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    WWE NXT: Results | December 23rd, 2020 – A Very Gargano Christmas

    While the Garganos celebrate Christmas, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch defend their tag team titles against Drake Maverick and Killian Dain.

    We began the show with Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch making their entrance to the ring. Before the match began, Killian Dain and Drake Maverick attacked Lorcan and Burch!

    Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch defeated Drake Maverick and Killian Dain via Pinfall (Elevated DDT)

    While Dain has said he is the only one allowed to hurt his tag team partner, that was not the case tonight. Although the challengers started off the match well, Maverick became the champions’ target. Chairs were used and even Maverick’s own belt. Dain did eventually get back into the match, but was sent to outside where he should have went through two tables (they didn’t break). In the end, Pat McAfee would be thrilled that Lorcan and Burch retained.

    After the match, the champions celebrated their victory and Dain carried Maverick out of the ring.

    Then we went to see how the Garganos were spending Christmas! Johnny Gargano was at the piano as cameras took us all over, what one would assume is the Gargano’s home. We saw the tree and stockings for Johnny, Candice LeRae, Indi Hartwell, and Austin Theory.

    Also, according to Johnny…forget Elf on a Shelf, its Gargano on a Piano this year! Then Candice came up and said the kids were ready to open gifts, leading to Johnny going off to find the camcorder.

    Once Johnny got the camcorder, Candice said she was just happy they were all together for the holiday season. Hartwell was shocked that they found a way (get it?) to put it all together. Family Christmas y’all, the Garganos wouldn’t disappoint. Then Austin Theory was the first to open a gift.

    Theory initially shook his gift, which he was reprimanded for, but once he opened it he received The Gargano Whey Protein Powder! Then we went to commercial break.

    When we returned from break, we were shown a video of Kyle O’Reilly and Finn Balor watching their match from TakeOver 31. We got to hear each man’s take on the match. O’Reilly said that Finn Balor could be “The Johnny Gargano to his Adam Cole.”

    Balor on the other hand focused on how one can tell a lot about an opponent just with the first lock up. O’Reilly said nothing was easy in their first encounter. Balor knew when O’Reilly was hurt in their match and he was going to capitalize on it and make him pay. Of course once O’Reilly delivered that knee to Balor’s jaw things changed.

    Balor was adamant that there will be no trilogy of matches between the two. O’Reilly said at New Year’s Evil, he will shatter Balor’s legacy.

    After the video we went backstage where McKenzie Mitchell was interviewing Tyler Rust. She didn’t get far in the interview before Malcom Bivens took it over.

    Bivens said that Rust took a former NXT Champion in Tommaso Ciampa, to his limits. (in his DEBUT match) He then went on to say that Rust would show tonight that he isn’t a rookie, but a diamond in the rust.

    Isaiah Swerve Scott defeated Jake Atlas via Pinfall (Confidence Boost)

    The match began in a stand off of sorts between the two competitors. After being on the receiving end of a slap from Atlas, Swerve brought the fight to him. The match seemed to take a turn, when Swerve was tossed to the outside. Swerve got frustrated and went to the time keeper’s area, where it looked like he was going to grab a steel chair. Swerve regrouped and the two men wound up having a really good match in the end.

    After the match, Swerve gave a crotch chop to Atlas in a form of “celebration.” Then Swerve offered up a handshake, but Atlas was the one who walked away this time.

    Backstage, Roderick Strong and Adam Cole were interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell. Cole said since TakeOver 31, Kyle O’Reilly has changed a lot. He said since O’Reilly and Balor met each other the first time, the result will be different.

    Strong said that O’Reilly made it crystal clear after beating Peter Doone last week. The men were then interrupted by Velveteen Dream. He came up and said it was crazy how the mighty have fallen lately. According to Dream, Kyle O’Reilly is the head of the snake…meaning the leader of Undisputed Era.

    Cole then slapped Dream and made it clear that there is no leader of Undisputed Era. Then he challenged Dream to a match to prove to Dream that UE are still the top dogs.

    We saw Rhea Ripley and Dakota Kai preparing for their match before we went to commercial break.

    Returning from break we heard from Timothy Thatcher. Thatcher said he should be grateful that Ciampa came to his face and said he wanted a fight. While at TakeOver Ciampa tried to take his ear, Thatcher tried to take his neck.

    As an educator, Thatcher said he knew the lesson was not complete. He said he attempted to go down to ringside and ask Ciampa for a fight, but Ciampa walked away. No respect. Thatcher then said he was going to take liberties with Leon Ruff tonight. If Ciampa is the man he said he is, he’ll stop Thatcher. THATCHER NOW WANTS TO FIGHT CIAMPA.

    Rhea Ripley defeated Dakota Kai via Pinfall (Riptide)

    We found out early on that William Regal banned Raquel Gonzalez from ringside for this match. Ripley right off the bat showed off her dominance and power. Kai on the other hand, was able to use her quickness and smarts to gain some control. Even with a damaged left arm though, Ripley was able to bring the fight to Kai. When Gonzalez showed up on the entrance ramp, Ripley locked in an inverted cloverleaf in a dead lock stare with Gonzalez.

    After the match, Ripley called for Gonzalez to come down to the ring. Gonzalez took her time walking down the ramp as referees from the back came to try and stop chaos from happening.

    Unfortunately for those referees, they didn’t have much of a chance. The two women brought the fight to the other. Road agents and a few other backstage workers had to come out to the ring to help regain control.

    After the brawl between the two women, we went back to Christmas at the Garganos. It was now time for Indi Hartwell to open her gift. At first when she opened the gift, it looked like she was receiving one of the coveted PS5s….of course that wasn’t the case.

    Hartwell discovered that the box was rather light and there wasn’t anything in the box. Johnny then said he gave her the box for dramatic effect and had a way better gift for her. The gift? The family nickname! INDI WRESTLING! Candice said they support her, they support Indi Wrestling.

    Then we went to McKenzie Mitchell where she was interviewing Toni Storm. Storm said she called her shot last week when she beat Rhea Ripley. What’s next? Toni Storm taking the NXT Women’s Championship from Io Shirai.

    According to Storm, Io is completely terrified when Storm brings up the championship. Storm then brought up how she defeated Shirai in the Mae Young Classic. While Shirai wants to believe her only problem is the NXT Women’s Championship, Storm says she has a second problem…..her.

    Before going to commercial break, we got a hype video for Bronson Reed who would be in action when we returned.

    When we returned from commercial, we got another update on Xia Li and Boa. This week it seemed both Boa and Xia were more prepared and willing to participate. Did it bring us more information on what’s going on? Not really.

    Bronson Reed defeated Ashante Thee Adonis via Pinfall (Tsunami)

    It had been a bit since we had seen Reed in action, but he looked to be just as dominant as ever. The match did not last long and Reed was in control the whole time.

    Reed looked to the camera and said the Colossal One is back and everyone should be afraid.

    Then Vic Joesph said he was getting word that McKenzie Mitchell was trying to catch up with Io Shirai. So backstage we went!

    Mitchell asked if Shirai heard what Toni Storm had said earlier. Shirai said she did and then yelled at a backstage crew member to hit her music. She then quickly made her way to the ring and grabbed a chair.

    Once Shirai got set up in the ring with a mic, she called out Storm. Shirai sat in the chair waiting for Storm, but Mercedes Martinez appeared instead! Martinez attacked Shirai by throwing her into the ring posts and other things at ringside.

    Even though Shirai tried to fight back, Martinez in the end tossed her into the announcer’s table. Then we went to commercial break.

    When we returned from commercial break, we checked in on Christmas at the Garganos. Johnny said he had a gift for the love of his life, yes Candice! When Candice opened the gift it looked to be scrap parts from a car, or in this case a TANK. Johnny apparently spent a ton of time in a junkyard searching for parts of Shotzi Blackheart’s tank to give to his general.

    Leon Ruff defeated Timothy Thatcher via Pinfall (Rollup)

    Ruff seemed to struggle in this one, as Thatcher really brought the fight. But as he seems to continuously do, Ruff pulled off the impossible!

    As Ruff tried to leave, Thatcher attacked him. Thatcher threw Ruff back into the ring, but Thatcher was stopped by a Willow’s Bell from Ciampa! Ciampa then told Thatcher if he wanted to fight, he would see him in the fight pit.

    We then got a video of Damian Priest wondering where this badass Karrion Kross everyone talks about is. Then we went to commercial break.

    When we returned, Dexter Lumis was drawing. This time the drawing was of Rhea Ripley and Raquel Gonzalez. The drawing was Lumis’ way of announcing that the two women will battle in a Last Woman Standing match at New Year’s Evil.

    Tyler Rust defeated Ariya Daivari via Submission (Double Armbar)

    Rust began the match by putting Daivari in a head lock takedown. Even when Daivari got the match back to a standing point, Rust was able to keep control and slow the match down. During the match, Bivens came over to commentary to gloat about Rust. Rust once again looked super impressive.

    After the match we saw Leon Ruff leaving William Regal’s office. According to Ruff, Regal granted him a rematch against Johnny Gargano for the North American Championship. Ruff said he would prove the Gargano curse is very much alive.

    Then we saw Adam Cole and Velveteen dream getting ready for the main event before we went to commercial.

    When we returned, we heard from Karrion Kross and Scarlett about the match with Damian Priest. Doomsday is coming. Tick Tock.

    Adam Cole defeated Velveteen Dream via Pinfall (Last Shot)

    After an explosive interaction backstage, Cole and Dream took their rivalry to the ring yet again. During the match, Pete Dunne came out and attacked Roderick Strong, who was ringside to support Cole.

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