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WWE: NXT Results | 29/06/21 | North American Swerve!

Tonight we find out who will challenge Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships. Swerve challenges Bronson. Also, will anyone try to provoke Samoa Joe tonight?

We began NXT with a recap of what happened last week, which showcased the arrival of Diamond Mine. Then we saw some feuds that will culminate at the Great American Bash.

After our intro video, it was time to get right to the action! Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart made their entrance to the ring first! Zoey Stark and Io Shirai were next to enter the ring. Our final entrants to the match were Dakota Kai and NXT Women’s Champion, Raquel Gonzalez.

Io Shirai and Zoey Stark defeated Dakota Kai, Raquel Gonzalez, Ember Moon, and Shotzi Blackheart via Pinfall

What a way to start the show! These six women brought the fight and showed why the NXT Women’s Division is something to watch. Gonzalez did begin the match in control, but eventually we got to the point where Moon and Shirai teamed up against Gonzalez.

We got to a point early on in the match where things got chaotic. All six women got in the ring, the referee really had no control of the match at this point, and all hell broke loose. Shirai dove to the outside on a group, then came Blackheart and Moon! In the end Zoey Stark was the last to dive on the pile sending us to a commercial break.

After break, the NXT Women’s Champion seemed to be in charge of the match, but Shirai was able to double stomp Gonzalez to gain separation. Shirai tagged in Stark and she was ready to go! In the mean time, besides Stark, Kai and Moon also got the tag. Moon and Blackheart did seem to take control of the match for a bit as they looked to make history. They pulled off some fun double team moves that led them to submission moves.

Honestly this is a match you should just go watch. These six women are incredible and put on a hell of a match. Gonzalez saved Kai from being thrown from the top in a huge superplex move. It looked like the champ and Kai were going to make it out of the match with the victory, but the power of Shirai! Although Gonzalez made the save for Kai by covering her during Shirai’s moonsault, it wasn’t enough. Every team then was able to show off some sort of finishing move. In the end though, Kai was pinned after a moonsault by Shirai!

After the match we saw Karrion Kross get attacked backstage by Johnny Gargano! As security separated them, Kross yelled that Gargano pissed him off and that he is a dead man. Then we went to commercial break.

When we returned from commercial break we saw highlights from the 2019 NXT Breakout Tournament. We got to see a new generation of superstars like Cameron Grimes, Angel Garza, Isaiah Swerve Scott, Dexter Lumis, Joaquin Wilde, and Bronson Reed! Who will breakout this year? Eight superstars and a championship opportunity is on the line! We will find out more in two weeks.

After the video package, Bronson Reed is interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell. Reed said the news of the Breakout Tournament returning is very cool. Without that tournament Reed doesn’t think he would be North American Champion. He said the tournament elevated him.

Reed was then interrupted by Hit Row. Swerve said he also competed in the tournament and doesn’t understand how out of everyone involved, Reed became a champion. Top Dolla then pressured Reed to put the title on the line. Reed said all Top Dolla is, is talk. Swerve though made it clear that if Reed was half the champion he said he is, he would put the title on the line against him tonight. Reed told him to say less and agreed.

At ringside, Karrion Kross stomped his way to the ring. Kross told Gargano touché. Last week he got Gargano, now this week Gargano got him. While it is all cute, Kross is ready to die by the sword he lives by. He then dared Gargano to walk down to the ring and see how he fairs when Kross sees the shot coming.

We heard Gargano’s voice say “Oh you dare me Kross? Cause I’m right here!” Then Gargano walked out from the entrance ramp and asked Kross if he knew who the hell he was. Last week Kross jumped him from behind like a coward. This week though, Gargano said he would beat him at his own game. Kross is standing in his world. He may not have a sword, but he has actual talent. Gargano also said he is smarter than Kross, as Austin Theory attacked Kross from behind!

The two members of The Way tried their best, but they just seemed to anger the NXT Champion. Kross threw Gargano into the barricades a few times and then grabbed the steel steps! Security and Samoa Joe showed up in the knick of time! While security was dealing with Kross, Gargano was able to jump up and hit the NXT Champion with a superkick! Kross was furious and looked at Joe to tell him he was doing an “excellent job.”

Then we saw a hype video for the Diamond Mind, who we would see in action after a commercial break.

When we came back from the commercial we saw that the battery was charged to 61% and I wish I had more information about that. Then we saw Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory gloating about what occurred between them and Karrion Kross. They then ran to their car and drove off! We then found out that Bronson Reed would be defending the North American Championship against Isaiah Swerve Scott in our main event tonight.

Diamond Mine then made their entrance to the ring and Roderick Strong will be in action tonight.

Roderick Strong defeated Asher Hale via Submission

This really was a re-coming out part for Strong in a sense. Strong showed us the wrestler most have known him to be, but the Diamond Mine has just reinforced. Strong capitalized on a knee with a submission and Hale really had no choice but to tap out.

After the match, Malcom Bivens let us know that Diamond Mine is open for business and this is just the beginning. Then we saw Cameron Grimes walking backstage on his way to the ring before we took another commercial break.

Cameron Grimes defeated Ari Sterling via Pinfall (Cave In)

Grimes and Sterling put on a hell of a match. It was a rather quick victory for Grimes though who seemed absolutely hyped about it.

After Grimes won though, LA Knight came out. He said no one gave a damn that Grimes won. According to Knight, Grimes is a natural born loser. Grimes got a mic and told Knight he sucked liked the crowd was saying and if he had anything to say about Ted DiBiase he should come in the ring and say it to his face.

Grimes said all he wanted to do was carry the legacy of DiBiase. Then he challenged Knight to a match next week to take the bling from him. Knight said they could go ahead and…not have the match at Great American Bash because Grimes doesn’t deserve it. The Million Dollar Mega Star though said if Grimes was so hot for the bling, he would give Grimes the match. If Grimes loses he would become Knight’s butler. Grimes agreed because next week he will go to the moon!

We then saw Kyle O’Reilly walking backstage before we took a commercial break. Returning from break McKenzie Mitchell was interviewing Zoey Stark and Io Shirai when they were interrupted by Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae. Hartwell said she hated to rain on their parade but next week they would be facing a family. She made it clear that Stark and Shirai aren’t even friends. Stark said they have mutual respect and don’t have to be friends or family to be a team.

LeRae laughed and gave Stark advice to watch her back because Shirai can be a sore loser. Shirai told LeRae that she has never beaten her and next week Shirai and Stark become champions.

Then we went back to ringside for the entrance of Kyle O’Reilly. KOR said that the journey for him has been about testing himself against the very best. He wants to fight people that will make him a better fighter. Case in point his match last week with Kushida. He also said that his match with Adam Cole next week is all about being a better fighter.

KOR said last time they fought it was gritty and violent. He got his hand raised and proved he could not only be in the main event, but also one day be a NXT Champion. Cole though doesn’t see it. Then KOR called out Cole to give his excuses for next week.

Cole’s music then played and he made his way down to the ring. Before Cole could get near the ring though, Samoa Joe’s music hit. Joe appeared at the top of the entrance ramp with a bunch of security. Joe said due to the actions of last week, he wanted to take extra precaution that it wouldn’t happen tonight. Then Joe said he would not delay them anymore and to have at it.

Cole said before he was interrupted he was going to say KOR wishes so badly he could be in his shoes. He said when KOR goes home at night he probably wishes he could have half the career Cole has but it ain’t gonna happen. Cole then said he thinks KOR is obsessed with him and it creeps him out.

KOR then wanted to unpack that. He said he beat Cole and put him in the hospital to the point where we don’t see him for months. When we did finally see Cole again, he has picked a fight with KOR at every turn.

Cole told KOR he is delusional. He said KOR needs the cold hard facts. According to Cole, KOR is nothing without him. It goes deeper than NXT, because without Cole no one would be talking about KOR. Cole said he is solely responsible for every ounce of success KOR has had in this business. In fact Cole carried KOR on his back for four years because Cole was the star of the Undisputed Era. Cole then brought up KOR’s wife….bad move dude.

KOR told him not to bring up his wife again. They were in the Undisputed Era together, but so what. When KOR looks back on that time he is ashamed that he ever associated himself with Cole. He is also ashamed that it took him so long to realize he associated himself with a pathetic human being.

Cole then knocked the mic out of KOR’s hands and Samoa Joe jumped between them. He told the two to relax and that it was not the time. Just when it seemed that Cole was going to walk away, he turned back and went for a clothes line, which Joe just ducked out of the way of. Cole missed KOR and was then put into an ankle lock. Cole begged Joe to do something, but Joe just stared at him.

As Cole was yelling in pain, Samoa Joe walked away. Before Joe got too far, he made a motion for the security to break it up. After seeing a hype video for Xia Li, Boa, and Mei Ying, we took a commercial break. Returning from the break, the battery is now up to 71%! Then we saw Swerve preparing for his match as Hit Row hyped him up.

Xia Li and Boa defeated Mercedes Martinez and Jake Atlas via Referee Stoppage

This match certainly didn’t seem to go to plan. While right after the bell all four competitors went on the attack, Boa and Atlas are the ones that eventually begin the match.

Martinez at one point yelled at Mei Ying who had been watching the match from the entrance ramp the whole time. Although we saw a lot of action, the end to this one seemed to be a cause for alarm. Li hit a roundhouse kick on Martinez, did not seem to hit right. In fact, Aja Smith (the referee) called for the bell with the camera completely off Martinez.

We saw Bronson Reed preparing for his main event match backstage before we took another commercial break. Returning from break it was time for the face-off between Tommaso Ciampa, Timothy Thatcher, and MSK.

Ciampa and Thatcher dragged some steel chairs down to the ring with them to await MSK. When MSK made their entrance they also had steel chairs in hand. Once all four men were in the ring they sat in their chairs.

Ciampa was the first to speak. He said the difference between the two teams is that Ciampa and Thatcher make this look good. He told MSK to sit in their chairs with their titles, but next week the champs are indeed the underdogs. Old double T has never held gold in NXT and he is hungry. Timo may not be a man of many words, but he is motivated! The world knows there is no one that can elevate a title like Tommaso Ciampa elevates a title.

Nash Carter began to interrupt, which caused Timo to get a mic. Timo said they should show some respect and let Ciampa finish. Wes Lee told Timo and Ciampa to listen. Lee said they respect them and everything they have done to get to this point. They hear every single person talking and they get it. Carter said it is time for them and everyone else to put some respect on their names.

While MSK may be the underdogs, they are here to remind them that they are the challengers. Lee says the challengers will find out why MSK are the NXT Tag Team Champions. Carter did not think Timo and Ciampa heard them and punched Ciampa in the face. Timo pushed down Lee and went right for Carter. Ciampa pulled him back though and went real close to Carter. He told them to bring their pride and their titles because they are taking them both. They got a pass this week, but next week they won’t be so lucky.

Before a commercial break, we found out that Cameron Grimes versus LA Knight is confirmed for The Great American Bash. Then McKenzie Mitchell wanted Regal’s thoughts about The NXT Breakout Tournament. Regal said he is very excited about it and the winner will get a championship opportunity of their choosing.

Then Sarray walked into Regal’s office. Sarray wanted a match with someone like…Toni Storm. Regal said he would take it into consideration. Then we took a commercial break.

When we returned from break we found that Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory did not actually leave the CWC. (Oh also the battery is at 81%) As Karrion Kross and Scarlett looked to be leaving, Gargano and Theory attacked! Gargano used Kross’ car door to attack him with. Somehow though being smashed with a door did nothing to Kross. As Gargano was telling the camera anytime, any place, Kross appeared behind him.

Kross grabbed Gargano in a sleeper hold. Once Gargano was out, Kross smashed Theory against the steel fence. As Kross drove away, Samoa Joe pulled Gargano up and told him he may have pushed Kross a bit too far tonight.

Isaiah Swerve Scott defeated Bronson Reed via Pinfall to become the NEW North American Champion

The ending of this match was one I was not expecting. Reed losing the title at this point was something I did not see coming! To Swerve too! As one would have expected Reed took control of the match early on. Swerve tried to quicken the pace, but that just played into Reed’s strength. Everything that Swerve threw at Reed, he was able to stop and just toss Swerve around the ring like Swerve was a cruiserweight…

The match did go to picture in picture…because well of course it would. It was honestly a great match, Reed was in control for a bit but Hit Row caused the distraction. Adonis threw Reed off the top rope. Then the plan seemed to go too sour. Reed threw Top Dolla and Adonis over the barricades. Even though Reed seemed to be in control, when he went to get back in the ring, Swerve hit him with a 450 Splash! 1, 2, 3! SWERVE BECOMES THE NEW NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPION.

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