WWE: NXT Results | 08/06/21 | The Fatal Five Face Off

It is the last NXT before In Your House! What chaos could we see go down? Also Poppy is back to perform.

We opened NXT with a recap of what occurred last week and saw how Adam Cole got put in the match for the NXT Championship this Sunday. Next week is the Fatal Five Way and WWE NXT In Your House! After our recap, we got right into the action! Austin Theory made his entrance to the ring to await his opponent.

Oney Lorcan defeated Austin Theory via Pinfall

Before the match begun we saw footage from earlier in the day of Theory and Johnny Gargano fighting/attacking Lorcan and Pete Dunne. In the battle of loyalty Theory actually got the upper hand with a drop kick and a side headlock. We got to see the more technical side of Lorcan for a bit in this match, which is a nice change.

After Theory got a tad too cocky, Lorcan took control of the match. The match then went outside of the ring! This actually brought Pete Dunne to ringside before the match went to picture in picture. Dunne looked to be just observing, but when we came back from picture in picture Johnny Gargano was ringside to even the odds. Lorcan got thrown to the outside, just in front of Pete, but Pete did not do anything.

Lorcan regained control by tossing Theory to the outside after he got back into the ring. We honestly got to see a decent back and forth, hard hitting match between these two competitors with little to no interference. Go check out Theory’s modified Spanish Fly. We did see Gargano and Dunne begin to brawl, which led to referees breaking them up. The match ended with Lorcan graining the victory!

After the match, we went to LA Knight’s house. We heard Knight singing Ted DiBiase’s theme song. He. said he would be the one to bring the Million Dollar Man’s legacy to new heights. Then Knight told two women a story about how he would beat Cameron Grimes this Sunday and DiBiase would just laugh at Grimes. Then we took a commercial break.

When we returned from break, Dok Hendrix (Michael PS Hayes really), got us hyped and ran down the card for this Sunday!

Then our Progressive Match Flo showcased last week’s NXT Tag Team Championship match!

In the ring was Legado del Fantasma. Santos Escobar said he was going to make Bronson Reed pay for what happened last week. Enter in Bronson Reed! Reed said he was going to come out and tell Escobar he is full of it, but after last week he thinks he dealt with that.

Reed then called for the guys in the truck to reshow Escobar getting squished! We saw the footage multiple times! Legado del Fantasma was livid! Escobar then challenged Reed to get in the ring and try to squish him again. Reed accepted, but as soon as he hit the ring MSK came out!

Escobar and company begged off! He said he should have expected it. Then he challenged MSK and Reed to a winner’s take all match! Reed and MSK accepted.

As Legado del Fantasma went to leave, Hit Row came out! A stand off between Hit Row and Legado del Fantasma occurred. Then as Hit Row got into the ring, they had a similar stare down with Reed and MSK. Then we took a commercial break.

When we returned from break we found out that Legado del Fantasma versus Bronson Reed and MSK will take place Sunday. ALL titles will be on the line.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott defeated Killian Dain via Pinfall

Hit Row really played a heavy hand in this match. Dain seemed to be in control of the match, but Ashante Thee Adonis stopped him from going to the top rope. Drake Maverick then dove off the steel steps at Adonis. Top Dolla though took out Maverick and this served to be a huge distraction to Dain.

After the match we saw the arrival of Poppy. McKenzie Mitchell then interviewed Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell. LeRae said she wasn’t thrilled with Poppy’s arrival because she is getting asked about it when people could be interviewing the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions about their reign.

Hartwell was a tad distracted. She said that Dexter Lumis used her headphones last week and cried to the song. Hartwell said she thinks he still loves her and needs to go find him. LeRae couldn’t believe it. She turned to McKenzie and said they weren’t even a thing so why does this keep happening.

Then we took a commercial break.

Returning from break we got to see Cameron Grimes leaving his best life. Grimes tried to light a cigar and kept coughing, but said he loved it. We then saw Grimes getting a massage and showing off his wealth. He said he would take the Million Dollar Legacy to the moon!

Back in the CWC Mercedes Martinez was making her entrance when Xia Li attacked her! Li fought Martinez around the ring, before their brawl went inside the ring. After Martinez got rid of Li, she decided to begin her match.

Mercedes Martinez defeated Amari Miller via Pinfall (Air Raid)

Although Li attacked Martinez, it seemed liked that only fueled Martinez to be better. The match was quick and Martinez didn’t give her opponent much of a chance to get offense in. Actually she gave her opponent no chance.

Backstage McKenzie Mitchell interviewed the returning Breezango. Fandango took over the interview. He asked why Walter is so angry all the time when he has he championship. Tyler Breeze said that it seems Imperium is sour grapes about their loss to them. If they have to defeat Imperium again on their way back to the NXT Tag Team Championships they will.

We saw Ted DiBiase make his way towards ringside as we went to commercial break.

As we returned from break, William Regal and Triple H are backstage with Poppy. Triple H said he loves Poppy’s new music and thanks her for allowing them to use some of her new songs. He then asked her when the new album would be available. Poppy pulled out her phone and pressed a button: the album is out.

Dexter Lumis then walked up to Poppy and handed her a drawing. Poppy accepted it and then gave Lumis a hug! Of course this is when Indi Hartwell found Lumis! She ran away screaming, awkward.

Cameron Grimes and LA Knight then showed up for their meet up with Ted DiBiase. Knight and Grimes threw little digs at each other as they entered the building.

In the ring DiBiase called for Grimes and Knight to enter the ring before his priceless announcement. Knight made his entrance first, but was interrupted by Grimes. Let the game of one ups man ship begin!

DiBiase then told both men that they may have proven themselves worthy, come Sunday they will need to climb the ladder of success! A gold ladder then descended from the rafters. Knight then cut straight to the point. He said there is no hill he won’t climb or hillbilly he won’t step on to carry on the Million Dollar Legacy.

Grimes said he may be a hillbilly, but he is worth a million. He said when he is in front of the WWE Universe and in the ring, he cant be beat. Then he climbed the ladder and said he would take the Million Dollar Legacy to the moon!

Of course there was nothing to grab once at the top of the ladder. When Grimes asked what they were to grab, DiBiase had security bring in a box. This Sunday Knight and Grimes will be fighting for THE MILLION DOLLAR CHAMPIONSHIP!

Backstage we saw Karrion Kross and Kyle O’Reilly needing to be separated! Regal got involved and yelled at them to stop! Then we took a commercial break.

Grizzled Young Veterans defeated August Grey and Ikemen Jiro via Pinfall (Ticket To Mayhem)

Jiro and Grey did bring the fight to GYV. Jiro did not appreciate GYV touching the sports coat/jacket he wore to wrestle in. Although Jiro and Grey gave it their best go, even with a little help from Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa’s appearance as a distraction, GYV found a way to win the match.

After the match, Zack Gibbson reminded Timo and Ciampa that they were done with them and focused on the NXT Tag Team Championships. He said that they have already proven to be a better tag team than Ciampa and Timo.

Ciampa said they didn’t get it. GYV is not getting a title shot unless they go through them. Ciampa and Timo threw their steel chairs into the ring. Gibson suggested they throw the tag team rules away next week and have a Tornado Tag Team Match!

Ciampa said they love tornados, they don’t need no tags, and they don’t need to wait til next week. Timo and Ciampa then rushed the ring, but GYV ran off. Timo warned them again that he would enjoy breaking their limbs.

We saw Candice LeRae walking backstage before we took a commercial break.

Returning from commercial break we saw what happened to Bobby Fish at the hands of Oney Lorcan two weeks ago. As Bobby Fish was training, he warned Lorcan that he has not forgot about him.

Back in the CWC, Candice LeRae made her way to the ring. LeRae said she was so sick of hearing about Poppy. She said Poppy hijacked her interview last week and now she has stolen Hartwell’s man. INDEX IS A THING! Don’t act like you don’t know that.

LeRae said because of Poppy, Hartwell left the building in tears. She then gave Poppy a choice: come out to the ring and face her or get a proper introduction to the NXT parking lot.

Enter Poppy.

Poppy said she doesn’t wrestle, but she knows someone who does. IO SHIRAI IS BACK! After Shirai got her ring jacket off she went right at LeRae. 619! Missile drop kick. Then LeRae bailed as Shirai and Poppy celebrated in the ring.

Dok Hendrix gave us an NXT TakeOver: In Your House Update. Then it was time for a commercial break.

Ember Moon defeated Dakota Kai via DQ

A pretty brutal match. Kai used the ring post to her advantage to try and injure Moon. Somehow though Moon preserved and put Kai in a dragon sleeper! Kai was able to reverse, but could not get the three count over Moon. Moon went to the outside but was stopped by Gonzalez. When the referee wasn’t looking Gonzalez went for a big kick but missed Moon. Moon went to the top rope for the Eclipse, but Gonzalez got back in the ring and delivered a big boot to Moon!

After the match, Moon tried to go on the attack of both Gonzalez and Kai! Somehow Moon was able to hit the Eclipse on Gonzalez! Moon then grabbed hold of the NXT Women’s Championship and tossed it over Gonzalez.

We then saw Karrion Kross and Scarlett. Kross addressed the men he would be facing Sunday. He said they all have a face to face opportunity with him tonight, but don’t have to wait til Sunday to know what it feels to be taken out by him. This is their opportunity to show the world what they can do. Tick Tock.

When we returned from a commercial break, William Regal was in the ring yelling at Karrion Kross. Regal told Kross that while he may be the champion he does not run the show. Guys Regal is still the GM! He told Kross he has seen enough tonight and this face to face will not be happening.

Kross got angry and told Regal he doesn’t run anything. NXT has been out of control for a long time and he won’t be leaving the ring until his four opponents come out.

Enter Kyle O’Reilly. KOR said Kross is the most dominating NXT Champion they have ever seen, but he has some thin skin. Why? The vein in Kross’ forehead and the fact that he is insecure. KOR said it is just a matter of time before someone like him takes the title from Kross.

Enter Johnny Gargano. Gargano got on the announcer’s table and couldn’t believe that Kross was letting KOR talk to him like that. Everyone knows though that Kross is not Johnny TakeOver. If it were Gargano he would have walked over and choked out KOR. He told Kross to be careful though because we know Kross is not the most graceful.

Pete Dunne then came out and said he was tired of talking and waiting. He wanted to show everyone why he is the baddest man in NXT. Sunday? You can call Dunne champion. Adam Cole then appeared on the Tron. If they thought he was going to come down to the ring after embarrassing everyone last week, they had another thing coming. He then said Kross is the biggest moron of them all! Cole verbally annihilated Kross last week and Kross did nothing. He said he doesn’t have to beat Kross to win next week. Cole said he has beaten Gargano, Dunne, and KOR before.

KOR said Cole is too much of a bitch to be there tonight. Soon after all hell broke loose! Kross took out security! Then Gargano, Dunne, and KOR tried to take out Kross. They were doing well for a moment, but the Kross destroyed them. As Kross held up the championship, Adam Cole came in the ring and superkicked him! We closed the show with Cole holding up the championship.

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