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    WWE Monday Night RAW Results – May 18, 2020

    After Becky Lynch’s life altering announcement, this is the first week we’ll see Asuka as RAW Women’s Champion.

    We open the show with Charly Caruso bringing Randy Orton to the ring. Caruso asked Orton to explain the challenge he laid out to Edge last week.

    Orton doesn’t understand what is so hard to comprehend about a straight up wrestling match. It is World WRESTLING Entertainment, wrestling is the basis of what they do. Orton said at Mania they tore each other apart. While Edge was the better man that night, Orton said he knows he is the superior wrestler.

    He said last week he saw doubt in Edge’s eyes, which is why he didn’t get an answer. As Orton kept going on about the doubt and fear he saw, Edge made his entrance. Edge said last week Orton spoke a lot of truths and gave him some things to think about. While this is a game to Orton, or a paycheck, this isn’t the life he wanted. Edge said Orton is different from everyone in the locker room because he doesn’t care.

    Then Edge listed off a few of the differences between Orton and himself. Orton didn’t cry when he won the Intercontinental Championship like Edge did. And Orton doesn’t love the sport, like Edge and others do. After a little coercing from Orton, Edge finally accepts his challenge. At Backlash, in a straight up wrestling match, it will be Edge versus Randy Orton.

    After, we see a replay of what Seth Rollins did to Rey Mysterio last week and the aftermath. Then we see Murphy backstage with Seth Rollins. Rollins said he has a revelation and wants to tell the world. This took us to a commercial break.

    When we return from commercial, commentary hypes up the Women’s Tag Team Title match that will take place later.

    Then we get the entrance of the Monday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins, and his disciple, Murphy. Rollins started off by saying that sometimes in life you have to lose who you are to truly find yourself. When he lost to Drew McIntyre, he thought he lost everything.

    Rollins said he wound up falling into a darkness, but without that darkness he wouldn’t have found the light. He credits Rey Mysterio for helping him see the light. Rollins then said what happened to Mysterio last week, while unfortunate, was needed for the greater good.

    The Monday Night Messiah then took sometime to talk directly to Rey Mysterio. He knows Mysterio is at home healing and while he can’t see it right now, what happened was a blessing in disguise. Rollins then said, ‘You’re Welcome,’ it was odd.

    Humberto Carrillo then came out to stand up for Rey Mysterio. Rollins said he was not dressed for a fight, so he offered up Murphy (who is to face Aleister Black later on).

    Murphy defeated Humberto Carrillo via Pinfall (Murphy’s Law)

    With a bit of distraction, Murphy pulled off the victory. But beating Carrillo wasn’t enough for the Messiah. After the match he continued to beat up Carrillo.

    That is until Aleister Black came out to make the save. Murphy barely escaped the Black Mass.

    Backstage we see King Corbin complaining to a ref. The King doesn’t get his own food apparently.

    Back from commercial, Charlotte Flair is in the ring. Flair doesn’t want to bore us by saying she is the hardest worker on all three brands, that she is the face of RAW, a mentor at NXT, and a recent special guest superstar on Smackdown. Flair then talked about her upcoming Champion versus Champion match against Bayley.

    She then called out Ruby Riott to hear her opinion on the Queen. Riott made her way to the ring for a stare down with Flair. When we get back from a commercial, Riott versus Flair had already begun.

    Charlotte Flair defeated Ruby Riott via Submission (Figure Eight)

    Riott gave Flair a run for her money, actually focusing on one of Flair’s arms. Flair though showed that there are levels to being a champion.

    Charly Caruso then tried to get an interview with Bobby Lashley. MVP crashed the interview to say that he will not be doing business with Lashley because Lashley is focused on clowns and Lana.

    Lashley started to get angry, MVP told him he didn’t want to be put in his full nelson, but wants to see him lock that move in on a WWE Champion. MVP leaves by telling Lashley to start thinking about freeing himself. We then went to another commercial.

    Once back from commercial, commentary takes us back to the Street Profits versus the Viking Raiders in their basketball game last week, Then we see both the Profits and the Raiders preparing for the viking competition.

    Back at ringside, Kairi Sane introduces her tag team partner and the new RAW Women’s Champion, Asuka. The ring is decorated with balloon arches and she gives flowers to Asuka when she makes it to the ring.

    Kairi lists off Asuka’s accomplishments, Grand Slam Champion. Then Kairi begins playing a recorder while her an Asuka dance a bit. Unfortunately the celebration was cut short by Nia Jax.

    Jax said there is nothing to celebrate because she was handed the title. She lays it out for Asuka, Becky is on maternity leave and Asuka was given the best temp job ever. Jax said that she will soon replace her because she is more worthy of holding the title. When Jax becomes champion, then there will be a real party.

    After a small distraction by Kairi Sane, Asuka beats Jax out of the ring.

    Backstage King Corbin is interviewed. Charly Caruso asked if Corbin was having any doubts about facing Drew McIntyre tonight. Corbin said he asked for this match and has no doubts. While McIntyre maybe dangerous, Corbin said he has the ability to get under his skin. He will focus on the slip ups McIntyre makes and beat him. Corbin believes then the next match he would have with McIntyre, he’d walk out with the WWE Championship.

    Bobby Lashley defeated R-Truth via Submission (Full Nelson)

    Not even Pretty Ricky could help Truth with this one. Lashley is just a dominating figure in the ring.

    After the match, MVP came out to the top of the entrance ramp. He was clapping for Lashley’s victory. Backstage Lana was having a tantrum over the possible partnership for her husband.

    We once again saw the Kabuki Warriors, who seemed in good spirits after their interaction with Nia Jax. After they went their separate ways, the cameras show Jax was watching in the background. Then, commercial break.

    Back from commercial, we get the entrance of the Women’s Tag Team Champions, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. Then the IIconics came out. Peyton Royce and Billie Kay, play the clip of what happened last week. Kay and Royce said they were grateful that Bliss and Cross are giving them this title opportunity.

    Alex Bliss and Nikki Cross defeated the IIconics via DQ

    The white and gold gear that Peyton Royce and Billie Kay wore was not foreshadowing. Unfortunately Royce lost her cool after breaking up a pin attempt and did not listen to the ref, causing the DQ.

    After the match we see Kairi Sane backstage playing her recorder. Nia Jax came up behind her, but Sane didn’t hear her. Jax grabbed Sane and threw her into one of the road crates, then left.

    Back from commercial, the IIconics seem to be arguing about the match. Kay actually slapped Royce in the face, but quickly realized what she did. The two hug it out and we go back to ringside.

    We see a video from Chapter Two of the Undertaker’s Last Ride documentary. Then see Asuka checking on Kairi Sane. Asuka gets very angry that her tag team partner was attacked and stalked off once she knew Sane was okay. Then we go to another commercial.

    Back from commercial, Asuka caught up with Nia Jax. Jax didn’t seem to want to stop to hear what Asuka had to say, so Asuka made her pay. She pulled on Jax’s braids and kicked her in the head. Don’t disrespect Asuka.

    Shayna Baszler defeated Natalya via Submission

    In a rematch from last week, Natalya still couldn’t find a way to defeat Baszler. For the second week in a row, Natalya threw a tantrum, but this time she threw chairs and the Kevin Owens Show signs that the ring crew was trying to set up.

    We see a recap of what has been happening between Zelina Vega’s clients. They will be on the Kevin Owens Show tonight. When Andrade, Angel Garza, and Austin Theory are shown backstage they are seen arguing. Vega came over to stop the dispute and told them they would go out as a cohesive unit.

    After a commercial, we get the return of Kevin Owens! Owens thanks Nattie for getting all the junk out of the ring. He then explained his absence. Owens said his Wrestlemania moment came at a cost, but now he is good to go. Kevin then brings out his guests for the show.

    Zelina interrupts Kevin before he can explain why he brought them on the show. Zelina said he empire is not crumbling because of one little argument like everyone may want. She then lists off attributes of all her clients and herself.

    The whole time Zelina is talking, Kevin Owens is on the apron and not in the ring. He said he was giving them even more respect, but they also weren’t his only guests. Owens then brought out Apollo Crews. Crews went straight for Andrade, while Owens helped him out with Garza and Theory. We then went to commercial break.

    Apollo Crews and Kevin Owens defeated Andrade and Angel Garza via Pinfall

    This was a different Apollo Crews then we have seen. Crews used his anger to show he may be deserving of another United States Championship opportunity soon.

    Unfortunately for Vega’s camp there was miscommunication. Austin Theory tried to help, but wound up punching Garza in the face. After the match Andrade attacked Theory and Vega encouraged it. Garza eventually joined in the attack on Theory. Vega told Theory she never should have believed in him and that’s that.

    Drew McIntyre is interviewed about his match with King Corbin. He told Corbin he is out of his damn mind if he thinks he can come to RAW and win. McIntyre has a Claymore Kick fit for a King in store.

    We go back to the Viking Raiders and the Street Profits. It’s time for the axe throwing competition. When it is Montez Ford’s turn, he overthrows the axe, well by a lot. To commercial we go!

    Back from commercial break, we find out Angelo Dawkins isn’t much better at axe throwing. As his axe winds up breaking a barrel filled with a drink for the other vikings in attendance.

    Aleister Black defeated Murphy via DQ

    Well, looks like Seth Rollins has recruited a new disciple. After being attacked by his former group, Austin Theory was still ringside as the match started up. Rollins eyed him the whole time and helped Theory up, silently letting him know to attack.

    After the match Theory and Murphy beat Black up after the end of the match. Rollins though, only gave his new disciple a hug. Murphy did not look too pleased.

    Back to axe throwing! It’s apparently time for the real thing. The Viking Raiders explained the rules and they’re off! The Viking Raiders make every shot, while the Street Profits struggle. The Street Profits finally make one shot! Then police show up, an axe somehow was threw their windshield!

    The police ask everyone who did it and then to prove who couldn’t. Dawkins then made a bullseye, by throwing with his back towards it!

    Apollo Crews is then interviewed. Next week he is challenging Andrade for a United States Championship match. Zelina Vega comes out and tells him to think about throwing out that challenge, but Crews holds to his word.

    Before the main event, we go back to axe throwing. The cops let everyone off with a warning. The female officer specifically said because she found Ivar cute.

    MVP and Lashley interrupt before our main event can begin, they said they had a personal interest in the match. Lashley warned McIntyre he would be coming for him and the WWE Championship. Then, you guessed it! A commercial.

    Drew McIntyre defeated King Corbin via Pinfall (Claymore Kick)

    He called it, a Claymore fit for a King and he delivered. Corbin definitely brought the Champ a fight, but McIntyre pulled off the victory.

    After his victory, McIntyre yelled at Lashley and MVP. He said he had been waiting a long time for Lashley to step up. And thats the show folks!

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