WWE: NXT Report – November 13th 2013

Before heading into the report, I wish to apologise for my tardiness. Life got in the way of bringing my observations to the masses. I have been severely reprimanded by WM management and I assure you all that it shall not happen again!

Enough about me though, onto the show! This is our first show since the release of Kasssius Ohno, a staggering decision in my book and one that I cannot really fathom the logic behind. Who am I but a lowly observer though, there may be more to this than we know.

We are welcomed to Full-Sail by Bryon Saxton, who introduces us to his fellow announcers; William Regal and “Sweet T” Lord Tensai, Tensai, A-Train, Albert. Wow that guy has had some gimmicks.

The team of Bayley and Charlotte make their way to the ring. After a cracking interchange between Tensai and Regal, Summer Rae and Sasha Banks enter.

Bayley & Charlotte vs. Summer Rae & Sasha Banks

Bayley returns the favour from last week and presents her opponents with a couple of headbands; Summer and Sasha don’t seem to like them. Charlotte and Sasha get things underway in our first bout.

We get some Flair WOOO’s for Charlotte as she impresses with a hammerlock and some bridges. Bayley tags in but Banks takes control and tags in Mrs Fandango.

Bayley gets in a splash and a fireman’s carry before Rae sends her down to the mat. We go to an ad break.

As we come back, Sasha is in control, chinlock applied to Bayley. In comes Summer Rae, who chokes Bayley on the middle rope. Summer gets Bayley into a full-nelson but instead of using her own arms, she uses her legs. Impressive stuff from the Diva’s thus far.

Bayley tries to get to her corner but Summer drags her back and in comes Sasha. A rollup from Bayley gets her a two-count but also means she has to endure the wrath of Banks as she has her face driven into the mat. Another tag brings Rae back in.

Summer chokes Bayley in the corner and then makes the tag.

Bayley manages to inflict some offence and get to her corner. Charlotte tags in by slapping Bayley across the face. This decks Bayley and Regal calls her a ‘rotten cow’. She inflicts some more damage on Bayley and returns to her corner. Sasha covers Bayley and gets the win.

WINNER: Summer Rae & Sasha Banks

Charlotte gets in the middle of her confused looking opponents and raises their arms. Have to admit that I did not see that one coming. A nice twist.

We go from the ‘BFFs’ to backstage with “The Artiste Aiden English”, who is doing vocal exercises.

We go back to the arena for the entrance of Camacho. Hey, remember Camacho! It seems somebody has taken his bike though, poor chap.

His opponent, mic in hand, “The Artiste” Aiden English is introduced. As usual, he requests the spotlight. English serenades us as he enters the ring.

Camacho vs. “The Artiste” Aiden English

We get things under way with a collar and elbow tie-up. Camacho suffers some offence in the corner but comes back with a strong clothesline, body slam and back-body drop.

Camacho continues to dominate but English counters and hits the Director’s Cut from, and I quote, “outta nowhere”. Watch out Randy Orton. English gets the win.

WINNER: “The Artiste” Aiden English

English grants us an encore and sings once again. We get roses thrown into the ring and Regal appreciates the display. It’s all got emotional or ‘totes emosh’ as I believe the kids/idiots are saying these days.

We cut backstage with Alexander Rusev and Lana. They speak in a foreign language and Rusev looks ready for another squash. We then get some hype for tonights 2 out of 3 falls between Adrian Neville and Corey Graves.

As we go back to the ring, London’s Danny Burch is already in there. Cardiff’s Mason Ryan joins him. England v. Wales!

Danny Burch vs. Mason Ryan

Regal plays up the rivalry between the English and the Welsh as Ryan takes control. Burch manages to get in a few strikes of his own.

Burch continues to get in nothing more than punches and this eventually serves as nothing more than fuel to Mason Ryan. Mason explodes into some offence that culminates with a big-boot.

Mason hits something of a full-nelson slam and picks up the victory

WINNER: Mason Ryan

You win this round, Wales!

More hype for Neville v. Graves and then the return of NXT Champion Bo Dallas, next week.

Out comes Corey Graves, followed by Adrian Neville. We have about 15 minutes left on this show, which gives this match plenty of time to be something special.

Things get underway very quickly with leapfrog and dropkick from Neville and then a couple of early pin attempts.

Graves takes control of the match before Neville counters and gets in a flurry of offence. Graves sends Neville into the corner and follows him in. Neville uses the top rope to launch him over and above the incoming Graves and follows up with a couple of flips toward the opposite corner. Graves follows him again but Neville dodges once again and connects with a kick to Graves.

Neville goes up to the top rope and connects with Red Arrow. Neville picks up the first fall of the match. Impressive stuff from the Englishman!

The competitors are outside the ring and we get some back and forth between the two. Back in the ring, Neville looks like he’s going to hit Red Arrow again but Graves rolls out of the way before he gets chance.

Neville gets sent to the outside again and lands awkwardly on his knee, spotting the opportunity, Graves goes after it. Back in the ring, Graves gets a 2 count.

As we come back from a break, Graves remains in control and we are shown Graves going after the knee of Neville during the break. Neville wanders the ring and sells the injury.

Single leg Boston Crab by Graves does further damage to the leg of Neville. Neville escapes and manages to get a 2 count. Graves comes back with an attack to the leg and then locks in Lucky 13. Neville taps. Both now have a fall apiece, 1-1.

Some mixed offence between the 2 results in Graves going to the outside. On his return, Neville takes control with a series of strikes but Graves counters with another attack on the knee. Neville does manage to come back with a low dropkick and a near-fall.

Neville looks like he’s headed to the top and the announcers question him being able to make it up on his bad leg. Neville manages to get up in an unorthodox manner. As he attempts to stand on the bad leg though, it gives way and Neville collapses to the mat. That is the way to sell a high-flyer having been incapacitated!

Once again, Graves locks in the Lucky 13. Neville reaches for the ropes and eventually manages to power his way there. Graves connects some kicks on the knee of Neville but Neville manages to roll Graves up into an inside cradle. Against all odds, Neville picks up the 3rd fall and wins the match 2-1.

WINNER: Adrian Neville

I was expecting an attack from Graves but Neville left to the ramp to celebrate quickly.

With that, NXT fans, we have once again reached the end of our developmental goodness.

The show seemed to go by quickly, with an escape from the formula that the last few shows have followed.  A smart move as this show felt fresher.

It was nice to see the Diva’s get some time this week. They used what they were given well. Summer and Rae were perhaps a little irrelevant in this outing but in the grand scheme of things, they have moved forward with a new addition to their group.

I never expected Charlotte’s turn and it is always nice to be surprised by something in wrestling’s current spoiler-filled climate. It will be interesting to monitor where things go from here between these 4 ladies.

As for the matches involving Camacho, English, Burch and Ryan. These were all quick and painless affairs that were nothing to get excited about but nor were they anything to become riled over.

The main event between Graves and Neville certainly had its moments. I liked the selling on the top rope by Neville and the opportunistic nature of Corey Graves.

Having said that, I was expecting a little more from these two. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy it, I did. They did nothing wrong but it felt to me as if that certain something was missing. Perhaps my expectations were set too high but overall, as I say, I expected more.

So this was a largely throwaway episode of NXT where not an awful lot happened apart from a decent heel-turn by Charlotte. At this point, I would usually attempt a witty (and often plagiarised) sign-off. This week is a little different.

I am to steal from Lance Storm and be serious for a moment. You may or may not be aware that we are currently running a massive competition here at TWM, in aid of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. I urge all of you NXT fans to enter and humbly request your donation for as little or as much as you are able to give to this amazing charity.

Until next week, friends. I promise to be on time!

– By Richard Thompson

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