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WWE Monday Night RAW Results – May 4, 2020

Once again RAW comes to us from the empty Performance Center. Tonight is the go home show before Money In the Bank, what craziness will occur?

We open the show with MVP in the ring, ready to start an edition of the VIP Lounge. He said he wasn’t sure how this VIP Lounge would go because his guests are the three women from RAW in the MITB match. Asuka, Shayna Baszler, and Nia Jax all make their entrances to the ring.

While MVP said Nia is the most dominate force in the upcoming ladder match, he asked if she had the skill set to climb the ladder. Nia answered back by saying she is relentless and that’s is the only skill she will need to destroy everyone else in the match. MVP asked Asuka to respond, which she did very passionately in Japanese.

Baszler was asked how her skill set would help her win the MITB. She simply said ‘opera non verba,’ meaning she will let her actions speak for themselves. Then Baszler said something directed to Asuka, which caused both women to stand up in a stare down with each other. That is until they set their sights on Nia Jax and put the boots to her.

We end the VIP Lounge with MVP standing in between Asuka and Baszler, in an attempt to stop any more chaos from occurring.

Before break, commentary breaks down why there is a last chance gauntlet to represent RAW in the Men’s Money In The Bank match.

AJ Styles wins the gauntlet match and will represent RAW at MITB

He lives!! Styles happened to be the last competitor in this gauntlet and he defeated Humberto Carrillo. Bobby Lashley had begun the gauntlet and defeated the likes of Titus O’Neil, Akira Tozawa, and Shelton Benjamin. Unfortunately for Lashley, he let his anger get the best of him and as DQ’d against Carrillo.

Carrillo held his own against two of Zelina Vega’s clients, Angel Garza and Austin Theory. But Styles proved to be too much for the young up and comer.

After the match, Styles destroyed Carrillo’s knee by smashing it against the ring post repeatedly. Styles then got the mic and said he wasn’t a zombie or a ghost, just the Phenomenal One. He said this time the Undertaker isn’t around to steal his moment. Styles admitted he got buried by Taker, but who cares?! That loss means nothing, there were no rules for a Boneyard match!

Styles is now living in the present and is not wasting the opportunity he has. He will do anything to with the briefcase at MITB, even if it means throwing someone off the roof of WWE offices.

Back from a commercial, we began a countdown of the top ten moments from Money In The Bank. Some of those moments included AJ Styles putting Kevin Owens through a ladder in 2017, Sasha Banks and Ember Moon in 2018, and Randy Orton cashing in on Daniel Bryan in 2013.

Then in the ring, Seth Rollins is there to be interviewed by Charly Caruso. Charly asked Rollins his predictions for Drew McIntyre versus Murphy. Rollins just said that whatever will be, will be and he has confidence in Murphy.

When asked about how he would prepare for his match with Drew McIntyre at MITB….Rollins answer was just odd. Rollins said it was not McIntyre’s destiny to lead the WWE into the future. He said that the question really should be how Rollins is preparing for his destiny in winning the WWE Championship and leading the company into the future.

Rollins said that being a champion is more than what is done in the ring. A Champion represents generations, an entire industry, which Rollins said McIntyre isn’t ready to carry those burdens. Apparently Rollins is trying to save Drew McIntyre, by winning the WWE Championship and fulfilling his destiny.

Backstage Shane Thorne and Brendan Vink are preparing for their upcoming match, when MVP strolled up. MVP hyped them up, using the speech from Miracle. Vink and Thorne left ready to deliver a loss to Ricochet and Cedric Alexander.

After coming back from commercial, Murphy is interviewed about his match with the WWE Champion tonight. He was asked about his loyalty to Seth Rollins. Murphy said Rollins took him under his wing at a time when they both needed each other. Since then, Murphy has learned and developed in hopes to reach the level of Rollins, or one day….be better. Murphy ended the interview saying he thinks Rollins can beat McIntyre, but that he KNOWS he can.

Brendan Vink and Shane Thorne defeated Cedric Alexander and Ricochet via Pinfall

Apparently getting hyped up by MVP does the trick when it comes to winning, at least for Thorne and Vink. While Ricochet and Cedric were very quick and high flying, Vink and Thorne found ways to combat that to get their first victory on RAW.

Before a commercial, the list of MITB moments continued. This time featuring Brock Lesnar from 2019, Shelton Benjamin in 2006, and Bayley’s cash in from last year.

The Street Profits make their entrance when we come back and get the mic. Montez asks Dawkins to give the WWE Universe a history lesson about the Performance Center. Dawkins said that the PC is where they met and became brothers, where the Street Profits were born.

They brought up their history with the Viking Raiders, said they always seem to be chasing them. Well tonight, the chase stops.

The Viking Raiders defeated The Street Profits via Pinfall (Viking Experience)

It looks like the Street Profits chase to beat the Viking Raiders will continue. The match was pretty back and forth for a while, but the Viking Raiders got the victory after Montez tagged in Dawkins.

Before a commercial, Charly Caruso catches up with Drew McIntyre. She got his reactions to Murphy’s earlier comments. McIntyre said he must have Claymore’d Murphy a bit too hard last week. He said Murphy seems like a confused man. McIntyre said that if Murphy is willing to be sacrificed for his Messiah, who is he to deny the people a slaughtering.

Back from commercial we finish the MITB countdown. Moments included: Finn Balor and Andrade last year, Edge cashing in on John Cena in 2006, and Jeff Hardy stealing the show in 2007.

Charly Caruso then interviewed the Viking Raiders about their success against the Street Profits. They said it wasn’t success, but dominance. While they have a ton of respect for the Street Profits, might even like them, they are just the better team.

After a replay of what AJ Styles said earlier, we hear from Aleister Black. Black asked how it felt to be buried alive. He said it didn’t make Styles more humble since he is talking about throwing others off a building.

Black then said if Styles does somehow manage to throw him off the building, he should pray that Black doesn’t get back up. If he does, Black will climb the ladder and take the briefcase, then Styles will wish he was buried deeper than six feet.

We hear Rey Mysterio’s thoughts on the unique MITB match after a commercial. Mysterio said this will be the riskiest match of his career, which makes him realize his career is closer to the end than the beginning. He doesn’t know how many championship opportunities are left for him. While it is risky, Mysterio said that the risk is worth the reward.

The we get the entrance of the NXT Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair. Flair said she is the hardest working woman in any industry. She’s pulling double duty, working Mondays and Wednesdays.

This leads her to talking about her match with Io Shirai this week. She lists some of Io’s accolades and talked about how Io said her dream match was with Charlotte. Flair said that made her happy because she gets the privilege of making Io bow down to the Queen.

Liv Morgan then interrupts the Queen. Morgan asked if she remembered her, which leads Flair to thinking she wants attention. Morgan doesn’t need Flair to take her seriously and said not everyone is born with a silver spoon. She said that sooner or later she’ll be a champion. If it means she has to beat up some backstabbers or go through a self-entitled queen….so be it.

Flair knows who she is and she’s damn proud of being Ric Flair’s daughter and that silver spoon she was born with. She thought Morgan was going to come out and say she was her dream opponent, just like Io did. Liv eventually does call for a referee so that they could see what happens.

Charlotte Flair defeated Liv Morgan via Submission (Figure Eight)

Arguably this was Liv Morgan’s best match since her character had a change of direction. Morgan took everything the Queen had to throw at her and was able to dish some back. But as most do, Morgan had to bow down.

We see what tops the MITB countdown and of course it is Seth Rollins’ cash in from 2015. Then we head to commercial.

Drew McIntyre defeated Murphy via Pinfall (Claymore)

Well, Murphy could not beat the WWE Champion. Boy, did Murphy take beating. When McIntyre says he is going to slaughter someone, he means it. Also, don’t try to do a Claymore Countdown of your own against McIntyre.

After defeating Murphy, McIntyre tried to get Seth Rollins to fight him. It didn’t work at first, as Rollins walked up the ramp while McIntyre called him a coward. But with McIntyre’s back turned, Rollins came back and attacked him from behind.

Rollins yelled about the situation not being about Drew but there being a bigger purpose. He then attempted a curb stomp, but McIntyre got up and caught him with a Glasgow Kiss. Before he could hit Rollins with a Claymore Kick, Rollins escaped the ring.

And thats the show!

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Paige Brearley
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