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WWE Network Announce Tier System

WWE Co-president George Barrios announces a new tiered payment system for the WWE Network.

WWE announces much-rumoured changes to the over-the-top streaming service.

Via The Verge, WWE Co-President George Barrios announced this new tiered system, which goes as follows:

  • FREE: This will offer the same free-to-watch videos you’d normally find on WWE.com. Barrios said WWE might also offer timed previews of paid WWE Network content.
  • REGULAR: A standard WWE Network experience, combining free content with live pay-per-views, on-demand streaming, and original programming.
  • PREMIUM: More content, more features and also integrating some of our other non-video services like our commerce — potentially free shipping for WWE Shop.

There was nothing mentioned about other promotions like EVOLVE, Progress or Insane Championship Wrestling being on the Network at any point.

WWE has also looked at the possibility of pay-per-views in 4K, with the article revealing that the company has run tests and captured live events in 4K, but there’s still no firm timeline on when you’ll be able to stream in 4K and with HDR color.

Barrios also said WWE Network will be introducing offline downloads in the near future, letting subscribers watch full-length pay-per-view events or TV shows anywhere they choose. 

WWE revamped the Network earlier this year, following their split from BAMTech.


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