that Becky Lynch’s announcement upstaged their return. The Iiconics challenge them for the Women’s Tag Team Titles, and Bliss turn them down. A non-title match happens instead.

The Iiconics (Peyton Royce & Billie Kay) defeated WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss via pinfall (inverted Magic Killer)

The returning Billie Kay and Peyton Royce pinned the Women’s Tag Team Champions after Kay hit Bliss in the throat and then dropped her with a modified Magic Killer for the win.

Charley Caruso talks to Rey Mysterio after being thrown off the roof last night, he talks about seeing his life flash before his eyes and his match tonight before being interrupted by Seth Rollins. Mysterio offers his congratulations at Becky’s announcement, but a wild-eyed Messiah walks away.

R-Truth brought back Pretty Ricky, which is something no one needed.

R-Truth, Ricochet & Cedric Alexander defeated MVP, Brendon Vink and Shane Thorne via pinfall (Little Jimmy)

R-Truth kept switching between himself and Pretty Ricky for…reasons. With Ricochet taking out Vink and Thorne, Truth used his fake teeth as a disguise, allowing him to take out MVP with the Little Jimmy

Lashley then appeared at speared R-Truth. Lashley and MVP then beat him down. The pair agree to go have a talk.

Charley Caruso introduces Jinder Mahal, who is happy to be back and see Drew McIntyre as WWE Champion. He wants to be loved by the WWE Universe and plans to redeem himself.

We see AJ Styles sitting down with some popcorn, awaiting the special look at Undertaker: The Last Ride. Don’t know why he didn’t just watch it on the Network.

Charley Caruso then talks to Shayna Baszler, who asks how stupid she is to get knocked out as champion. Baszler says the kid is going to suck, because – well, just at who the father is.

We see a special look at ‘Undertaker: The Last Ride’, then see a furious AJ Styles storm out of the room he was watching it in.

We then see silent footage of Becky Lynch and Vince McMahon hugging. I don’t think that was meant to be silent.

Aleister Black and Rey Mysterio defeated Seth Rollins and Murphy via disqualification

Seth Rollins looks a mess, dishevelled and a faraway look in his eyes. Murphy keeps reaching for the tag, but Rollins is unresponsive. Murphy is basically in a handicap match but after an errant strike to the ribs of Rollins, Seth attacks Rey which randomly causes for a disqualification.

Seth Rollins goes after the eye of Rey Mysterio, screaming at Murphy to stay back. Rollins grinds the eye of Mysterio into the steel steps, busting him open. This was graphic.

We see actual unmasked Rey Mysterio bleeding from the eye. Seth Rollins then reappears, saying I don’t know what happened. Aleister Black and Murphy then brawl in the trainers room.

We then see The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders getting ready to play basketball. The Raiders are not good at B-ball.

Viking Raiders don’t understand what check is, The Street Profits score. The Street Profits annihilate Ivar and Erik in two-on-two, purely because The Viking Raiders can’t play. The Viking Raiders finally get a bucket, but it was the last score in the quarter. This was awful, and they’ve gone right back to the karaoke thing again.

Natalya calls out Shayna Baszler on her disrespect of motherhood. Baszler says Natalya will never become a mother herself, and that the Hart dynasty dies with her.

Post-basketball, we find out that shock of all shocks, The Viking Raiders let them him as they find nothing but net. So now not only do The Viking Raiders look dumb, so do The Street Profits. Good work.

Shayna Baszler defeated Natalya via pinfall (knee strike)

In a back-and-forth, hold-for-hold contest, Baszler missed her arm stomp but dimmed Natalya’s lights with a knee strike. Natalya was visibly upset post-match.

Charley Caruso interviewed King Corbin, who spoke about seeing red when he tried to kill Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black, but says they got lucky thanks to the secondary roof. He talks about his match with Drew McIntyre next week, saying he made him the champion he is today.

Charley Caruso introduces Edge. Edge talks about his match at WrestleMania, and says his career isn’t over. He says he got his closure against Randy Orton. Randy Orton interrupts, but he offers his congraulations. He says the better man won and walks away. Orton then came back and said he tried to be the bigger man, but he just couldn’t.

Orton says the better man won, but the better wrestler didn’t. He says Edge might have kept him down for a count of ten, but it didn’t take him nine years to get back on his feet. Orton says Edge hasn’t got a proper wrestling match in him anymore. Orton challenges him to a wrestling match at Backlash, to which Edge doesn’t reply. Charley Caruso massively oversells this by saying if this happens it will be the greatest wrestling match ever.

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