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WWE NXT: Results | 27/04/21 | Bronson’s Big Opportunity

Tonight we will hear from Adam Cole for the first time since NXT TakeOver Stand and Deliver. Bronson Reed also takes on Austin Theory for another shot at Johnny Gargano.

We began NXT with new intro music and a new video! Then we got right into action from the women’s division.

Mercedes Martinez defeated Dakota Kai via DQ

As NXT Women’s Champion, Raquel Gonzalez, looked on Kai seemed to be in control of the match early on. After seizing an opportunity though, Martinez took over and almost had a cover after a spine buster. The action then went to the corner, where Kai was able to counter with a DDT and a quick pin attempt that didn’t get her the 3.

With Kai back in control, Gonzalez yelled out some encouraging words but it seemed Martinez was not going to give up easily. After a commercial Kai seemed to have pretty good control over the match, but of course that couldn’t last. Martinez hit Kai with three suplexes and then sent her to the outside. Gonzalez tried to protect her friend and attack Martinez, but missed! Martinez then made Gonzalez pay for her attempt.

Once the action got back in the ring, Gonzalez with a big boot right to Martinez. The referee really had no other choice but to issue a DQ.

After the match Gonzalez continued her attack! She tossed Martinez into the barricade, the ring post, and threw her right into the plexiglass. Kai then handed Gonzalez her title as the two stood tall over Martinez.

Backstage McKenzie Mitchell interviewed NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions, Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart. Blackheart said they have the Robert Stone Brand to worry about tonight and aren’t looking past them. Moon said when it comes to Candice and Indi, its the same tricks just on a new day. As champs they aren’t letting go of the titles anytime soon.

The interview was then interrupted as a crew member delivered flowers to the champions. Franky Monet then walked up, took a look at the flowers, and figured someone had a crush on the girls. She then grabbed the card that came with the flowers: “Love, Dexter Lumis.” As we went to commercial break the champions tried to pass the flowers to each other, neither seeming to want flowers from Lumis.

Returning from break, we were taken to a jewelry store where Cameron Grimes was shopping. Grimes was looking for something special for himself. He wanted to by an extremely expensive watch.

Back in the ring The Grizzled Young Veterans had microphones. James Drake reminded us that MSK would be in a 6 man tag later tonight. Drake said it seemed to be a trend with MSK; they’ll compete in any sort of match except in a straight up match with GYV.

Zack Gibson said MSK are a great little tag team, but personally two of the biggest knobheads he has ever met. The titles don’t make the men, the men make the titles. Gibson said GYV are the leaders the tag division needs and they will light the division on fire. SOOOOON TO BE!

Enter in Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher.

Ciampa said he hated to be the kind of guy to interrupt another man while he is talking, but while he has been listening to GYV he has notice some similarities. While they call themselves the Grizzled Young Veterans, Timo and himself are grizzled and are veterans. While GYV wants to be the leaders of the tag team division, Ciampa and Timo know a thing or two about being leaders. They all want to face MSK and they all want to be tag team champions.

The last time they were in the ring together, GYV did find a way to win. Since that time though Ciampa and Timo have been watching some footage. Timo found a lot of strengths, but he also found NXT TakeOver Cardiff: SHOES OFF IF YA HATE GIBSON! Then Ciampa took off one of his boots! As Timo chanted, Ciampa hit GYV with his boots! After a little beat down, GYV was sent running.

Backstage Mckenzie Mitchell interviewed Killian Dain and Drake Maverick. Maverick wondered how a tag team match against Imperium came about. Dain said it came about because he asked for it, just like Maverick has been known to do previously. Maverick said he has seen this scenario a million times and every one ends with Dain leaving him for Imperium.

Before commercial break we saw Xia Li, Boa, and Tian Sha.

When we returned from commercial break we joined Isaiah Swerve Scott in the recording studio. Swerve addressed Leon Ruff attacking him after their match last week. At first Swerve thought he was a coward, but after some thought Swerve is actually proud of him! Now that he knows Ruff has that kind of aggression in him, he suggests a falls count anywhere match. Since Ruff wants to keep playing this game, Swerve is game. Next week Falls Count Anywhere.

Back at the ring, we got the entrance of Toni Storm. Storm got the mic and said that Zoey Stark owes her a thank you! At the last TakeOver, Storm made Stark famous. Apparently people only know who Stark is because of Storm. When all is said and done though, Stark will be a mere footnote in her legendary career.

Zayda Ramier defeated Toni Storm via Pinfall (Shooting Star Press)

Well Storm did not accomplish what she said she was going to tonight. Storm hit Ramier with a few huge big boots to start off the match. From there Storm was all offense. While the match seemed to be all Storm, Stark made her presence felt when Storm was going for a Storm Zero off the top rope. This led to Ramier being able to fight back and win the match.

Backstage Legado del Fantasma was in front of the cameras. Santos Escobar warned Kushida that no one gets one over on him and lives to tell the tale. Raul Mendoza told MSK they were lucky to walk out of TakeOver with the NXT Tag Team Championships. Escobar said in the main event they will make a statement.

Then we saw Bronson Reed walking backstage when he stopped to stare down Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae. Bronson Reed made his entrance as we went to commercial break.

Instead of getting to the match when we returned from commercial break, we heard from LA Knight. Knight said that everyone is talking about how he defeated Dexter Lumis last week. Then Knight sent a little message to Indi Hartwell. After Lumis disappoints her, she can call LA Knight.

When Knight walked away, Ever Rise showed up and tried to talk to Mitchell about their Saturday morning talk show. Mitchell wasn’t interested and sent it back to ringside.

Bronson Reed defeated Austin Theory via Pinfall (Tsunami)

Theory was of course accompanied to the ring by The Way, which featured a very sad Indi Hartwell. He began the match thinking he was all tough and really accomplishing something, but Bronson just overpowered him. Theory was able to get Bronson down with a drop kick, due to a distraction by Gargano. Gargano would get involved again, with a superkick and that gave Theory the upper hand over Bronson.

During the match Dexter Lumis came down the entrance ramp. Hartwell seemed to want nothing to do with him or any explanation he may have about the flowers Ember and Shotzi received. Lumis though kept following her, leaving Hartwell little to no choice but to get in the ring. He then saved Hartwell when it looked like Theory may get thrown into her. After saving her, Bronson was able to regain control of the match and win!

After the match we went backstage to see MSK and Kushida. They all seemed pretty hyped about their main event match tonight. Kushida wants to show Legado del Fantasma what kind of champions they are. MS-Kushida. All night and all day. Then we took another commercial break.

Upon returning from break, cameras caught up with The Way. Gargano asked Theory what happened out there. Then it turned into blaming Dexter Lumis! Candice LeRae also placed blame on Ember and Shotzi for trying to steal Hartwell’s man. LeRae called them getting the flowers (Hartwell’s flowers), mind games! Hartwell got angry and stomped off as The Way told her to handle her business.

Imperium defeated Drake Maverick and Killian Dain via Pinfall (Euro Bomb)

Well the match did not end with Killian Dain leaving Maverick high and dry to join Imperium, but it certainly didn’t end well for Maverick. Dain began the match up and as one could expect dominated Fabian Aichner. When Aichner was able to tag in Marcel Barthel, Imperium tried to utilize the double team, but failed. Dain tagged Maverick in and used him as a weapon, just throwing Maverick on top of Barthel.

Unfortunately for Maverick, he began to be overpowered by Imperium and that seemed to be the story of the match. Dain was able to insert himself back in the match and beat down Imperium but he was not the legal competitor. In the end Barthel took out Dain on the outside, then slid back into the ring to complete the double team on Maverick.

After the match we heard from Pete Dunne. Dunne says its funny that everyone is talking about new opportunities, but not mentioning his name. He says he has the whole locker room shook. According to Dunne he is the toughest match up (I’m inclined to agree with him). He gives Kushida as an example, Kushida stepped to him and he put him out. The Cruiserweight championship is his whenever he wants it.

Maybe though, Dunne goes back home and gets back the championship that he made famous by spiking Walter. Johnny Gargano? If Gargano steps to him, well we all know the way it goes: BITTER END. Karrion Kross doesn’t intimidate Dunne. When Dunne walks into the room the mood changes. Dunne is the baddest man in NXT and he dares anyone to prove him wrong.

Then we took a commercial break.

When we returned from break The Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase, showed Cameron Grimes what it really means to buy a fancy, expensive watch.

Jessi Kamea and Aliyah versus Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart never started.

The Robert Stone Brand didn’t even get their chance at the Women’s tag team champions. On the champions entrance WWE Crew members once again had flowers and other gifts for the champions. This distracted them enough that Candice and Indi came in to attack them! Mean while in the ring, The Robert Stone Brand were celebrating like they won the championships.

Then we went to Adam Cole’s interview. Cole said after his match with Kyle O’Reilly he has been better, but he has also been a lot worse. Looking back at his 403 day reign as NXT Champion, he went through War Games, a broken wrist…even when Cole isn’t 100% he is still better than the entire roster.

Cole made a decision when he turned on his brothers and that decision was that he didn’t want to carry the Undisputed Era anymore. Not just carrying UE, but the entire NXT brand. When asked about KOR being the face of NXT, Cole said KOR got lucky when he beat him at TakeOver, but KOR is not ready for the main event spot. As long as Cole is in NXT, KOR won’t be taking his spot.

Cole said the NXT Championship picture has always been competitive and while Kross is good, Cole isn’t sure he is great. Kross hasn’t had to deal with him yet. If he decides to go after the NXT Championship, Kross’ time is ticking. No matter where Cole goes from here, you will get the very best Adam Cole you’ve ever seen. Cole then complained about how long the interview took as cameras panned to KOR watching the interview happen backstage.

Before a commercial break we saw some sort of hype video for Diamond Mine. The video had a heavy focus on MMA training.

Legado del Fantasma defeated Kushida and MSK via Pinfall

Six man tag team matches always seem to be a tag chaotic and this one was no different. We saw Kushida get put through the announcer’s table by Escobar. While Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza focused on MSK, leaving Wes Lee the loan member of his team. Eventually Nash Carter and Kushida were able to reinsert themselves into the match, but the damage was done.

Legado del Fantasma were left standing tall over the champions of NXT.

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