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    WWE: No Way Out 2006 – Where Are They Now? | February 19, 2006

    It has been 15 years since the members of the Smackdown roster engaged in battle on the Road to Wrestlemania. Some are still on the roster today while others have gone on to do other things. Let’s take a look at where these men/ and women are now, after WWE No Way Out 2006.


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    John Bradshaw Layfield has had a career in the WWE that has lasted nearly 15 years. During that time he went through many different character changes. Most famously of those characters have to be his partnership with Ron Simmons, in the APA, and his JBL persona, where he captured the WWE Championship.

    After retiring from the ring, in 2009, JBL remained with WWE in various roles. He spent a few years as a colour commentator but left the position amid bullying accusations. After leaving the commentary desk JBL has split his time between appearances and being a financial analyst on such networks as CNBC and the Fox Business Network.

    Bobby Lashley

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    His opponent at No Way Out, Lashley made his television debut in the WWE. He was pushed to the moon by the company and spent the next three years wrestling for the companies major championships.

    After leaving in 2008, Lashley spent the next 10 years wrestling on the independent circuit and TNA.

    In 2018, Lashley made his triumphant return to the WWE interrupting a promo by Elias. After his return, he has spent the last 2 years in various angles. Most recently, he has been part of the faction the Hurt Business and is currently the United States Champion.

    Matt Hardy

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    Matt Hardy broke into the WWE as an enhancement talent in 1994. Along with his brother, Jeff, Matt spent years as a jobber until signing a full-time contract with the WWE in 1998. He would stay with the company until his departure in October of 2010.

    After leaving the WWE Matt spent the next seven years wrestling all over the world, and continuing to capture tag team gold with his brother.

    He, and Jeff, returned to the WWE in 2017 but by 2020, citing creative differences, Matt was once again gone from the company. He has since moved on to AEW where he still wrestles as well as manages the tag team, Private Party.


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    Tatanka first broke into the WWE in early 1992 and proceeded to go on the first undefeated streak in the WWE. The Lumbee tribesman did not get pinned on WWE television for nearly two years before Ludvig Borga used a steel chair to get the cheap victory.

    After his initial run with the WWE Tatanka spent years wrestling for various organizations over the United States.

    In  2015, Tatanka signed legends deal with the WWE and has since made sporadic appearances across WWE television. His most recent appearance was this past January on the Legends Night edition of Raw.

    Joey Mercury

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    Joey Mercury made his WWE debut, in 2004, teaming with Johnny Nitro and Melina to form the tag team MNM. As MNM they captured the WWE tag team championship 3 times and became known as one of the best tag teams in the world.

    After the tag team split Mercury struggled with substance abuse problems that kept him from becoming more than a jobber in the WWE and other organizations around the United States.

    Following his retirement, he spent time as a road agent and producer with the WWE. His most recent live appearance was with Lucha Underground where he teamed with former MNM partner Johhny Mundo.

    Johnny Nitro/Morrison

    John Morrison

    Nitro was the winner of Tough Enough season 3, which awarded him a developmental contract. He spent time working in OVW before being partnered up with Joey Mercury.

    After his split with MNM Nitro began a very successful singles career winning the Intercontinental Championship, 3 times, and the ECW Championship.

    Once Nitro left, he went on to have a great career with companies such as Lucha Underground, Lucha Libre Worldwide AAA, and Impact Wrestling.

    In 2019, Nitro (Morrison) made his return to the WWE partnering with The Miz. He, and The Miz, have continued this partnership to the present day. 


    Melina WWE

    Melina began her WWE career by managing Johhny Nitro and Joey Mercury. After the tag team split she managed Nitro to a very successful singles run. She also became quite the in-ring worker herself, feuding with most Divas in the company. 

    On her singles run Melina was able to capture the Women’s Championship 3 times and the Diva’s Championship twice.

    In 2011, Melina left WWE and spent the better part of 8 years wrestling for various women’s championships all over the country. Since 2019, she has made the odd appearance, showing up at the Legends Night edition of Raw this past January.

    Booker T

    Booker T WWE

    Booker T will go down as one of the greatest wrestlers of the past 25 years. Between the WWE and WCW Booker T has won 32 championships and has become only the fifth man in history to win the grand slam in both the WWE and WCW.

    After his retirement, Booker T has still spent time with the WWE, appearing as a colour commentator and pre-show panellist. He still makes appearances on television today, showing up most recently at the Royal Rumble for a Bad Bunny performance.


    Sharmell WWE

    Sharmell began her career as a Nitro Girl for WCW. It was there she met her husband Booker T and when WCW was bought by the WWE she made the transition over to the company from the north.

    While in the WWE Sharmell spent the majority of her time as the manager/valet of her husband Booker T.

    Sharmell is retired from in-ring duties but she still has an active role in her husbands’ wrestling organization, Reality of Wrestling. She is also active with commercial, television, and movie roles.

    Randy Orton

    Randy Orton WWE

    Randy Orton has become one of the most successful wrestlers in the world since making his debut with the WWE in 2002. He ranks third in world championship reigns, has won multiple Royal Rumble matches, and has been in the main event of Wrestlemania twice.

    He continues to wrestle for them today, most recently participating in a gauntlet match on Raw this past Monday.

    Rey Mysterio Jr.

    Rey Mysterio WWE

    His opponent at No Way Out, Rey Mysterio is one of the most influential wrestling figures in North America. Mysterio brought the high-flying Lucha Libre style of wrestling to WCW and the WWE and helped to revitalize both companies’ cruiserweight divisions.

    Mysterio recently made his return to the WWE at the 2018 Royal Rumble. Since then he has acted as a mentor to his son, Dominik. Recently, Mysterio and his son have engaged in a feud with King Baron Corbin.

    Kurt Angle

    Kurt Angle WWE

    Before joining in 1998 Kurt Angle was a very accomplished amateur wrestler. He won the gold medal at the 1996 Olympic games with a “ broken freaking neck” after all. Once joining, he proved that he was also one of the best professional wrestlers in the world by winning 11 championships.

    After leaving the WWE in 2006, Kurt went to TNA and became the face of that company. Over 10 years Kurt was in the main event scene of TNA, taking the company to prominence that TNA had never experienced before.

    When his TNA run came to an end Angle reappeared in WWE, getting inducted in their Hall of Fame. He then filled various on-air roles with the company over 3 years and is currently working as a producer backstage.

    The Undertaker

    Undertaker WWE

    His opponent at No Way Out, The Undertaker has been the personification of the WWE throughout his 30-year career. He has had a success that is unparalleled by anyone involved with the WWE.

    At Wrestlemania 36, the Undertaker competed in his last match against A.J Styles. It was one of the best cinematic matches that they had put on and was a fitting end to the Deadmans career.

    After his retirement, the Undertaker has come out of his shell and has been part of several interviews. A fantastic documentary storying his career, called the Last Ride, is available on the WWE Network.

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