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WWE: [Not So] Extreme Rules 2021 – Results / Review

Extreme Rules 2021 was a professional wrestling pay-per-view and WWE Network event produced by WWE for their Raw and SmackDown brand divisions. It took place on September 26, 2021, at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. It was the 13th event under the Extreme Rules chronology and the first to be held in September.

New Day vs AJ Styles, Omos and Bobby Lashley
Not-Extreme Rules 2021 – Six Man Tag

Starts off with Xavier and AJ Styles, good initial back and forth, then Kofi tags in. More back and forth, AJ eventually demands Big E, which Kofi obliges, Big E starts dominating AJ until Lashley tags in, Lashley delivers a big clothesline. Big E throws Lashley into his corner, all three members stomp a mudhole into Lashley. Lashley rolls out to avoid him, then Kofi dives on Lashley, Xavier delivers the assist.

AJ and Omos go over to check on their partner, this distracts Kofi long enough for them to get the heat. Lashley, AJ and Omos all work over Kofi, thankfully they keep Omos’s ring time to a minimum. Kofi teases a got tag to Big E but Lashley pulls him off the apron.

Kofi eventually avoids a powerslam and hot tags in Xavier, who does a good fire up, finalised with a DDT on Lashley for the near fall. Lashley gets the brief heat on Xavier, But Xavier eventually hot tags Big E while Lashley tags in AJ Styles. Big E dominates AJ for a couple of minutes before AJ hits a couple of Pele kicks.

Kofi does a phantom tag to hit a big double team stomp powerbomb on AJ for a pin attempt that Lashley breaks up. Lashley and AJ get thrown outside, Kofi tags in Big E and Then attempts a dive only to get swatted out of the air by Omos.

Lashley attempts a spear only for AJ to tag himself in, which causes issues. Lashley immediately tags back in, AJ attempts the phenomenal forearm but Big E avoids that and Lashley inadvertently spears AJ Styles. Big E Pinned Bobby Lashley with a big ending to win a good opening match on the show.

Winner: The New Day

No major complaints a very good opener, Makes no sense if they are building to a rematch for Lashley, which we later find out they did on RAW!

After the match they showed Becky Lynch backstage, who got big cheers, Then an ad for Connors cure victory over Cancer Campaign, no complaints, that’s a great thing to fight for.

Street Profits vs The Uso’s (C) for the Smackdown tag team titles
Not Extreme Rules 2021

I notice that both teams have a similar rhythm to their Tron themes. Dawkins and Jimmy Uso start. Dawkins gets the upper hand early. Jimmy tags in Jey while Montez tags in. Montez keeps up with Jey until Jimmy kicks Montez in the back while Montez ran the ropes. They keep working Montez’s ribs. Very good hot tag tease, where Montez keeps elbowing Jey, until Jey elbows him.

Montez finally hot tags Dawkins in while Jimmy tags in. Quickly go outside, where Dawkins thwarts both Usos. Dawkins hits a move, for a two count, then tags in Montez for a double team summersault powerbomb neck breaker for the two counts.

Tons of near falls now as both teams tag in and out hitting numerous double team moves. Montez eventually somersaults outside onto both Usos and goes for a frog splash and pin on Jey but Jimmy breaks it up. The Usos eventually pin Montez with a double superkick and Double frog splash for the pin.

Winner and still Smackdown Tag Team Champions: The Usos

Great match, built around working Montez’s ribs though Montez seemed to only sell when he wanted to.

Bobby Lashley backstage calling Big E a coward and chicken shit, the word was uncensored, we might move toward a more mature WWE protect.

Charlotte Flair (C) vs Alexa Bliss
Raw Women’s Championship – Another Non-Extreme Rules 2021

They are feuding over a doll, that’s enough for me to consider going for a nap… The crowd is super into Alexa in her home state. Charlotte comes out with still the Flair in her name, she’s also wearing what seems to be a Venom inspired robe.

Commentary talks about Charlotte destroying the entire women’s division… Alexa fires up early nearly hitting her DDT through Charlotte escapes. Alexa eventually tries a cross body but Charlotte catches her and starts beating her ass. Charlotte starts wearing Alexa down, Alexa gets brief flashes of shine before Charlotte cuts off again.

Alexa tries diving outside but Charlotte catches her and throws her into the barricade. Charlotte tries Natural Selection but Alexa rolls out. Alexa hits a sunset bomb but charlotte kicks out.

Alexa tries for twisted bliss but charlotte avoids and attempts a figure 8, but Alexa rolls her up. Alexa hits a DDT but charlotte gets her foot on the rope.

Charlotte distracts Alexa with the doll, then hits a big boot and a natural selection for the win.

Winner and Still WWE Raw Women’s champion: Charlotte Flair

The match was average, stupid awful finish with the damn doll. Charlotte destroys the doll afterwards and beats Alexa’s ass to boot. Alexa cries over the death of “Lilly” like it was her own close relative. I found out later on that Alexa was in her hometown, welcome home Alexa, here’s your reward, jobbing out to the Omni-Flair.

Paul Heyman backstage on the phone to someone (Brock Lesnar, maybe, it’s never confirmed). Kayla stealth’s behind him, holding the mic near his head. Paul buries Kayla. With some funny lines about speaking to an actual journalist or speaking to a different woman, it’s actually very entertaining.

Damien Priest (C) vs Sheamus vs Jeff Hardy for the US Title
Triple Threat Match at Extreme Rules 2021

Sheamus immediately takes out Jeff Hardy. Fans are super into Jeff Hardy.

Sheamus and Priest brawl outside. Jeff runs in off-camera to hit poetry in motion of the stairs. Jeff starts brawling with Sheamus until Priest onto the two of them. Sheamus eventually gets the heat on Jeff Hardy, keeping Priest outside. Sheamus does his signature clubbing blows on Priest but Priest counters fall off the apron in a botch and hits his own clubbing blows.

Sheamus hangs Priest on the top rope to end it, Jeff Hardy Dropkicks Sheamus.

Hardy fires up, almost pinning Sheamus but Priest interrupts. Hardy hits a whisper in the wind on both opponents. Hardy tries his corner dropkick but Sheamus boots him in the sternum. Sheamus hits an Alabama slam, losing his mask, then applies a cloverleaf submission.

Priest rakes Sheamus’s exposed nose. Hardy hits a twist of fate on both opponents, then goes up for the Swanton but shamus knocks jeff off the top. Jeff gets brogue kicked by Sheamus and rolls out the ring, Sheamus chases which was his fatal error. Eventually, Priest wins by Rolling up Sheamus.

WINNER and still United States Champion: Damien Priest

Becky Lynch (C) vs Bianca Belair for the Smackdown Women’s title
Not – Extreme Rules 2021

In case anyone is wondering, this Heel turn has drastically hurt Becky, fans don’t want to boo her, but won’t cheer her heel stuff, the fans don’t overwhelmingly support Bianca either.

Becky comes out to a big ovation from the fans, needless to say, I don’t see this heel turn working. The announcer introduces both wrestlers and Becky gets a bigger ovation.

Becky goes for the handshake. Bianca doesn’t fall for that. Bianca getting the early advantage, rolling up Becky to counter the Dis-arm-her. Bianca lays out Becky and his a splash for the two.

Becky rolls outside, Michael comments on Becky and Becky buries him, that’s a face to me. Becky stalls outside, until Bianca shoulder-barges her outside.

Becky getting the heat on Bianca. Bianca hits Becky with a fallaway slam for a near fall, Becky getting her foot on the rope. Bianca cries about it as Becky rolls up Bianca then applies the dis-arm-her. Bianca quickly reaches the rope. Becky grabs her hair, Bianca overpowers Becky, she goes outside.

Becky counters a glam slam, throwing Bianca into the steps. Becky hits a leg drop from the top into the ring, for a near fall. Hits a second move from the top to Becky. Both go back and forth for a while but as Bianca is about to hit the K.O.D but Sasha runs in, kicking Bianca for the D.Q win for Bianca.

WINNER: Bianca Belair – No title change

The match was really good besides the crap DQ finish, though it at least makes sense, no less infuriating. Sasha beats both women’s assess. Then says she’ll see them both Friday.

Smoking skull sessions ad, featuring Seth Rollins.

Roman Reigns (C) vs Finn Balor for the Universal Title
Extreme Rules 2021 Match!

The Promo package spends quite a bit of it on Brock Lesnar… as Roman comes out first. In an entrance, I swear lasted longer than Undertakers. Finn out next AR Swirling red clouds overhead. Roman puts on a mask before brawling through the crowd, so I’m happy he’s being safe about it. Balor sets up a table in the ring but Roman throws Finn in the ring.

Roman counters a running dropkick into a spear, but Finn kicks out, low blowing Roman. Finn hits a Coupe de grace for the near-fall as the bloodline run in and attack Finn.

Finn fires up throwing Jey into the announce table only to get speared into the barricade by Roman. Suddenly Balor’s demon music plays, Finn revives because his music plays, beating Romans ass while his music continues playing, like New Jack in the OG ECW days.

Finn climbs up top, to hit the coup de grace but suddenly the ropes “Malfunction” and Finn falls hurting his knee. Balor gets pinned with the spear.

WINNER and still WWE Universal Champion: Roman Reigns

Good match, Awful finish I understand the method of protecting the demon, but Finn no-sold a spear through the barricade, but then he hurts his knee, what the hell, overall they killed Finn and the demon in the space of around 3 weeks.

By the way, in case you’re wondering, how important Finn Balor is. The moment he lost, they started talking about Brock Lesnar in Saudi Arabia.

Overall, the show was ok, but they had some awful finishes plus one match that looking back was just bad.

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