WWE: The Network UK Launch – 20 Shows You Must Watch First

wwe network uk logo

Fans in the UK rejoice. The wait is over. The WWE Network is here! If you’ve been following us for a while or listened to any of our podcasts recently, you’ll know we absolutely love it. Despite what wrestling news sites and so called “industry experts” will tell you, we feel it’s the future of the professional wrestling business and IS a success.

That being said, the UK is WWE’s second biggest market in the world, and we’re fully confident that a hefty chunk of subscriptions will be bought in the coming days/weeks.

So you’ve got your subscription (or perhaps you’re still on the fence) and there’s literally thousands of hours of footage in front of you and more shows than you can shake a steel chair at, so what do you watch first? Well we’ve been fortunate enough here at TWM to have folks who have had the Network since day one and our team have been scouring through WWE’s archives to bring you the essential shows/events/content that you absolutely must watch now that you’re paying just £9.99 a month!

So here then, are our essential picks of all the very best content on WWE’s “Over-the-top” Network. Grab some coffee and enjoy yourself, and if you have any questions about the WWE Network at all, just get in touch with us! Even if you don’t plan on subscribing, it’s cheaper than a PPV so at least try it!

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