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WWE NXT: 27th January 2021 | Baby, You’re So (Dusty) Classic

Another week, another NXT. This week we’ll see more Dusty Classic action! We’ll also see if Finn Balor and Kyle O’Reilly can co-exist in their tag team match.

We began NXT with a recap of what went down last week in the Fight Pit. The we also saw how Finn Balor and Kyle O’Reilly became tag team partners for the night.

MSK (Wes Lee and Nash Carter) defeated Drake Maverick and Killian Dain via Pinfall (Blockbuster)

As we have come to see, MSK has some pretty innovative offense. Although Maverick and Dain seemed to be on the same page, more than ever before, MSK utilized quick tags to try and keep Maverick isolated. Once Dain got in the match he gave MSK some problems, but it just wasn’t enough. MSK was able to take Dain out of the match and focus on Maverick at the end of the match.

MSK advances to the next round of the Dusty Classic and will face the winner of Lucha House Party versus Legado del Fantasma.

After the match we saw the arrival of the NXT Tag Team Champions, Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan, along with Pete Dunne.

Then we got a video about the team of Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez. In it Kai and Gonzalez talked about how their bond was formed last year and since then they have been able to leave a trail of broken bodies. Now they are three wins away from making history.

Robert Stone then did a voiceover for the video introducing his team of Aliyah and Jessi Kamea. Stone said they are a pair of superstars just waiting for their opportunity to breakout. Their journey begins tonight against Kai and Gonzalez. Then we went to commercial break.

When we returned from commercial, McKenzie Mitchell was with Curt Stallion. Stallion told a story about his pre-WWE travels and how he came up with The Lone Star nickname. Then there was something about a rocket and the NXT Cruiserweight Championship….I think the interview basically boiled down to Stallion saying he would become the NXT Cruiserweight Champion.

Back at ringside, the Robert Stone Brand were already in the ring, awaiting their opponents. Then Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez made their entrance.

Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai defeated Aliyah and Jessi Kamea via Pinfall (Chokeslam)

Gonzalez’s strength was once again put on display in this one. While Kamea was able to get some offense on Gonzalez in the early goings, an almost run in with Kai put that to a screeching halt. When Kai got into the match, she did get caught by some excellent tag team work by Aliyah and Kamea. In the end Gonzalez took out Kamea with a huge clothesline when they both got in the match!

Kai and Gonzalez will move on to the next round to face Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter next week.

Backstage McKenzie Mitchell is interviewing The Way! Mitchell congratulated Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell on their advancement in the Women’s Dusty Classic because of their win last week. LeRae said that as soon as the Women’s Dusty Classic was announced she knew the Cup was as good as theirs. Hartwell said it doesn’t matter what team they face next because they always find a way to succeed (get it, way haha).

Mitchell then tried to get comments from Johnny Gargano concerning the speculation that William Regal may give Kushida an opportunity at his North American Championship. Bringing up Kushida did not go over well though. Gargano actually had to walk away while Austin Theory explained that bringing up Kushida (and the fact that he has beaten Gargano twice) is like bringing up the curse…don’t.

Don’t say curse or Kushida around Johnny Gargano friends. Once The Way left, Dexter Lumis appeared from behind some curtains! Then we went to commercial break.

Returning from break we got a warning from Scarlett, although it was during a tarot card reading. “Stay on your journey or he will alter his.” Fall and Pray.

Back at ringside Beth Phoenix let us know that Tegan Nox will be on Brie Larson’s Youtube channel training with her!

Tyler Rust defeated Daniel Garcia (At least I think?) via Submission (Rings of Saturn)

Rust focused on the left arm of Garcia for the majority of the match. Malcom Bivens was very impressed at ringside. Rust’s opponent did get some decent offense in, but just wasn’t enough.

After the match, Bivens took a selfie with Rust.

Then we heard from the teams fighting in the next round of the Men’s Dusty Classic: Grizzled Young Veterans and Kushida/Leon Ruff. Both teams gave us reasons on why they will be the next team to move on in the Dusty Classic.

We then went to another commercial break.

When we returned from break, McKenzie Mitchell was attempting to get a word in with Finn Balor. Her attempt didn’t last long because Kyle O’Reilly interrupted and she left. O’Reilly asked if Balor was ready and if he could trust him. They came to the agreement that O’Reilly doesn’t have to trust Balor as long as they are on the same page.

Grizzled Young Veterans defeated Leon Ruff and Kushida via Pinfall (Ticket To Mayhem)

A really fun tag team match between two excellent tag teams. Unfortunately for Ruff and Kushida, their inexperience as a team seemed to be their downfall. They were able to get a few pin attempts on GYV where it looked like they would be the team moving on, but it just didn’t work. Ruff once again pulled off some incredible rope work, but was unable to tag Kushida back in to capitalize. James Drake then took Kushida out of the equation and GYV got the pinfall.

GYV will now go on to face the winner of Undisputed Era versus Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa.

After their victory, James Drake and Zack Gibson celebrated by the Dusty Cup. As they were celebrating Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory rushed down to the ring. The Way attacked Kushida and Ruff! Theory held Ruff back as he watched Gargano deliver One Final Beat DDT to Kushida.

As Theory was holding Ruff back, Dexter Lumis appeared behind him! Theory rushed in to the ring to get Gargano to leave ringside.

Backstage cameras showed us that Curt Stallion was taken out! When William Regal strolled up to find out what happened, Stallion was able to tell him it was Legado del Fantasma who attacked him.

Then we went to yet another commercial break.

When we returned from break McKenzie Mitchell let Santos Escobar know that during the break, Curt Stallion was found not medically able to compete. Escobar said that was really unfortunate because he was looking forward to teaching Stallion a lesson. Before Escobar could continue William Regal barged in!

Regal said he knew it was Legado del Fantasma who attacked Curt Stallion. They tried to say it wasn’t them, of course. Regal said the Cruiserweight Championship match will happen next week. If Stallion is found mysteriously attacked though, Legado del Fantasma will suffer consequences.

When Escobar grabbed his championship there was a tarot card under it. The end is near….maybe.

Back at ringside, Toni Storm made her entrance. She grabbed a mic and called out Io Shirai. She told Shirai that when she wants something she doesn’t just fall in line, she makes it happen. Then Storm listed off how she won the NXT UK Women’s Championship and the Mae Young Classic. Storm said she wanted to win the first ever Women’s Dusty Cup, but Shirai took it away from her.

Storm then said she wants to hurt Shirai and take her NXT Women’s Championship.

Enter Io Shirai.

Shirai said she would fight Storm anywhere; she doesn’t like Storm. Then the two began to brawl! Shirai was able to get Storm out of the ring, but Storm turned out to be the least of her worries. Mercedes Martinez attacked Shirai from behind!

The three women had a good fight that ended with Storm taking Shirai out with hip attacks in the corner. Storm then picked up the NXT Women’s Championship before we went backstage.

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Isaiah Swerve Scott on what has been happening between him and Bronson Reed before we went to break. Swerve wasn’t thrilled about Mitchell’s questions.

When we returned from break we got a video from Imperium. In it Wolfe said that a year a go they showed everyone they were a force to be reckoned with. Now? Things have changed. They have been isolated, but things will start to go back how they were. Imperium is stronger together and the return of Alexander Wolfe is only the beginning.

Then McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Adam Cole and Roderick Strong. Cole said that they know how strong Tommaso Ciampa is because they have gone to war with him before. As for Timothy Thatcher, UE could have their hands full if the Fight Pit is any indication. Roderick Strong said that “those two dorks” won’t stop UE from becoming two time Dusty Cup winners.

Bronson Reed defeated Isaiah Swerve Scott via Pinfall (Tsunami)

Reed kicked out of a 450 splash! In the third encounter between Swerve and Reed, Swerve started off hot! Swerve brought the fight to Reed, but Reed was able to stop him and toss him on the apron. Although Swerve was much more physical in this bout, Reed was just able to over power him.

After the match we went backstage to see Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa said he has been in the business for 16 years now and explained how their are fights you win, fights you lose, but then fights you remember. Then Timothy Thatcher pulled up a chair and joined him.

Thatcher said that the Fight Pit changes a man. He then explained he accepted Ciampa’s offer of the Dusty Cup because of the respect he gained for him. The Dusty Cup represents opportunity and Ciampa warned UE that next week would be a war.

We got the entrance of Kyle O’Reilly before we went to commercial break.

Kyle O’Reilly and Finn Balor defeated Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan via Submission (Heel Hook)

Once KOR was in the match, Burch and Lorcan took the opportunity to focus on the injured jaw KOR suffered a few weeks ago. Balor and KOR though, for the most part were able to work well as a team, tensions were high but it worked out. Quick tags from the champs made it seem like they could be on their way to a victory.

The match was pretty entertaining and enjoyable to watch.

After the match as KOR and Balor celebrated the victory, KOR noticed Pete Dunne. Before he could warn Balor, Lorcan and Burch took out KOR! Dunne and Balor began to brawl, but the numbers game then came into play! Pat McAfee’s boys stomped on the NXT Champion.

Eventually Adam Cole and Roderick Strong slowly made their way to the ring as back up. As UE made their way to the ring, Dunne snapped the fingers of Balor!

We ended NXT with a nod of respect between KOR and Balor. Til next week folks!

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