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WWE: NXT Results | 15/06/21 | A Regal Change

Will this be our last NXT with William Regal in charge? We will also see another open challenge to Kushida’s Cruiserweight Championship.

We began NXT with highlights from this past Sunday’s In Your House PPV. The video of course ended with Regal saying it was time for a change. After the video, Regal made his entrance to the Capitol Wrestling Center.

The crowd at CWC seemed happy to see him and began to chant his name. Regal told the crowd that he had a few things to get off his chest. From day one Regal has been involved with NXT in one way or another. He started at the announcer’s table…then Regal began to get emotional.

Once he got his emotions sorted, Regal said he watched NXT for the first few years become a wonderful and beautiful thing. From the shows around the US to the UK and so many other places. He shared a special memory of watching NXT with his nieces in Blackpool back in 2015. There’s so much that we don’t know about.

The times when Regal wasn’t with his family, or thinking about them, he spent thinking about how to make NXT the place to be. With all the chaos that has been going on Regal has decided he has given all that he could. Because of the staff, the fans, and competitors giving their time, Regal said he doesn’t think he is capable of giving what is deserved anymore.

Before Regal could continue he is interrupted by Karrion Kross.

Kross and Scarlett have apparently known this day would come eventually, but they didn’t know when. They were listening to Regal talk and knew they had to see it for themselves. Then he made fun of Regal’s tears. He called Regal pathetic. Kross reminded him that he said just last week that Regal had lost control of NXT. Apparently after going through, what Kross called the Mount Rushmore of NXT at TakeOver, he said Regal knew he could control this place with violence.

Kross then wanted Regal to tell everyone he is leaving and that he was right. Tick Tock.


Joe is back! The two time NXT Champion is back and looking just as good as he always has. Joe stared Kross down immediately upon entering the ring. He then addressed Regal. “Mr. Regal, I believe you wanted to speak with me.”

Regal said that was true, but was planning to talk to him under different circumstances. But since Joe is here, Regal said that he believes NXT deserves a general manager that can hold the position with the respect and dignity it deserves. He then asked Joe to become the new general manager of NXT! He told Joe that he is no longer able to keep up with the position and almost seemed to beg Joe to take the job.

Joe’s answer? Absolutely not. Joe went on to explain. He said in the seven years that Regal has been in charge of NXT he has scoured the world and brought the very best back to the company. While he has watched Regal in NXT, Joe said he has watched him pluck NXT out of obscurity and make it an international phenomenon. He said Regal casts a long shadow and leaves large shoes to fill.

While Joe cannot accept the position, he offers Regal something else. He understood that when he was in NXT he made Regal’s life hell, but he always gave him respect. With that said, Joe would be more than happy to ensure that Regal gets the respect he deserves from EVERYBODY.

Regal thought the offer was interesting. He said that if he goes for this, there are some conditions he has. Number one being Joe cannot be a competitor. Second, Joe can’t lay a hand on anyone, which caused Kross to smirk for a moment. Regal continued that Joe can’t lay a hand on anyone unless provoked. “Mr. Regal! I accept your offer.”

One last question, why are you still in the ring Kross. Tick Tock Young Champion. As the NXT crowd let Kross know that Joe is going to kill him, they also sang Kross and Scarlett out with a rendition of Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye.

After Samoa Joe and Regal shook hands we took a commercial break.

When we returned from break we heard from the Grizzled Young Veterans in a video from earlier today. Zack Gibson said they heard what Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa had to say at TakeOver. They heard the insults and disrespect. Gibson said they are used to people looking down their nose at them. Tonight in the Tornado Tag match there will be no rules or excuses.

Breezango defeated Imperium via Pinfall

After commentary got themselves regrouped after the excitement from earlier, we could focus on the match. While Walter, going on 800 days as champion, has given orders to Imperium their opponents are still a great tag team.

Imperium did seem firmly control of the beginning of the match and kept Fandango from being able to tag in Tyler Breeze for a bit. When Fandango finally got some separation from Imperium, he hit a suicide dive to the outside. There was some good offense by Breezango during picture in picture, but upon returning Imperium was back in control. Once Breeze was tagged into the match, he was hit with a huge clothes line but turned an attempt for more by Aichner into a rollup!

After the match Breeze tried to roll out of the ring, but Aichner caught him. The beat down continued! Fandango did try to make the save for his tag team partner, but was also taken out. In the end, Imperium put an Imperium flag over Breeze and stood tall.

Backstage? CHAOS! Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly were being separated by security with Regal in the middle. Regal decided to give them the option of choosing their opponent for next week. He also made the decision to book KOR versus Cole for the Great American Bash in an Unsanctioned Match.

Cole did not seem thrilled with Regal’s decisions. KOR and Cole both broke free from the security and began fighting each other. Samoa Joe then came in to break a up the fight himself. Joe did just that, but Cole made the wrong choice in pushing Joe.

JOE CHOKED OUT COLE! He then yelled at security to tell Cole when he wakes up that Regal will be expecting his decision.

We saw Kushida preparing for his match before we took another commercial break.

Returning from break we heard from Santos Escobar. He called what happened at TakeOver a tragedy. Escobar had the North American Championship in his hands, but Bronson Reed had to do it again. Instead of squishing him, Reed put him through a wall. Apparently Reed revealed a weakness because Escobar said that was the only thing he could have done to beat him. He’s coming for Reed one on one.

Then we got a video package on Kushida’s opponent, All Heart Trey Baxter. Baxter said he proved on the circuit that he was the best, most innovative high flyer. It may have been an uphill battle, but that’s where all heart came from. Baxter called this match with Kushida a dream match and that after tonight everyone will know his name.

Kushida defeated Trey Baxter via Submission (Hoverboard Lock)

This was fun to watch. Kushida got an early takedown, but Baxter was quick to get back to his feet. Baxter after a pin attempt got in some offense. Honestly Baxter looked great in his debut and was able to catch the champion off guard a few times.

During the match KOR decided to come down and watch. KOR is a very busy guy tonight. He seemed to be scouting for his opponent next week. Baxter and Kushida put on a fun and fast paced match for the Cruiserweight Championship. He was able to keep up with Kushida and match hit for hit. A fun moment was a seemingly out of no where Spanish Fly and then a 450 for a close pinfall on Kushida. Kushida took the match with some unique offense to lock in his submission.

After the match KOR applauded the effort of the two competitors and even gave Baxter a tap on the shoulder. Then KOR got into the ring and said he wasn’t out their to accept Kushida’s challenge but to issue one of his own. He wants to fight the best and Kushida wants the same. KOR asked Kushida to fight him next week. Kushida accepted.

Backstage McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Franky Monet. Monet announced that next week there will be an encore to her world premiere. Then she walked away to go talk to Jessi Kamea and Aliyah. She told them she thought they had their last match won, at least until Robert Stone got involved. Then Stone walked in the room. She told him that she was saying that they should listen to him more.

Then we took another commercial break.

When we returned from break, Mercedes Martinez delivered a warning to Boa, Xia Li, and Mei Ying. As she watched the footage from TakeOver back, she said she felt the wrath of Tian Sha. But as she said before, she is the wrong person to mess with and isn’t going anywhere.

Back in the ring, Ted DiBiase told us this past Sunday that he found someone worthy of being the new Million Dollar Champion. Then he showed us a video package showcasing LA Knight. After the video, we saw Knight pull up in the parking lot and make his way into the CWC.

Before Knight “talked to us,” he took a moment and wanted to talk to DiBiase. It’s not often that you get to meet your hero’s and in this business its not often you get to share the ring with your hero. He didn’t know how to describe what he was feeling. Knight took the opportunity to climb the success very seriously. He said he was banged up but it was all worth it for this moment. Soon DiBiase crowned Knight the Million Dollar Champion.

Then in a shocking moment, Knight said he now has everything he wanted and it is time to drop what he doesn’t need. Knight started beating up DiBiase! The CWC began chanting for Cameron Grimes to come help the WWE Hall of Famer. Grimes did make his way down to the ring and began hitting Knight with clothes line after clothes line. Eventually Grimes tossed him out of the ring. He told Knight he had crossed the line.

Backstage McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai. Gonzalez said at TakeOver Ember Moon learned the hard way. Then she told Mitchell to warn Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae that they are coming for their championships. She said Kai wants gold and one championship isn’t enough for her. Kai said once they take care of Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro, they will focus on becoming champions for the second time.

We then took another commercial break.

Returning from break Regal and Joe were holding Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart back as they yelled at Kai and Gonzalez.

Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez defeated Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter via Pinfall (GTK)

Kai and Carter began the match. Carter and Catanzaro seemed to be in control over the Captain of Team Kick in the early goings. Then Kai was able to escape their fight and tag in Gonzalez. Carter seemed to have an answer for Gonzalez at first, with a submission attempt and some shoves into the corner.

Carter and Catanzaro utilized some tandem offense and quick tags to take firm control of the match going into a commercial break. That control did not last through the break, but Carter and Catanzaro found a way to hang with Gonzalez and Kai that people probably didn’t expect. In the end, after some setbacks, Kai and Gonzalez walked away victorious.

Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher defeated The Grizzled Young Veterans via Submission (Ankle Lock/Fujiwara Armbar)
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